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Poll: Seventh Week of "Big Time Competition" vote for Captains, the top two on each team will be Captain the list is in the story.Voting is up to 6 times. *Spoiler Alert* do not read until after you have read Chapter 7 of "Big Time Competition" Vote Now!
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Author has written 4 stories for Big Time Rush.

About Me: Well my pen name was futureisbright, but now my new pen name is CalmMindedFellow. I actually got into Big Time Rush because the individuality of the guys on the show is unique. Also, I have always wanted to try to make stories of my own and have others tell me how im doing and what I can do to perfect them. I am a college student, trust me guys college is alot of work. Right now I have competed "Big Time Funhouse" give it a shot guys, it was my fist story on here lol.

Pet Peeves: Not that anyone cares but I thought i just put that I hate people that judge others.

Stories: My Finished Story is for now "Big Time Funhouse" you guys have to read it to find out what its about, because quite frankly im not like other Author's and put a proper summary about the story, instead I advize you all in my summaries more less what it's about, that way it won't ruin the suprise and suspense when you read my stories. My "in the works" story is called "Big Time Competition" Based upon a reality I have watched not a while ago. This story can relate to "I Love Money 1, 2, 3(canceled due to murder), 4, and hopefully a future Season 5. I also tried to mix in a Bachelor kind of deal in this, you can say it can be a crossover, but I don't...whatever floats your boats I guess. Recently I have no been able to continue on with the story set back. I will redo this story in the near future with new and fresh contestants as the old ones I have not been able to contact successfully to see if they want to keep going. If you have been part of "Big Time Competition" please let me know if you want to be a part of the remake. Another story I am currently redoing at this time is "Full Embrace" So be on the look out for a Ch. 1 coming up real soon.

Notes: One thing I would like is if you guys would r&r (for those who dont know what it stands for it is read and review) my stories, I like to know how my stories are progressing. And reviews actually make my day and inspire me to write so if your reading this plz dont be afraid to review.

Songs: If you guys have read my current story and first xD (Big Time Funhouse) you would know that (excluding the first chapter) I post a small part of lyrics of songs that fit my story's chapter. I try to find a song for each chapter sometimes I get stuck on that portion.

Obsession: Well, my obsessions are obviously writing and reading BTR fanfics :), another obsession is that dancing (hip hop dancing) is my passion. I actually want to be an actor as well, I guess the thought of being in character and having different emotions for a role kinda inspires me to go out there and try :). I am a video game addict ( nothing like the games from the past, meaning Nintendo 64).

Related Character In Big Time Rush: I for one want to put the record straight that I am a boy, and the BTR Character that I can relate to would be Carlos Garcia...Just like Carlos I am a cheery happy go-lucky guy, I love giving hugs to my friends and I am not afraid to speak my mind. Another BTR Character I can relate to would have to be Logan, I know I was supposed to pick one, but Logan relates to me due to my urge to do things right, I hate disobaying others and also hate getting into trouble. My IQ isn't "Logan Material" but I always got to have my work turned in in time, sometimes procrastination is my dark nemesis due to my lack of posting up stories in time. But other than that Carlos Garcia and Logan Mitchell would be the two characters I can relate two.

Favorite Shows: My favorite shows, ahh I have many lol I have my catagories as well. For Reality Shows it would have to be: I Love Money Season 1-4, The I Love Shows on VH1, Dancing With The Stars (Once in a while), America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC). For Television Shows it would be: That 70's Show, Big Time Rush, Awkward (sorry not sorry), Dance Moms, Bring It, and ect. ( I have many favorite shows that's why I have not posted all of them just the main ones.

Favorite Movies: Favorite movies would be all the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies, all the Friday the 13th movies, Breakfast Club, Saw 1-7, Resident Evil franchise, ect. I have tons trust me lol.

Randoms: Nothing thats it, if you guys like my stories and are reading them whenever i upload them plz let me know so ill know to update, sometimes i actually want to wright xD. So all i have to say is stay safe, dont do drugs ( I don't, i always tell my friends because they kinda do smoke and what not, that in the future when they're in the hospital in a machine that im gonna remind them of their bad habbits) i know its mean but hay they have been warned.

I stole this from MeganPena841...ya I was roaming through your profile page xD.

You drink a lot of tea.
You know what a brolly is.
Deal or No Deal has taken over your life.

You wanted Alex to win X Factor.
Fish and Chips ARE YUMMY :)
You use the word "bugger"or the phrase "bloody hell."
You can eat a Full English Breakfast.
You dislike emos almost as much as you dislike chavs.
Its football.. not ... soccer.
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My Results: Ha-ha, I totally knew I was a Mexican xD, Italian...I'm not sure I am...German?????? The only word I heard of was goodintak...and I don't even know if i spelled the dang word write xD.

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This is not a story, it is an update to Completed, Incompleted, and Future stories I have in stored. For those of you who seek update for "Big Time Competiton" as well. Let's just say Procrastination got the best of me, please read and review me your thoughts as this would help greatly. I welcome old and new readers. Share your Ideas on the stories I put up , any would be awesome.
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