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This channel is strictly for Toy Story-related material, specifically and primarily ones written for the alternate final conclusion to the Toy Story franchise involving a character named Michael Christoper Ryan, or just simply Michael Ryan. His brief biography is given in point form below, along with that of his family's, which you really wouldn't have to read anyway if you read my first story of how our favourite toys come into his ownership.

Now you're probably thinking, "Oh, I guess she didn't like the way it ended with the Dora the Explorer look-a-like as they're new owner." Despite the movie's popularity, I will admit to not being fond of the third installment of Toy Story altogether. But regardless of that, this was my original take on how it would all come to a conclusion before even seeing the trailers. I knew that Andy would donate the toys to another kid rather than take them to college (as some people surprisingly hoped for, which I thought was unusual) or put them in the attic. With this, Michael Ryan was the character I came up with, whose older sister Ashley is good friends with Andy and is going to the same college.

- - - Biography - - -

First Name: Michael
Last Name: Ryan
Middle Name: Christopher
Date of Birth: October 30th
Nationality: Canadian-American
Physical Description: Blonde hair, hazel eyes, average size.

Family: Father, Mr. Jeffrey Ryan; mother, Mrs. Donna Ryan; sister, Ashley Ryan.
Pets: Maltese dog, Mickey

Bedroom: Light orange wall colour; twin-sized bed with oakwood frame and headboard, and olive green bedspread with orange, beige and red stripes; matching oakwood dresser and bedside table; maple hardwood flooring; posters, including muscle cars, a rocket ship, a map of the world; framed pictures, including a family portrait, "Lullaby" by Trisha Romance, horse painting; faded blue accent chair; red bean-bag chair; child-sized desk; peg board with drawings, calendar, and magazine cut-outs; wooden toy chest in the shape of a treasure chest; toy hammock full of stuffed animals and other plush preschool toys.

That's basically the just of it. The rest would be known as you continue to read my stories, including family history and other things in Michael's room. I hope you guys enjoy them; I enjoyed thinking them up both before and after (this especially considering my disappointment) I saw the threequel. But that said, again, many of my stories were thought up before I had even seen the trailers. The details were just ironed out afterwards.

Original Alternate Endings:

I have two alternate endings. One is a one-shot that begins as they are leaving the trash site, and the other begins as they are arriving. (In that one, there are a lot of changes to the layout of the dump, so use your imagination with that rather than referring to the movie's setting. Like I said before, this was thought up before I even saw the trailers, and just ironed out with small details learned from the actual movie.) Either way, they both result in them becoming Michael's toys with Andy's blessing, but the second one probably makes less sense in terms of running time taking place where the movie left off. But oddly enough, I kind of like it better.

As you also may notice when reading them – and I laugh at myself for it seeming kind of disturbing – in both, Woody takes a beatdown for some reason. That's not for cruelty purposes or masochism; it's just the way I was able to get Woody to spend some quality time with Michael rather than Andy taking him straight to college. You'll see what I mean when/if you read them.

Thank you, GoldenFlither, for this awesome music video:


As Tommy Wiseau would say, "It's real good, hah?"

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