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Hi Hi welcome to my profile

name: im not telling sorry

nickname: tati you can call me that

age: that for me to know and yall to guess

I take request as long as the request aren't way out of my confront zone, so if you like my work and would like to request a story I shall do it.

i always wrote stories but my first story new girl in school is the first story i posted on fanfiction. i was inspird by many authors to post something on here and i did. i hope you all will like my story please review and flames are accepted i don't care at all. i am a crazy yaoi fan girl i love yaoi *drools* i have a lot of yaoi couples i love. I also love animes here are some of my favs

1. soul eater

2. katekyo hitman reborn

3. kuroshitsuji 1 and 2

4. naruto

5. bleach and many others

to the people who have read my story im sorry i havent update i have a terrible writeing disease called writer block i bet some of you have had this disease before but as soon as my disease is cure i be back to writeing chapters again well that it bye now

my disease have been cured and i have updated and not only that i have made a new story the first cross over story for reborn and the powerpuff girls please go read the first chapter that it

new girl in school is finally finish it sad that it finish i have decided to make squeal to it so look out for the squeal alright people. I'm doing the squeal to new girl in school chapter one now as soon as i finish it i post on here after i find a good title it might me the wind guardian's friends yes it will be that anyway look out for that story

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I have written the 7th chapter to the wind guardian's friend i'm trying to update but something wrong with my computer so i can't put it up. i'm sorry to all the readers who read my story. i promise when my computer stop acting like a dumbass i update

i have a youtube account and i would love it if people on fanfiction that also have a youtube account you go on mine and watch my videos here my channel

I just posted the 7th chapter of the wind guardian's friends finally my computer stop acting like a dick-face and let me post it anyway that it go read and review


i am about to post chapter 11 of my story wind guardian's friends i also want to ask if there anyone that wouldnt mind to be my beta reader please i really think it might help me

Chapter 11 up everyone, sorry for the long wait. Please don't kill, but I got May as my body guard

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How rough can you be?
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