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walks into the room, humming quietly to self with a cup of steaming tea in one hand, wearing glasses, and a book in the other*

Stops to take a sip of tea*

looks up, and raises eyebrows*

Oh hullo there! Didn't see you at first..almost gave me a bit of start you did.

Well then, what's your name hm?

Whats that? *waits* Hm, cat got the tongue eh?

Not to worry, not to worry.

sits down in an overstuffed reading chair and lights a large candle on a stand next to it*

Well I suppose you're here to learn a little about me then? *ponders thoughtfully*

Well a little I most certainly could tell you! But, for my own safety purposes, it won't really be much. *puts a hand to the side of my mouth and says under my breath* Stalkers you know..While it's flattering at first! Well..heh..I'm sure you know how that typically ends.

Well the, yes yes, a little bit about me eh..*thinks again*

Well I've always had an interest in writing even before I properly knew language. I started during toddler-hood by making pictures and orally telling the stories, much like it was done in the times of Homer. As I started going to school, learned my alphabet, and first few words, those pictures started to have small sentences. At the age of seven, I joined Karate (Shalen Kenpo) and during the adult classes I would copy other stories that I remembered reading. All for practice you know, I wanted to understand the flow. At age ten, I wrote my first book. A short story, a VERY short story *smiles reminiscently* I began writing my first book when I was around thirteen. Actually got up to four chapters in a book by time I was fourteen..then the computer crashed and I lost everything *chuckles* I remembered saying I'd never write again. Then when I was fifteen, and a freshmen in high school..I was introduced to I LOVED the concept of fans writing stories for their favorite books, movies, and the whatnot. I became addicted..posted my first story under another account "Remus' Closet Is Full Of Surprises"'s beyond horrible *smiles* but, it was a milestone in what would help me shape my writing style. A couple months later, I discovered role playing. I think I owe it to for how much I have grown in my writing style. In fact, it is because of this site, and Proboards that I am the writer I am today. I was able to grow, explore styles, and get feedback on my writing.

nods, pausing to take a sip of tea*

Alas, writing is an endless lifestyle of learning. I am currently writing my new book. Recently I have decided to merge three book ideas of mine and turn it into one giant tale. I had gotten very far in all of them, the creativity seeming to never end when the idea popped into my head to merge them all for one great debut book. I am uncertain as to when I will be finished with it, but once it does, I will let you all know *grins impishly* So, I hope you all will help me on my journey as a writer by giving me your feedback, opinions, and advice. I will be lurking around the site, doing the same. But for now, I should like to finish my morning cup o' tea, TaTa then! *waves merrily and opens up my book to begin reading, humming once again*

Oh! And before you go, I should like to add that, I'm quite the carefree and outgoing person. I ENJOY messages and the like *grins toothily* so do send them! Don't be shy! Alright then, be on your way, plenty of amazing fanfictions out there to enjoy!

I would also like to add that I can now be found on facebook where I am trying to build a decent fan base before the opening of my latest book.

I would be delighted to have you all come and like it, friend it, subscribe it, and all the variations! :

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