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Hi. I'm MidnightStar.xo, or you can call me Holly.

I'm not the best writer on here, but hey, a few people like my stories and I think that's an achievement, for me at least, so, you know, if you wanna check them out, feel free. ;)

I love chatting with pretty much anyone, so if you wanna talk, you know where the PM button is! :)


Favorite movie: The Mummy or The Mummy Returns. I have watched them a LOT.

Favorite song: My Love Is Like A Star by Demi Lovato.

Favorite couple: Um...CHANNY?

Favorite TV shows: Pretty Little Liars, Sonny With A Chance, Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory.

Hobbies: Writing on here, playing piano and guitar, reading. I have a pretty sad life...

Favorite color: Pink.

Favorite word: Indeed.

How you spell that word: Read the above..

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Are you obsessed with anything? Yeah, Demi Lovato...

What is your best friend's name? Well, I have a few best friends, but I'd say my best friend is called Becca.

Hair color? Brunette.

What do you do in your free time? Mostly read.

What is something you say all of the time? Oooooooosh!

Do you have a pet? Yeah, I have a cat, she's evil.

What kind of grades do you make? I suppose I get good grades.

Favorite subject? Probably music, or, dare I say it... *whispers* maths...

Favorite singer? Demi Lovato.

Most successful story? Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed, Heaven.

Age: 15

Name: Holly

If there is anything you could change about yourself, what would it be? How insecure I am of myself.

What is something you would never change? My love for my family and friends. Weird? Yeah, I know.

Departing message? PEACE OUT SUCKAAA'S!!

Twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/LovinMissLovato

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Okay, I have loads of new story ideas, but I'm not sure which ones I should do. I'll put all of the title's and plots up and please check them out. Thankyou! :)

Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer

There’s a rumour that Tawni and Chad are dating but Tawni thinks the idea is repulsive. She asks Sonny if she could fake date Chad to get the paparazzi of her back and she reluctantly agrees.

Unfortunately, the paparazzi end up following Sonny and Chad everywhere. Is it the start of Channy, or something horrible?

So Far, Not So Great

Sonny’s life goes downhill when her mom moves back to Wisconsin and a fire starts in her apartment. She doesn’t know who set it off but she’s willing to find out.

While her house is being repaired, she has to move in with someone for a while. It’s either Nico or Chad. Sonico or Channy?

Chemistry Lesson’s

Sonny is failing chemistry and apparently Chad is awesome at it. He agrees to tutor her under on condition; she has to pretend to like him for the sake of the press, because he wants more fans.

Will it all be pretend, or will the chemistry be real?

Sonny’s Second Chance

A mysterious woman appears to Sonny and tells her she can go back in time to change one thing that had ever happened in her life.

Sonny chooses to go back to the day Chad guest starred on SO RANDOM. Will they kiss, or will the pig ruin everything. And I don’t mean Chad.

The Chad Dylan Cooper Story 2

Chad’s making a sequel to ‘The Chad Dylan Cooper Story’ and he wants a real cast instead of the Randoms he had in the last movie so he hires real actors.

When the actors show up they all remind him of the Randoms in their own little way. Will he realise that using professional actors is stupid, or will he continue with all of this shenanigan business...

There’s No Place like Home

Sonny is homesick and she misses her family back home, but she can’t get back because her truck has broken down and she can’t get it fixed,

And to make matters worse, her Mom has gotten a movie deal, so she can't take her either. Yeah. Her mom has gotten a movie deal, but the famous CDC hasn't. What's up with this world!!

Chad kindly offers for him to take her home for a while in his private jet and Sonny’s a little wary; Chad never offers anything for free. Something’s wrong. Is Chad up to something?

I’ll Be Back

It’s been 5 years since Condor Studios shut down and it’s the day of the reunion and everyone’s excited to see each other again. Even Chad. But he’s just excited to see one person in particular.

Houston, We Have A Problem

Zora’s cousin, Houston, visits and he finds out that Zora has been voted as Child’s Worst Actor. The Randoms try to cheer her up, even Chad tries, but they all fail miserably.

Houston finds a solution to the problem and ends up staying with Zora and becomes a regular on SO RANDOM.

All You Need Is Love

Chad wants a real girlfriend who he will love and it won’t be for the sake of the paparazzi.

He organises a beauty pageant to find his girl and persuades Sonny to enter. Unfortunately, whatever Sonny does, Tawni has to do it better. Will there be Channy or Chawni?

Please PM me and tell me which story ideas you'd like me to do :D

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Sonny gossips about a social networking site called 'Face Chump' and Chad finally decides to join. There will be rivalry, gossip and if you're lucky, maybe a small amount of romance... Who am I kidding, I love romance!
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