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Author has written 7 stories for Star Wars, and Assassin's Creed.

A good friend of mine who recently passed away loved to write fanfic. She was too scared of criticism for years to publish anything she wrote - despite writing being her day job - and when she finally did, she realized that she had a real talent for fic writing.

I write things I personally like to read. Occasionally I write something I think someone else might want to read as well.

Until now, I was too scared to publish anything for the potential criticism of strangers.

Thank you, Branni. I miss you.

1/20/2013: For those of you wondering where "Proper Wound Care" went, I realized after reading through the guidelines for a new story that I'd inadvertently violated the guidelines for FF. As such, I have removed that story. If you would like to read it, send me a PM and I will e-mail it. Please be advised it's a lemon and quite explicit, hence the taking it down. I'm not out to corrupt any innocent minds, here.

2/16/2013: "Lux Mundi" is being updated...one chapter at a time. My drive to write is trumping homework, and that's gotta stop if I'm gonna keep my grades up. On the upside, it'll give me more time to plan Le Plot. Without the guide of the game's plot timeline to follow, writing a completely AU fic is a lot tougher. :)

3/5/2013: "Lux Mundi" is now "Light of the World." Different title, same story. I went to sleep last night contemplating making this series a trilogy...and I had a very specific dream in which my good friend who passed away was present. I think now that's she's been my mysterious Muse...we'll see if my idea for the third 'book' pans out or not. Let me know what you guys think.

3/12/2013: "Light of World" is close to its end. I'm almost out of outline. Luckily, my idea for the third...erm...'book' is shaping up nicely. It remains to be seen if I can pull it off without it being confusing, but what the hell, if Ubisoft can claim an alternate reality canon - seriously, they said that about "Tyranny of King Washington" then surely I, a lowly fanfic writer can do the same thing and not come off as being too insane. Right? *crickets* Ah, what the hell, its all for fun anyway! Onward!

3/16/2013: "Light of the World" is done. Since finishing a story and letting it go makes me a little sad, I'll be starting work on the third (and final) story in the series hopefully this weekend but not likely since I've got a ton of homework due tomorrow. Also, Heart of the Swarm. Holy awesome game, Batman. Clearly, Ubisoft needs to hire some of Blizzard's writers.

3/20/2013: "Fate of the World" is now up to Chapter 5. I'm working on it as I've got time, so chapter updates might be sporadic. Thanks to everyone for reading and reviewing!

3/22/2013: I had some time today to sit down and write out the plot for each chapter of "Fate of the World." Writing should go quicker now that my normal outline is fleshed out. I'm not sure how many chapters it'll wind up being, but judging from the word count, it's going to be the longest of the three. Hang in there with me, and I promise the ending will make up for the necessary cliffhanger at the end of LotW.

4/15/2013: First off, I hope they fry the b*stard who set those bombs in Boston. Second, I've actually updated "In the Dark" after a year hiatus, and all I can say to my loyal readers is, it will be finished. Slowly, and hopefully not over the course of another year, but it will be finished. I hope to post another chapter of FotW in the next couple of days, but homework has to come before story updates. Nothing new on the glaucoma front other than it really, really sucks.

4/18/2013: Dear Murphy, knock it off, willya? FotW chapter likely tomorrow or Friday. Next ItD hopefully around the same time frame.

5/17/2013: Murphy didn't knock it off. Family issues work issues general drama = the suck. Chapter 21 for Fate is up now, and I will do my damndest to get back on a regular writing schedule. My apologies, and thank you for your patience!

9/21/2013: Having time to write has been amazingly short lately. I apologize for the lateness of the latest chapter, and I promise there will be more to come. I hope to finish Fate and start on some other projects, but if my AC Muse continues to pester me there might be more stories in the AC fandom. I don't know yet. Thanks for reading!

01/03/2014: Happy New Year! Yes, I know there haven't been any new chapters to Fate in a month or two. In my defense, I've had enough drama this week to cover the whole year. It started with family drama and ended with my car blowing up. It's a long story, but no fic writers were hurt in this endeavor and will be posting again soon!

02/25/2014: Yes, it's been ages. I will hopefully post another chapter soon, but I've been extremely sick the last month.

- Xar

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