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Okay, since I finally submitted a story here, I suppose I should write something about myself for anybody vaguely interested. So, some random facts that you may or may not want/need to know about me.

I'm 26, live in London and have spent 3 years studying for a degree in English in Southampton, followed by a further year studying for a MA in Creative Writing. And loved it. It certainly made me a better writer, and I came out with roughly a third of a hopefully-to-be-published-one-day children's story.

I am also now a fully-qualified English secondary school teacher (hence the uncertainty about when I might be able to upload chapters during term time) and love both reading and writing my own stories. I do write my own original stories as well as fanfiction, but have always loved exploring existing worlds and characters and what might happen to them once the credits roll in a film or the final page of a novel is turned. It feels like cheating somewhat, but what the heck!

10/2010: I have just started the sequel to 'Fallout', entitled 'Aftermath', but it won't be updated as quickly as the first one was. As and when I get the time to write a new chapter, which will become increasingly difficult once I have marking to do at home, but I'm sure I'll still manage to squeeze in the odd chapter here and then. :)

08/2013: Having seen the second 'Kick Ass' film in cinemas recently, I just couldn't shake thoughts about what might happen in a possible sequel, and have once again been infected with the FF bug. Fear not for those waiting for my 'Aftermath' chapters - I know I've been rubbish with uploading chapters with that, but I haven't forgotten it. It's just taking longer than the first for the plot to realise itself in my mind...

In the meantime, the KA one is a bit of fun and something I have an urge to follow through with for the time being.

Hobbies/interests off the top of my head: writing, reading (those two go without saying on here, really), cricket, football (soccer to you guys across the pond!), films, video games - all the usual stuff that no-one really needs to know.

Some of my favourite actors as of this point in time include: Kevin Spacey, Gregory Peck, JGL(!), Rachel Weisz, Nicole Kidman - and quite a few more that I just cannot remember as I sit here staring at the screen, so I apologise to them!

Films: The Matrix, Sound of Music, Inception, Kick Ass, LotR, and others that have slipped my mind. Oh, and Harry Potter! God, I love those films. Shame they either cut/edit my favourite bits from the book. Still, it remains one of few things that can change me back into an excited, squealing child, so it must be doing something right.

Music: I'm not too picky, though I don't have a lot of really recent music on my iPod right now besides film/game soundtracks. I can listen to those for hours, and am particularly enjoying the Inception one (especially Paradox - so hauntingly beautiful, full of melancholy.) Aside from soundtracks, others that I am listening to include Lady Gaga, Owl City (the guy is amazing, I love his albums to bits and cannot stop listening to them!), and lots of 60s-80s stuff that I blame my parents for.

Books: Well, I don't really have too many solid favourites. I like to read a lot so it's hard to pinpoint any. But suffice to say, I'm rather sad and adore Harry Potter having got into it extremely late. I love the Phantom of the Opera (big musical buff here!), so the original novel by Gaston Leroux and Susan Kay's 'Phantom' are up the top there, too. Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, To Kill A Mockingbird - lots of wonderful classics and modern stuff as well. Too many to list.

Well, I guess that's about it for me now. I should say, I also have a cat called Tipsy who is simply the best. She's too docile and friendly for her own good, but it's better than having her scratch you to death like some cats I know. She's a lap/people cat and is loved by pretty much anyone who happens to visit my house for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Is that all? This is already overly-long and sufficiently boring enough, I'm sure, so I shall leave it at that. :)

For the 2 bonus Inception tracks I mentioned in my story, go to this link: It's worth it if it's free, right? Enjoy! The second one always reminds me of Arthur for obvious reasons. _

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