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Author has written 20 stories for K-ON!/けいおん!, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica/魔法少女まどか★マギカ.

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I just want to thank all the people who's encouraged me to keep writing. It looks like I'll be very busy this year, but I'll still try to write whenever I have time. Most of my free time will be dedicated to writing The Bell Keeper (DA) (FictionPress), since its muse comes most easily.

As for fanfics, my priority is still Missing Link. The next entry should've been finished months ago but I hit an unexpected wall. I'm still trying to get past that. My recently published oneshot Ohayou, Mata Ashita is a random muse, but it's also an exercise to get me reacquainted with the characters. I won't even make a list this time because it only works 50% of the time ;_;

Most of my muse for MSMM will be devoted to fanarts. I have a few story ideas that aren't substantial enough to be written, so illustrations it is. I didn't follow the series as it aired, so my love for it really hit me after watching the movies.

I've been listening to Vocaloid songs over the years, but it's also only now I really got into them because of the PSP games. They've been great inspirations so far, whether through doodles or random blips. The synthetic voices may take time to get used to, if ever, but there are really great covers out there too.

What else… I think that's it for now. Once again, thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great year!

September 23, 2012

Because profile page is getting longer, I only kept the ones that matter. Anyways, another Missing Link chapter is up! My school term officially starts next week, so I'm quite nervous and excited about it. Hopefully, I should have enough time to write and keep up this uploading pace. If not... well, the reason would just be school X3;

April 7, 2012

I want to thank everyone who took their time in reading my previous journal entry. I've already replied to people who have written to me, but I would like to say it again: your words of encouragements really warmed me.

After more than two weeks of avoiding the net unless absolutely necessary, I've decided enough is enough. While there's still no breakthrough with this imposter issue and I doubt there will ever be, I will try to forget about this incident the best I can.

I love writing, something I reaffirmed after two weeks of doing nearly nothing. It's not just the feeling of productivity, but it's more about the sake of writing. Create ideas, share stories, enjoy the fun. You could say that without writing anything, I felt rather hollow and stagnant… obviously, my mind's telling me not to stay away from writing for too long.

However, I feel that I still need some time before I can completely return to my K-on fanfics. Like I've already said to some people, I need a little breather/break by focusing on the collab project or even right little blips here and there for other fandoms. Most importantly, I'll be focusing on academics because I'm graduating soon.

I absolutely love K-on and I will continue to write for the fandom in the future. I realize all the controversy in the past month will take some time for people to forget the bad parts, remember the good parts and return to enjoy the fandom once more, as I'm one of the people still in the process of doing so. However, I sincerely hope that we can all get past this, that the fandom would somewhat return to the way it was - a place of reading, enjoying the series and having fun. Perhaps, with the future release of the movie's BD, and maybe season three of the anime (I'm just guessing, I haven't heard anything about it yet), the fandom will flourish again.

Overall, this update is just to show people that I'm doing fine and will not just vanish :3 I'm still around, just… hibernating, for the lack of better word.

Again, I thank everyone for their concern. I'll try to check up on DA as often as I can, so don't hesitate to poke me X3 (even though my replies would be late...)

My DA website

In Progress:

Missing Link Friendship/Supernatural/Mystery/Romance

I - Serenity (Mugi & Azusa) - up!

III - Affinity (Azusa & Ritsu) - 70% (I hit a wall, I'm sorry)

V - Heartbeats (Ritsu & Mio) - 10%

0 - Gratitude (Mio) - 50%

On hold:

No, Thank You! MugixRitsuxMio, YuixAzusa, and more Drama/Angst/Action/Friendship/Mystery/Romance/Suspense...

Ch21 - Tenshi ni Fureta yo

Ch22 - Yuuzora a la Carte


Spiral YuiAzu, Mitsu, allxall Drama/Romance/Friendship/Angst/MatureTheme/Music? rated-M

Dy11 - Enthralled Kitten - in slow progress


Blood Moon RitsuxMio and more. Adventure-Action/Drama/Fantasy/Romance?

H3 - Crescent Gorge - OTL I'm really sorry -hiatus-


Catch Ya Later RitsuxMugi, JunxAzusa, UixSumire and more. Crime/Romance/Suspense/Angst?

Act 1 - Garnet and Sapphire - -hiatus-


Of Rainbows and Cotton Candies RitsuxAzusa, with heavy Mitsu and YuiAzu Romance/Friendship/Humor/Angst

Fluff3: Yellow Cotton Candies - -hiatus-


Far Far Away MioxRitsu (apparently), and more? Parody/Humor/Crack/Adventure

Tale II - An Honest Thought within Sherwood - up!

Tale III - Conquerors of Land and Sea - life too hectic, can't think of crack at the moment :3; -hiatus-


The Bell Keeper - Original collaboration project with Athyra and ghikiJ.

The Bell Keeper (DA) (FictionPress)

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