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Secure as to close to death, but motionlessly, I reside animate.

The same pattern sustained for a time.

Then he drifted off, though I could still consider his attendance.

Just to close, or maybe not even sufficient.

His deficiency came to fast and perplexing, that no words of my gratefulness were verbal.

Speeding away from the mess or you could say the phenomenon of the sympathy in me, he never reappeared.

In the time to come, I will never forget the way his give was put down on me.

It haunts me now, and relived itself in the same manner.

Especially the handle on my delicate organization.

This moment will forever, and synchronization, remain his epilog.

Thanks to the unique departure, he will also, never be onwards.

I know she did it for attention

She still won’t listen to the warnings in distribution to her.

It’s as if she can’t sense the margin between wickedness and decency.

Kind of, like her happy death will never come when she doesn’t see out the schooner. Or the other way around I guess.

Ether method will lead in the same direction, but the outcome will vary in any course.

Eventually, she needs to look into the human face of the border crisis.

That would not be anywhere in the near outlook in her book, but then again, what does she know?

What does she anticipate is pending for her?

But I will never yield, for I have seen inside her.

I have seen her nightmares, and the false demons that preoccupy her.

I know that she should not fear them, of even me in that manner.

But she needs to love me.

I am not something to dread unless she decides to construct that the system it goes. It is completely and utterly up to her.

Though she is still required to subsist under my sway.

I trust that he has no rationale

Literally, the handle is missing, and he as his word, will not acquiesce.

He lets me have a word in the focus of his assail, though does not take awareness to the connotation.

But at the same time, why would I want to trust him?

He has royally betrayed me to such an extension, that I cannot rely leading him anymore.

From the remoteness I am at, I can see that he has no intention of chartering me to go.

And definitely not one to succumb.

On the other hand, for his original meaning, what will he do to me?

What kind of fait dose he aim to conquer?

He tells me nowhere beautiful, but agonized torment.

Then he makes it a joke, smiles, and tells me that it is my preference to make it the way I desire.

As if I have an abundance.

And when I inform him, he will not permit the fact that I want to be complimentary.

To be liberate.

It’s resembling like he won’t even concede the detail that I’m here.

Little do I know.

This retribution won’t last long.

Because I can see the other side of the calendar days.

Deadening existence

The combustion is completed and ready with.

I have not seen him since, and I have not only been haunted in my thoughts, but also in the eyes of the academically and collectively challenged.

But unlike the time before, they have no collision on me now.

I no longer heed the vocabulary or emotions that they are in conveyance to me.

It does not event.

My redeemer has since then disappeared.

And I am mortified and ashamed to say that I miss him.

And I know that it is not healthy to long over the one that can never be yours especially when they are so willing to uproot.

Abscond and never be homecoming.

But I am in the interim, enjoying being.

A being with ought evil, but also a being with integrity.

The ending of this account was anesthetizing, or some would say numbing.

I would rather it not to have ended this on this mode.

It would be more of an appealing dialog if I had both superior and dire mixed into the course of my day.

Despite the fact that I still can’t stop source of revenue now.

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