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Author has written 10 stories for Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, X-Men: The Movie, Total Drama series, and Ben 10.

In Progress

Life of a Changeling (Teen Titans)

Why I'm me (Total Drama Series)


Two plus One equals Together (Teen Titans)

Disappearing Act (Danny Phantom)

Taking a Hit to the Heart (Teen Titans)

Expressions that Confuse (Teen Titans) NOTE:// This will be listed as done, but will commonly be updated on.

Sacrifice (X-Men: Movie)

Phantastic Voyage (Danny Phantom)

I'm Coming Home (Teen Titans)

Future Ideas

Origins for:

Cyborg, Starfire, Argent, and possible one or two more Titans.

The titles and summaries are as followed. Once again, there is NO stealing of these ideas! I find out you steal this, you will suffer the consequences. Have a nice day!

Memory Chip: Sometimes a perfect memory isn't a good thing to have, especially when it means you're forced to deal with the darkness of your past. -The Origins of Cyborg-

Foreign: New planet, new life. But that doesn't mean you escape your old life, and for a certain alien princess, she hoped this new life could help her forgot her old one. -The Origins of Starfire-

Half for half: Even is we don't care who our ancestors were, it's always a good idea to learn them. Because you never know who you are. And who you were. -The Origins of Argent-

Thanks for Reading!

New: A Cursed Monkey officially died April 27, 2011. He was killed in a car accident from a texting driver. His memory will be preserved through his stories, and his life not be forgotten. Thank you for taking the time to read his work.

In a will, A Cursed Monkey (Kai) left his brother Robert, this account. It is now solely under my possession, and I will try to keep his legacy alive with work. Please, respect this, and don't ever forget. We're never forgot.

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