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Hello guys! Thanks for visiting my profile! You can call me Andrea, or bluegirl or artaddict(which i use as my name when im too lazy to go online) age is a secret, I'm a girl and I live in the Philippines. My deviant art account is bluegirl1123 while my wattpad is AndreaChan7

I have an artistic, creative, smart, kind, loves animals and nature kind of personality.

I'm not a girly girl. I dont like pink(my fav color is blue) and I dont wear skirts often. My hobbies are drawing(Im great at this!), playing cp, reading books,watching anime, listening to music, writing and swimming.

My favorite food is anything that tastes good, preferably desserts like ice cream. My talent is drawing and I want to be an accomplished artist someday.

I just want to say to all my readers/reviewers/favoriters/likers Thank you! Without you I wouldnt be able to get the motivation to write more chapters! I hope you continue liking my stories and I hope I please you with them.

Btw guys I'll be concentrating on my story Meet my Guardian Angel for now :) so I can update faster. Please don't get angry at me, the reason I decided to finish MMGA FIRST is because not much people are reviewing Life Upside Down...So Im really sorry.

My favorite Anime/manga and pairings are: the ones in italic are rated 10/10 for me while the others which are not italic are 9/10)

Vampire knight(guilty too)- Zeki

Shugo Chara- Amuto

Kaicho wa maid sama- Usui and Misaki

La corda d oro- Len and Kahoko

Inu x Boku Secret Service- Soushi and Ririchiyo

Yamato nadeshiko shichi henge(The Wallflower)-Kyohei and Sunako

S.A or Special A- Kei and Hikari

Faster than a Kiss-Kazuma and Fumino

Mishounen Produce-Kousei and Kaako

(sorry started to get tired typing here so i didnt put the pairing anymore)

Love Berrish

Ouran Highschool Host club

Chocolate Cosmos

Seirei Produce

Kiss to my Prince

Obaka-chan Koigatariki

Pureblood Boyfriend


Barajou no Prince

SLH(Stray Love Hearts)

Miunohri to swan

Pig Bride(trust me the guy when in the cover looks horrible but in the manga youll say"why the hell in the cover guy looks weird but in the manga he looks fine?")

Hanatsuki Hime(I totally cried reading this)

Sarashi Asobi (I loved this one.)

Stardust wink

Sailor Fuku onegai

Nobara no Hayome

Reinai Kyoushuujo

My fave books and pairings:


HEROES OF OLYMPUS(both books)(Jason Piper)

THE KANE CHRONICLES(both books)(Sanubis)

THE GODS OF MANHATTAN(all 3 books)(the main pairing)




(man i cant believe that i still act like a kid reading geronimo stilton books sometimes...)

My fave k or j drama or foreign(not english) movie:

Your Beautiful

49 Days

The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Give me the star

Marry Me Mary

Princess Hours

Full House

A million Liter of tears

Flower Boy Ramyun shop

Funny little thing called Love

My fave bands singers and music:

Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Iridescense(dun know if spelled right), My chemical Romance, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Bruno Mars, Owl City.

For kpop favs

Exo(songs: Miracles in December, Growl, Wolf, Mama, etc, mostly the M songs, member: Luhan)

Big bang(songs: almost all, member: GD (Black, That xx, Crayon, Heartbreaker, Hello)), Beast(song: Fiction, shock, Beautiful night), FT island, MBLAQ, CNBLUE, 2am, 2pm, NU'EST (songs: almost all, member: Ren) others

2NE1(songs: almost all, member: Dara), Brown Eyed Girls (songs: almost all(abracadabra, sixth sense, sign, cleansing cream), member: Gain and Narsha)Miss A, Davichi(song: Dont say goodbye), 4 minute, TARA,others

In short, I'm majorly a VIP, a Blackjack, an EXOtic, a Beauty, a L.O.\/.E, and a BEG fan.

My fave wattpad stories:

A Pirates Kiss(Obsidian and Circe)

The horse in the Princes Stables(Philip and Kaelyn)

and others...

Btw guys I'll be concentrating on my story Meet my Guardian Angel for now :) so I can update faster. Please don't get angry at me, the reason I decided to finish MMGA FIRST is because not much people are reviewing Life Upside Down...So Im really sorry.

the links to some of the clothes in my stories to get the idea of how it looks like


chapter 1 amus dress

chapter 2 ami's dress

Yaya's dress

utau's dress

rima's dress

nadeshiko's dress

thank you to all the readers and reviewers of my story :)

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