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Hello. I have finally decided to make an account on this site, I have been an avid reader for a few years now especially for fandoms I love such as Digimon specifically seasons 1, 2 and 3 since I haven't seen any of the others. The reason I decided to make an account is because I'm sick of complaining to people to stop the bashing. If you can't stand a certain character/couple don't write it, just write your favorite couple with all the characters treated right. Try to give even writing out your least favorite character in the fairest way. Here are the common things to avoid (I'm giving for Digimon right now since thats the fandom I read in usually).

Season 1 fanfics:

- Tai being too egocentric and trying to do everything on his own [he may have been like that at first but remember he learned from his mistakes and learned how to co-operate well in a team.)

- Matt being too much of a jerk, yelling at everyone and always trying to pick fights [Again, after his little self-discovery trip he became much more friendler and managed to open his heart.]

- Joe being completely useless, not being able to help out apart from when someone else gets injured [Guys, Joe is just as much a part of the team as anyone else he shouldn't just be pushed to the side.]

- Izzy leaving his computer to rescue the damsel in distress(usually Mimi) [Even if that did happen in the series, don't make it a habit of doing this in fanfics.]

- Mimi being a selfish brat and doing something that nearly gets everyone killed [Again, she learned from her mistake and never made it again.]

- Sora being too reliant on others [While Sora does rely on others occasionally for example Joe, Matt, Tai...she's not the type whom if she has a problem she'll run into her friend/lover's arms.]

- T.K. being a crybaby [Would a crybaby have been able to protect Kari from Piedmon and tried to be strong for her?]

- Kari being too holy, not being able to commit a sin, always caring for others [Guys, Kari isn't perfect she has her flaws, remember she's a kid she can cry at times too and not be all that brave.]

Season 2 fanfics

- Davis being a jerk and doing something to break T.K. and Kari up or him becoming the corrupted villian to tries to kill Kari for breaking his heart [Guys, Davis has the digimental of friendship. Not only that but he actually cares a lot about his friends, he would never hurt them.]

- Yolei being too selfish or materialistic [Okay, maybe she didn't entirely grow out of that but you can always put that as her weakness and have her romance interest and friends help her through it. No need to bash her because of a flaw she has.]

- Cody being as stiff as his kendo stick [I think if Cody can eventually bring himself to forgive Ken and have so much compassion towards Oikawa at the end, I don't think he is as stiff as everyone says.]

- Ken being a china doll [Okay, yes he is submissive but he's a soccer player and I'm sure someone as smart as him would know martial arts.]

- T.K. being the knight in shining armour and the perfect Digidestined [Okay he is not an angel despite having that digimon nor is he a knight in shining armor. He does have a bit of 'being the hero' complex which can be worked on in a T.K.-centric fanfic.]

- Kari being the everything everyone wants in a girl. [Okay while I admit Kari isn't one of my favorites in the series either, but the way she is portrayed as the one everyone turns to when they're upset, the one all guys want to date, the one everyone turns to for an opinion, the one everyone compliments.]

- Veemon and Patamon being shown as rivals [Veemon may have expressed interest in Gatomon, but Patamon never did so thus canonically there is/should not be any rivalry between these characters.]

Season 3

- Takato being shown as a crybaby [Personally, I think while Takato is a sensitive character I think he really grew as a character, he went from being a crybaby to a really well-developed character with a strong heart and sense of justice and morals.]

- Henry being shown as a jerk [I have seen this so much and it kills me since Henry is one of my favorites. Henry DOES NOT hate Terriermon, he does not belittle him. Henry is like in a sense like a parent to Terriermon, he scolds him when he does something wrong and tries to shelter/protect him from any danger, support him when he's hurt.]

- Rika being shown as a damsel in distress [While anyone can be put in a situation like this, UNLESS you have a good reason to make it believable, going on this path can lead to a lot of OOCness.]

- Jeri being shoved aside, or shown as completely powerless [Many people think Jeri is quite weak due to the D-Reaper incident. Personally, I feel she is even stronger than Rika. Before Rika-fanatics jump down my throat for that, think about it, Rika's parents are divorced, her Mum is a model and doesn't pay much attention to her which is why Rika became so cold. Jeri's mum died when she was only a few years old, her dad is strict and kinda negligent yet before Leomon's death, she was always this cheerful, happy character who seemed to enjoy life. And even after Leomon's death, she did manage to get out of the D-Reaper situation sorta before Takato rescued her.]

- Kazu being shown as clueless [now you're going to say but he is, yes but he's not a complete idiot either he gave Takato a power-up card didn't he? And volunteered to stay back to watch Suzie.]

- Kenta just being shown in Kazu's shadow [Give him some personality people, he lacks confidence in himself but he seems like a smart guy.]

- Suzie as just the annoying little sister [She was annoying, I hand you that but she has a really big heart. She refused to seperate from Lopmon, and her desire to help Lopmon led her to where her partner was. For a six year old that is pretty impressive.]

- I have nothing for Ryo unfortunately. Tamers didn't give enough information on him to give him a doable personality.

I am not pretending to be an expert on the Digimon characters, but I do put my utmost effort to write them how they were portrayed in the series, if its a few years after, add a few streaks of maturity to them but not make them completely unrecognisable from the series. Now couples I like:

Digimon Adventure:





Taichi/Hikari (sibling relationship)

Yamato/Takeru (sibling relationship)

Digimon/Chosen Children friendships

Digimon Adventure 02:




Digimon/Chosen children friendship

Digimon Tamers:








Jenrya/Shuichon (sibling relationship)

Hirokazu/Kenta/Takato (friendship)

Takato/Ruki/Jenrya (friendship)

Digimon/Tamers friendships

Ai/Mako/Impmon (friendship)

Digimon Frontier:



Digimon Xros Wars/Hunters:




Zenjirou/Nene (o.O Nene sure is a player :P)








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