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Hello this is Jigokuwa nice to meet you!

Hmmmm the Profile will be updated later haha 0


A lot of people are asking when I usually update my Caring for Your Rival. Well, I am also a university student so it really depends on my test schedules, work/volunteer and other stuff like that! But usually I tend to tell an estimated date on when my next update it to those that reviewed asap! >0

Fanart for Caring for Your Rival and Thank you so much!!!! You guys have no idea how happy I am!

Links will be uploaded soon but you guys can always go to DeviantArt and type in the title or Artist name to see these awesome master pieces!

* Artist: ShadowIsLoved

Title: Caring for Your Rival

Okay this... you readers have to see this master piece! This is really cute! Gyah! I thought it was... just so cute! Fantastic! Adorable! AJSND&*&! Period!The scene is that pocky game that Shadow tried to do with Zonic to make Sonic jealous. Remember the Jealous game between Shadow and Sonic while Zonic helped Shadow? Yeah! It's that scene! Shadow looks so proud of himself haha and Zonic is all "O_o what am I putting myself into" and Sonic's pouting face is just adorable! The coloring looks great and the title is really visible with a parenthesis that says jealous game.. awwww! Please see this lovely artwork! The link will be in my profile soon or type the artist's and title name in DeviantArt!

I believe my friend caringforafriend asked ShadowisLoved (cute ID btw!) for a commission XD Thank you very much to both ShadowIsLoved and caringforafriend! This really.. really was a huge surprise for me that really made me happy when I saw the picture! no really I was really really really happy and screamed in joy when I saw the awesome artwork!

Artist: shadangel98

* Title: Caring for Your Rival

I thought the four characters in this artwork was just so cute and adorable! Hmm hmm where to start! Well, I enjoyed seeing Sonic's all frustrated and disappointing face because of Amy (Oh and you were the first person who also included Amy in the story! Woah! and I must say, Amy came out really well! All the other charatcers came out good too! But its been a while since I saw an artwork of Amy too lol! Shadow looks adorable as always in his little jealous stuff and hahaha I thought Zonic was so freaking cute in this little chibi form! Overall this artwork was so cute and gyah such adorableness! Please see this fluffly artwork as well! The link will also be uploaded in my profile soon!

*Artist: Larka-Lover

title: Zhadow,Shadow and Lancelot...

Kyah thank you so so so much! The readers have to read this because it is the combination of Shadow, Zhadow and Lancelot! Who doesn't want to see that?! XD I really love how they are all chilling and talking about their relationship.. all different versions of Sonic haha. I think I also liked to see the overall picture where Lancelot seems to be slightly shy about his affair with "king Sonic" while Zhadow and Shadow are like "Don't worry we all go through the same thing 3" hehhe thank you so I heart you!

* Artist: Eli-the-hedgehog

title: CFYR- Jealous


CFYR- Zonic's Death

Okay I don't know how to thank you enough! One beautiful artwork is enough but two?! I was so happy when I received them from you! Now for the first one, I just laughed when I saw Zonic and Shadow's interaction, wanting to play a devious prank on poor Sonic. Speaking of Sonic, awww he is stuck with Amy! Sonic looks like he is panicking so much but I do love his little worry face XD Cute at the same time hehheh. Now for Zonic's Death T_T All I wanted to say is nooo! Zonic! (lol funny because I was the one that killed Zonic in the story... haha don't throw rocks at me! DX) But I thought you did a great no I mean a perfect job capturing his death scene especially the face expression and the way Mephiles killed Zonic! By looking at the artwork, it looks really painful at the same time T_T Why did I kill Zonic! feeling guilty now haha but really thank you so much!

* Artist: HikariAngelJaki

title: Confession-Caring for Your Rival


Caring for Your Rival

Awwww it was really sweet of you to take your time and do two lovely fanart of this story T_T I can't thank you ebough I must cry of joy now. (sobs with happiness in the corner before coming back hahaha XD) BUt thank you and thank you again! I think I remember expressing my gratitude through the deviant art as well hehheh First of all I thought the confession artwork was just too adorable! For those who are curious it is the famous sene where Sonic and Shadow share their first kiss in the shower hehheh Sonic looks too happy and blissful in that picture it looks too cute! Also for the artwork named Caring for Your Rival oh wow.. I really love how creative you can get! I love how Mephiles is all in the center of the artwork because he is the main villain after all! Zonic and Zhadow are all off to the side because they still didn't reunite yet and then there is Sonic and Shadow kyuu! so cute thank you so much I really love it!

* Artist: shadowhatesomochao Title: Caring For Your Rival (Sonadow)

You guys seriously need to see this art it is so freaking amazing! The picture is from the chapter when Sonic and Shadow tried to get into this Halloween Party and Sonic had to act like a girl wearing a purple witch costume while Shadow decided to get the vampire costume. It is so good! Really really I was impressed! Sonic's face expression is so cute all blushing and his eyes half lidded and Shadow is like holding on to Sonic awww.


*Artist: Molly10132 Title: Start of Jealousy?

This artwork was really good! It is like combination of fluffy and cute and sense of "awww poor Sonic. He thinks Shadow doesn't really care about him XD" The overall picture is really colorful and I really liked how Molly selected the scene from uh... gyah! Forgot what chapter it was but it's the one where Zonic and Shadow are talking and Sonic feels left behind. The expressions on each of the characters really showed their different personality and look! Zector and Zespio is there too! lol Thanks a lot for the artwork!


* Artist: Larka-Lover Title: Caring For Your Rival (Bad Trio)

This is also super duper duper super good! I just loved Mephiles, Zhadow and Scourge all in one picture hahah XD Scourge is all taking over the screen and Zhadow is like move aside! Mephiles is looking over them like a boss! The coloring was really good and I really really loved the overall look on these three bad trios XD I like their face expressions and Zhadow seemes to be annoyed that Scourge is in front of him haha!


* Artist: Eli-the-hedgehog Title: Sonadow Rainy Day

Thank you Thank you! I loved this a lot a lot a lot! This was from Chapter 16 titled "I think I love you, Shadow" You know that famous scene when Sonic starts to really open up and he was all tearing up and Shadow was hugging him and awwwww so cute! (haha funny I'm saying that it's so cute and I wrote it lol!) Sonic's expression really captured his emotion and that surprise look he had when Shadow have him that hug 3


*Thank you so much Amy Rose 7-Eli la eriza!

I really do love this kind of drawing style! All black and white except for Sonic and Shadow's eye colors... XD So cute! And also the fact that I received my first fanart from you really made it special for me! Thank you again! And the fact that you made another artwork called Rainy Day! Thank you again!


Other stories

So far I plan to have Caring for Your Rival and Sonic and Shadow related in this (Jigokuwa) account for now.

I understand that there were other stories here but since those will not be updated for a while... they will be transferred to another account.

If you are curious then you can send private message to see what the other new account is!

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