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Hello. I'm Chandlermarie89. I am in my 20's and I work full time, as well as go to school full time.
I love the color yellow. My favorite animal is a squirrel. And I hate coconuts.

I am a huge HP fan, and got started on this site by wanting to read HP stories that filled in the 19 year gap between the last chapter and the epilogue.
After reading several, I started my own.
From there I branched out, checking out a few twilight stories, but I didn't really get into it.
My latest interest is in The Hunger Games fanfic.
I have found several good ones and am very excited to see what people start producing after the movie comes out and more people read the series.

Harry Potter: DM/GW, HP/GW
Twilight: RC/JB, BS/EdC
Hunger Games: KE/PM

Harry Potter: LL/HP, HG/HP, DM/LL, NL/GW, RW/HP, HG/GW
Twilight: BS/JB, BS/JW, BS/EmC, RH/EdC
Hunger Games: KE/GH

(I don't have a problem with slash or femme slash as long as it's very, very well written.)

Beta'd by: Jack63kids

All The Time In The World is an after the final battle type story. It is told entirely from Harry's point of view and follows his day to day life now that the war is over. It focuses on his growth as a person, his romantic relationship with Ginny, and his relationships with other characters. The story has action sequences, teenage drama, life challenges, sexual experiences, and ties up (in my opinion) many loose ends.

It is generally cannon and will match up with the Epilogue. It is already a monster of a story and I haven't even outlined up through the first year. I am probably going to finish it on the year mark and turn it into a series. The sequels being the years after. (No there will not be 18 sequels. Some years will be combined.)

-- The amazing 3v4ns is currently translating my story to spanish and will be posting it on her site. When that is posted, I'll let you know. =)

Because it is told from Harry's point of view, not every moment is seen. I already have a few one-shots written that are told from someone else's perspective. If there is a certain scene that you would like to read from someone else's point of view, let me know. I will do my best to write up a sufficient one-shot for you.

Because I'm a visual person check out my Flickr account. It has photos of things that I use in my story.

Like the one-shots, I will take request for a visual aid. If you want to know what I pictured in my head, I will post a photo of it.

As Fate Would Have It...

Okay. So another story is underway. It is kind of an opposite of All the Time in the World, in the way that it is a Draco/Ginny story. It is not Epilogue friendly story and is what I think could have happened. I don't want to give too much away... but I want y'all to start getting excited. It's turning out really, really good so far and I can't wait till I have a little bit done so that I can start posting it.

That being said...
During her 6th year, fate gave Ginny Weasley an unlikely friendship. Little did she know -- to Draco Malfoy, it was so much more. But before it had a chance to become anything, the war ended causing their roads of life to go separate ways. Several years later, fate has brought them back into each others lives. And this time... it's a lot harder for them to escape fate.

To all of DM/GW fans: I know, I know. Post Soon! Trust me. It's close. I can feel it. It's going to happen.

I started working on it a while ago, but after I wrote a couple of chapters I felt like something was missing. I felt like their relationship was moving too quickly. (Which is one of my biggest pet peeves in any fan fiction.) So I decided to write their back story. Originally I was going to write that entire period from their lives as it's own story. But then... it hit me! It didn't need to be it's own story. With a few adjustments, it could fit into the other one I had started. So after 4 complete back story chapters, and 6 completed current story chapters, I have started merging the two into one. After I have the first 10 chapters complete, I will start posting.


Surviving Fire is a Hunger Games fan fiction. I was inspired after reading several very well written Peeta and Katniss stories post Mockingjay. I'm still playing around with a couple of ideas and plots, so it hasn't really gone anywhere yet. I do have the first chapter pretty well structured, but because I do not know the stories as in and out as I do Harry Potter, I am hesitant to start posting. It will probably be a while before you see or hear any more on this one. But if you like my other works, and you liked The Hunger Game series by Suzanne Collins, stay tuned for this story. I'm positive that it will be worth it. =)

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