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So you are obliviously reading this to know me. My name is Ale or Allie doesn't really matter. I am a teenager that lives in a small town of 2,566 people. Yes it is smaller than Forks, Wa. I live in California so I am a valley girl. I am not the typical valley girl. I am just a normal girl that likes to write and read.

I was in shock when I heard Stephenie Meyer might not write more books about Twilight. So I came across this site and I unleashed my imagination to this site. So obviously, I love the Twilight franchise. But the one thing that I love about the Twilight Saga is the werewolves. I love them all. I adore all of them equally. I love them, I love them, I love them(LL).

About my writing. I think that my writing is good, but not half as good as other writers here. My writing usually comes from my daydreams or songs. I am currently writing 2 stories. Love Me Chronicles : Down to Earth & The Dreamer. They are bot connected to each other, but you don't have to read the first one. Check them out. I admire the work of lionandthelamblove7, f4life, and Mercury-Serenity. I highly suggest that you should check their writing out.

I love reading about Embry and Jake. The one thing I hate reading about is Jake/Bella. I don't like Bella. I think she is whiny little female dog. Sorry if you like her, but I just don't. The other thing I dislike is Nessie/Jake. I think its gross being in love with somebody then loving their children. I mean what's up with that?

So that's enough for me.

This account is so old, it is so embarrassing to read my old stories. Maybe I'll edit them soon or delete them.

~~ Mrs.TeenWerewolf

Love Me Chronicles: The Down-To-Earth: Brooklyn: http:///albums/l558/mrsteenwerewolf/Story/?action=viewt=embrysgirl.png&newest=1

Love Me Chronicles: The Down to Earth: Lenah: http:///albums/l558/mrsteenwerewolf/Story/?action=viewt=jessica-parker-kennedy-300x200.jpg!

Love Me Chronicles: The Down To Earth: Cullen House: http:///albums/l558/mrsteenwerewolf/Story/?action=viewt=jessica-parker-kennedy-300x200.jpg!_house_volvo.jpg

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