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Hi. This is me, in the year 2015. I am graduating from high school exactly a week from now and I just found this account again. The "Last Updated" says 03-26-2011 and that should've been warning enough. To log in, I had to use an AOL email. The username was "emmaluvsbigbird". I will be attending a very nice college in a few months with enough AP credits to graduate a year early. I'm in prom court. As of yesterday, I am a state finalist for tennis. I wanted to delete this, this remnant of my greasy-haired weeaboo past, but I decided against it. Let this be a record in case I ever become too proud. This, my eighth grade account, will keep me modest.

For anyone who's curious, I now enjoy musicals and shows like Community and Psych. I just finally watched Legally Blonde, which is what prompted me to find this again. Actually still mildly proud of that fic.

From hereon out, the profile is authored by my eighth-grade self, who, for the record, hadn't even heard of the Avengers yet. You have been warned.

Hello there! I am *insert name here* and live with my head stuck in the clouds. It would be much appreciated if you could lend me some butter or soap or something to help get me out, because I'm falling behind on schoolwork. Ok, MAYBE that's procrastination, but I need a liable scapegoat. Don't rely on well-scheduled update. These will be as random as me (oh my god, I actually thought I was cool).Let's see, facts about me? Ummm...

First Anime: Avatar: The Last Airbender. Man, I was addicted to that so many years back before I actually knew what anime was.

First Manga: D.N.Angel, lent to me by my friend *insert name here*.

Favorite Anime/Manga: It used to be SUPER FMA but now it's tied with Hetalia. That stuff is like crack...which is what I just wrote!

All Anime/Manga watched/read: In order, Avatar, Teen Titans (if that counts), Soul Eater, D.N.Angel, Fullmetal Alchemist, I think Bleach was next, then Ouran High School Host Club, and like the first 2 chapters of Fruits Basket and Death Note. And now my current obsession, Hetalia. FMA will still hold a special place in my heart, though.

(BBC Merlin started in 2008, didn't it? Why wasn't I watching that?)

HEY, YOU THERE! If you haven't noticed, I write strictly humor. I can't do anything else. However, if you want something with a storyline, suspense, action, and zombies, I suggest you check out my friend, ScratchFox's, fic; Hetalia; Kino Der Toten I think (this was actually really good. If you are still in the slowly-dying Hetalia fandom, check it out). Maybe. If you like romance and paintball, on the other hand, look at my other friend, ChineseNinja's, fic; World Academy(if you do, read it with the knowledge that I now know that I'm a lesbian. It makes my romance with America much better).


OK, this shall be story progress area! Which is pointless because I am only capable of writing oneshots.

A Happy Family

HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, A MULTIPLE CHAPTERED FIC THAT'S SILL GOING. Yes, it seems I AM capable of it, but these chapters have as much in common with one another as Hetalia episodes. So, yeah. It'll go on for a while, don't worry. I'm CERTAINLY not out of ideas, it's just the writers block that gets me...

Bleach Under the Sea

I don't think I'm going to be finishing it. Sorry! I'm keeping it up, though, for the sole reason that it amuses me (and I kinda accidentally deleted it off my computer).

(ok no I'm deleting this. I never really liked Bleach, I can barely remember it.)

And a little something to annoy the crap out of you if you don't know Kingdom Hearts and can't speak Organizationese...

I am Roxas years old;

My birthday is on Saix Xigbar-Xigbar;

My favorite number is Saix for inside joke reasons;

My second favorite number is Demyx for exactly that reason;

Everybody believes the world will end in Xemnas year because that is the year of Larxene XD;

Marluxia creeps me out. No code there, by the by.


(also, spoiler alert, the world didn't end in 2012. and who tf is Larxene?? and Marluxia??)

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