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Name: K* (not a bad word)

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Zodiac: Gemini

Interests: Reading, painting objects, scaring people, finding new ways to creep people out, being weird, confusing people, annoying people, watching racing turtles, etc.

Won something in the lottery?: Yes actually! Two whole dollars! Then of course I spent it on another totally worthless lottery ticket...

Snuck out of the house?: Eh, I'd get caught the first two steps.

Lied to get out of trouble?: Uh...

Had a computer crash?: Yes. But now I've got a reliable one!

Gotten lost in your city?: FOR A WHOLE FIVE MINUTES!

Seen a shooting star?: I used to a lot when I was little.. Now that I'm older, I guess I haven't had the patience to actually gaze up at the sky.

Been to any other countries?: Why, yes. Yes I have.

Had a serious surgery?: 0-o Ugh.. thankfully not.

Stolen something important to someone else?: I don't think I have... Does candy count?

Gone out in public in your pajamas?: AND I WAS COMFY!

Cried over a girl?: You crazy, man!

Cried over a boy?: Why would I?!

Kissed a random stranger?:

Hugged a random stranger?: Hehe. Yeah.

Been in a fist fight?: No...

been arrested?: Only in Wonderland.

Done drugs?: NO!

Had alcohol?: NO!

Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?: It was kool-aid..

Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?: One of these days...

Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?: IDK. Have I?

Swore at your parents?: Nope. Iz don't swear.

Kicked a guy where it hurts?: Not yet.

Been to a casino?: It was a casino-themed fund raiser!

Ran over an animal and killed it?: Well that's gonna be kinda hard considering I don't have a liscence...

Broken a bone?: Nopez.

Gotten stitches?: Despite several close calls... no.

Had a water balloon fight in winter?: No. But it sounds fun!

Made homemade muffins?: :D They were Blueberry!

Bitten someone?: Yes.

Been to disneyland/disneyworld?: It. Was. Awesome.

Burped in someone’s face?: Not lately!

Oh! And I live on Earth... or do I?

I know a word that begins with 'f ' and ends with 'uck' and guess what. It's firetruck!

I don't like the copy, paste, and add your name here thingies. Whenever a person posts that, it's probably leaving some poor chap out. Then they might get all sad like and live under a rock the rest of their lives.

I have learned that someone I'm related to is on fanfiction! They don't write stories though...

If you love cupcakes, but think they're bad for your colons, put this on your profile.

If you don't do drugs put this on your profile.

If you prevent wild fires just because you're afraid Smokey the bear will go on a killing spree and kill everyone who has even looked at a fire, post this on your profile.

If you'd pay to see a total skilene episode, put this on your profile.

If you've had a laughing fit in an elevator for no apparent reason, post this on your profile.

If you're random and proud of it, post this on your profile.

If you adore your science teacher, but stink at science, you know where to put this.

If you talk to yourself, post this on your profile.

95% of teens would cry if they saw Justin Bieber at the top of a skyscraper about to jump. 4% of those teens would bring a chair and popcorn, copy and paste this on your profile if you're part of the 1% that would climb to the top of the sky scraper and push him off saying: SORRY IT TOOK YOU SO LONG!

96% of teens would shout "No, don't do it!" if they saw Miley Cyrus about to dive into a valcano. 3% would shout "Hurry up!" Copy and paste this onto your profile if you would be part of the 1% of teens who had a sense of humor, dress up as a tiki person and shout "If you do not jump, you will anger the tiki spirits!"


I have a LOT of totally awesome quotes! So, what the heck? You get to read them!


"AUUGGHHH! Oh... it's just a bench..."

"Aww man, he lost a leg!"

"I'm sorry, ketchup!"

"Did you just steal my fork?"

"I never liked therapists... Why do I need some stranger to tell me I have issues? I already know that!"

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