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Author has written 4 stories for A Walk to Remember, Harry Potter, Alias, and ER.

I love to write and make up stories, and whether or not my grammar is perfect or my spelling is right, as long as I can write and create my own world, that is all that really matters to me.

Currently working on a whole bunch of things. If I feel like it, I'll write it. I'm going to stop putting deadlines on my shoulders cause I know I won't finish any of my stories in time. So I'll update my stories whenever I can and I ask that my reviewers be patient!

To finish: (

A Compicated Friendship

The Other Version of Cinderella

Seven Days

Falling Into a Fairytale

Loving a Ghost

Finding and Losing

The Real Me

Hints for Stories:

A Complicated Friendship:

Somebody's birthday is coming up

Something happens between Will and Vic

Something will happen with Ice Cream

There will bea trip down memory lane

The Other Version of Cinderella:

Michael will get seriously drunk

Something wll happen with Andy and Michael

Cinderella will appear once again, but you may not know who it is.

To Finish: (

What Love Is

Must Read Books:

Books by Elizabeth Chandler, especially her Dark Secrets series. If you love romance and mystery, she's your author. I absolutely admire her writing and her creativity. This woman is wonderful when it comes to unique storylines!

Meg Cabots Mediator series. It's funny and cute, a good fun series to read especially on rainy days.

John Grisham books. Especially Raimaker and The Street Lawyer. If you love lawyers or love to read lawyer books, this is the author for you. I absolutely love hs writing and because of his books, it makes believe that being a lawyer is worthwhile.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. A story about four sisters who you will grow to love. Yes, it is a bit long and yes it can get a bit draggy, but it's a story that settles within your heart. My favorite characters are Jo and Laurie, and despite the fact that I am not happy about how things ended between these two, this book is a great book.

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith is a pretty good book. It could get boring and sometimes you get frustrated with the main character's sister. However, the writing of the author is elegant and beautiful and by the end of reading this book, it does leave you wondering about things.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. All right, it took me a while to completely understand the whole book. The first time I read it wasa chore, the second time was much quicker and more entertaining. I absolutely love this book. It is entertainming and is really a modern type of love story. Witty, romantic, and just great.

Any books by V.C. Andrews, Christopher Pike, Wendalin Van Draanen, C.S. Lewis, and so much other authors that I will surely add later on are a must read. Also, don't forget to read books like The Secret Garden to entertain the child within you.

Favorite Shows and Couples:

Alias: Sydney and Vaughn

ER: Abby and Carter, Susan and Mark

One Tree Hill: Lucas and Haley (I know, it's never going to happen, but I can dream!)

Gilmore Girls: Lorelai and Luke, Rory and Tristan

Everwood: Madison and Ephram (I think that's how you spell his name)

Smallville: Lois and Clark. (Used to be Lana and Clark, but I just love how Lois and Clark act when around each other!)

Crossing Jordan: Jordan and Woody

Charmed: Piper and Leo, Pheobe and Cole

Favorite Anime/Cartoons and Couples:

Yu Yu Hakusho: Botan and Yusuke

Inuyasha: Kagome and Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku


Sailor Moon: (It's a childhood thing)

Gundam Wing: Heero and Relena

Favorite Korean Series:

Stairways to Heaven: Must Watch! KSW is so cute in this movie and so sweet. Warning: Horrible ending though. But watch it with at least 2 boxes of tissues.

Autumn In My Heart: I don't know why people say this movie is about incest, it is not! It's beautiful, heart wrenching, and just great. It makes you cry, laugh, etc. The actors are real and you will just love it. Horrible ending as well.

Summer Scent: Pretty good. Watch it when you're bored.


Feel free to contact me. We can talk about shows, etc. I would also like to say thank you for those who review. You guys mean so much to me!

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