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We would like to thank everyone who took the time to write for this contest!! We've had a great time reading what you've all come up with! We also need to thank all of our judges!! You guys are AWESOME!!!

All Hallows Eve anonymous o/s contest

"Halloween is an annual holiday observed on October 31. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holiday All Saints' Day, but is today largely a secular celebration." - quoted from Wikipedia http:///wiki/All_Hallows_Eve

Draculward, Bellvira, Jacob the Ripper, Rosalie’s baby…we want it all!

Anything with a basic Halloween theme will be accepted. It can be a story of love found while lost in a haunted corn maze, or love lost at the hands of a viscous killer.

Hosted by tg10781 and SammieLynnsMom

Judges: Mac214, ange de l’aube, RoseArcadia, tazz0617, ChiTwiGal, TheTenderRose, sscana and SammieLynnsMom.

tg10781 will be the secret keeper. She will be the only one that knows who the author of the entry is.


This contest is anonymous and must remain that way! You may promote the contest and say that you entered, but if you reveal which story is yours you will be immediately disqualified.

All entries must have a basic Halloween theme.

Entries can be canon, AH, AU and any genre. Any POV is welcome.

No rape, incest, bestiality, or pedophilia.

Minimum of 2500 words, Maximum of 10,000 words. Not including your title or submission heading.

Collabs are welcome.

One submission per author/collab.

*NEW o/s only. You cannot post or extend your entry until the contest is over and winners have been announced.

All ratings are welcome. There doesn't have to be smut, but it’s greatly appreciated.

Must be 18+ to enter

PLEASE use a Beta. All entries will be validated. If there are an overabundance of grammar and spelling mistakes, lack of Halloween theme, or breaks any of the above rules, the entry will be sent back to the author. If you cannot find a Beta I recommend contacting ProjectTeamBeta.

*All entries MUST remain anonymous! If you reveal which entry is yours you will be immediately disqualified. WE WILL FIND OUT!*

Entries will be accepted from September 1st - September 29th.

Send all submissions to allhallowsevecontest@ . Use Contest Entry in the subject line.

Submission Heading:

All Hallows Eve Contest



Word Count:




Public voting will be from October 1st - October 10th.

Winner will be announce October 16th.


First place will receive a banner made by the very talented RoseArcadia and a front page feature on Twilight Fan Fiction World.

Second and Third place winners will receive bragging rights and your story will be reviewed by a guest reviewer on Twilight Fan Fiction World.


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