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Updated June 26, 2011

Wow! Nearly four years since I last updated! I don't know if any of my fans are still reading this, but just in case: I have plans to continue writing through out the summer. Unfortunately, being an adult requires a lot of time away from my writing. However, I am still trying to make some time for myself.

Good luck to all the other writers out there who are also struggling with a busy schedule and making time for writing! I will see ya'll around!

Updated July 24, 2007

I don't know if there are people who read this at all, but I thought I would still update it just in case there are a few readers poking about. It has been a very long time since my first fic! I still adore writing and reading, so I am hoping to get back onto the ball with that. Starting mid-august, I think I'm going to have more time for myself. And I want to use this time to read (gotta stay updated on the piles of books waiting to be read, right?) and write. Chaos Born is still lying around waiting to be written. And I don't want to leave that in the corner gathering dust forever.


I'm also going to attempt to write something that is not a fanfic. Something original. That may be published one day (far far away, I'm sure.)

So, I'm excited for August to get here. I might be able to finally put Chaos Born into words, and I could sift through my brain and search for an original story to write.

Wish me luck!


~~Fanfic Writing Progress~~

Bloody Thorns: my first fic ever! Completed too!
Excerpt: Oops! looks around suspiciously my excerpt seems to be missing...
Summary: Thorn is priceless to the bandits: she has the ability to control plants, which has proved incredibly helpful during raids. And as much as she wants to leave them, she knows she cannot: the bandits hold her sister captive to ensure Thorn's obedience. But during an unsuccessful raid, Thorn is captured by the Tortallans. Thorn knows she must escape and return to the bandits in order to save her sister, but she keeps on getting distracted by a handsome blonde Rider with a devilish grin...

Kaprice's Tears: My second fic! Also Completed!
Excerpt: Oh...looks around innocently would you look at that...the excerpt for this one seems to have disappeared too...
Summary: Kaprice is cursed. Or, at least, she thinks so anyway. Of all people the gods have chosen her to stop the Devastation (a not so natural disaster that occured in Tortall 70 years ago, causing practically all those with the gift to die and covering the continent with sand, turning all land into desert). Because of the gods' choice, she is isolated from her tribe and must leave the one man whom had ever loved her. Kaprice travels 70 years into the past, facing new people, new places, new love. But she must also face a new pain. Will Kaprice succeed in reversing the Devastation (and winning new love) or will the pain she feels overwhelm her into disaster?

Nobles' Bane: Finally Completed! Now onto the fourth!
Excerpt: All right, all right. I did it. I took these things off.
Summary: Kalasin: Eager doesn’t define Kalasin’s approach to moving to Carthak & getting married to Emperor Kaddar. So the day her ship is supposed to leave, she ducks into the library, where she stumbles upon a strange book…
Lauryn: Lauryn didn't have the most fortunate childhood. Her father and brother were killed, her mother raped and killed. But that's okay. Because she isn't the type of girl to spend the rest of her life weeping over her loss. No...she's the type who wants payback. And she's going to get it. In blood.

Chaos Born: A work in progres...
Excerpt: None, seeing as how it isn't even written yet.
Summary: (Subject to change, you're forewarned.)
Dekao's a monster. Or she was, anyway. By some freak accident, she is trapped in a mortal woman's body. Now she's forced to travel the lands of Tortall doing disgustingly good deeds in order to free herself.
Along the way, she learns that there is a lot more to being human than she ever imagined. But is love enough to change the nature of one who was the spawn of the Goddess of Chaos?

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