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My favorite band is Hedley, idk u may not know them they aren't all amazingly popular and stuff but if you read warriors then you absolutely HAVE to watch this vid! Yeah... It's pretty epic. The song for the vid (except the beginning) is Bones Shatter by Hedley! But my fave song is Perfect by Hedley... Go listen to it. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philippe fish is my bestest friend and we enjoy robbing banks together. I would have let him stay in my house disguised as my pet when he'd actually be free, but kindlover123 owns him :( Plus he would be sad to leave his buddies Apple, Jax, and Rex :

My name is also Apple. Apart from Penny. Kindlover123 is Pineapple in case you were wondering or wanted to freak her out by calling her that. She may (actually she probably will) have a spaz attack and fall off of her swivel chair.

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^So now you are wondering, what was the point of that story? I couldn't say...

A texted conversation as best as I could remember it between me of course, and kindlover123 while she was on vacation far far away in Massachusetts, including my thoughts in italics.

Me and Cntthinkofaname2 both: Where are you I can't pinpoint your location on my gps!

Squid: Lol I was in mass

Me: Wow I didn't think she went to church, and during the week too! Maybe she's going everday over break for some special reason... I never heard of her going to church before!

Me: Really?

Squid: Yeah I was there for a while remember I told you that I was in mass before.

Me: Oh yeah... She did and I was wondering why she was in church before too... She missed our soccer game to go to church?

Me: I'm confused.

Squid: I'm on my way home from Massachusetts.

Me: ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Suddenly I understood with my simple mind. Sorry Squid I know it went something like that...

I am a zombie robot combined and I wear huge gloves and I have a backpack with a battery pack. WOOT WOOT! Right Toddeh?

Now let's have a little chat, shall we? I have either weirded you out by now or you are even weirder than I am, which I didn't see as possible... But you know, I'm learning. But either way, you should seriously check out what I've wrtten and tell me... *Strokes Invisible Beard* Is it too serious, as I have been told? Are my two funny ones not funny enough? Are my other ones not serious enough? PLEASE PEOPLE I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!

One more thing: TURTLE!!!! CAN I STROKE IT????

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