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Alright (even though no one will read this xD) I decided to put a profile on here. So I'm a guy, That's really all you need to know of my personal life.

My favorite Animes go like this: Dragonball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, G Gundam, Gundam Wing, (I'm not sure which of those I like better), Full Metal Alchemist, Case Closed, InuYasha, Big O, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tenchi Muyo, Black Butler, Hellsing, and probably some other ones that I can't think of at the moment lol.

I love non Anime too, in no particular order: Spider-Man TAS, Batman TAS, Superman TAS, X-Men Evoultion, Chowder, Like every old show on Cartoonnetwork, up to like 2006 I believe, Family Guy, Futurama, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken Victorious (freaking hilarious) Code Lyoko, The X's, Totally Spies, Martin Mystery, Cyber 6, W.I.T.C.H. Yin Yang Yo, Most series of Power Rangers, Fantasic Four, The Incredible Hulk, And again some other stuff I don't care to metion at this point in time.

So yeah I watch a lot of T.V., I could go through my movies and stuff too, but we'd be here forever xD, So you can imagine why I like reading Fanfics, just because I like to see the different versions of my favorite shows.

I even got to writing a god awful fic, which brings me to my next point, I made an OC for said story, and I tried to make him as not Mary Sue-ish as possible but hey I'm only human...and I suck. Anyway since I was very young I've made up imaginary superheroes for plying around and well I never grew out of it so I thought I'd use my best so far in a fanfic, which ment I'd have to expand on his powers, backstory, and whatnot. See I read some things on Mary Sues and they say the powers, race, accessories, and such have to relevant to the cannon the character is in but when I thought him up, I don't know how long ago he had so own world and stuff, so that explains his Mary Sue-ish abilites. So I'm just going to give an OC profile here to attempt to explain everything all at once so Here I go! This hand of mine is...wait I'm not Domon ha ha, anway on with the profile, or maybe it's more of a backstory, oh well like I said no one is going to read it.

There once was a young teenage boy no older than 15. He had a nice life a decent education, good family, a couple of friends, good heath all that. The boy even went on a family trip to Japan last year and bought a real Sakabato! (Reverse Blade Sword from the Kenshin anime) The young man acquired this sword because at the time he was very fascinated with Rurouni Kenshin. One day the boy decided to go for a walk in the woods on the outskirts of his town. While he was walking a strange object could be seen falling from the sky. The young boy saw this and his natural curiosity took over, so he rushed to see what was going on. When he reached that site where the strange object had landed. The boy saw that a meteor had landed creating a rather large crater I might add. This wasn't just any meteor though, it had an ominous blue aura surrounding it. The boy...being a bit stupid at times decided that it was a good idea to reach out and touch the glowing space rock. As his fingers made contact with the meteorite there was a massive explosion of positive energy, it created a massive shockwave that knocked down many of the beautify green tress. The energy that was rapidly escaping from the rock was quickly flowing into our young protagonist's body. As the blue energy flowed into him he began to change, his eyes turned the same shade of dark blue as the energy, and his hair and a bit of a blue undertone with it's usual dark black. The young man's muscles also got a bit of an increase in size. When the ordeal was over the boy fell on his back until the early morning. As the morning rays of the the peaked over the horizon it awoke the young teen from his slumber. He awoke not sure of that the events of last night were real or not. He soon began to believe that last night did indeed exist when he looked down and realized he was floating in mid air! In shock he attempted to back up and flew through tree that was still standing like it was nothing. The boy began staring at the tree mouth a gape, he was so in awe of his latest feat he didn't realize that he had discharged a few beams of energy in his panic. I suppose I should back up and explain this a little more, you see in a far off galaxy There exist a small green planet. This planet was named Nexus for the fact that the people of the planet believed that the energy of the universe linked us all in one way or another. The Nexians were an ancient race of people that knew of the energies of the universe and knew how to tap into them. They learned that their very planet was rich in positive energy. You see in this world there is both positive and negative energy because one cannot exist without the other. Nexus was rich in positive energy and since ancient times the people were able to use this energy to give themselves special powers, like the ones the boy was just demonstrating. They were a peaceful and thriving society even to this day, but as you know no society can live in perfect harmony forever, there is always one person that has to disrupt everything. Nexus's agent of chaos was known as Keyser Zoran. He was a respected scientist on Nexus knowing just about everything there is to know about the source of his people's power. Through his tireless research he had come to believe that negative energy was more powerful than the regular positive energy his people had come accustomed to. One day he had discovered a way to reverse positive energy into a more concentrated form of negative energy. In order to complete this take he had to take a large piece of stone from deep within Nexus. Through countless experiment Keyser had achieved his goal in forming the new super concentrated negative energy and had infused it with his body, now the man was more powerful then ever before, but it still wasn't enough, he wanted more so he set off into the universe...in order to one day rule it himself. Now you are probably wondering what this has to do with the main story well...I'm getting to that. You see dear reader I told you that without positive energy negative energy cannot exist, the same is true for the reverse so when Keyser created the concentrated form of negative energy the stone he used split in two, one half negatively charged, the other positively. The creation caused the positive half to shoot off into space never to be seen again, Keyser did not realize what he had truly done for his mind was consumed with his new power. The blue positive rock drifted through the deep recesses of space for years, but through some strange twist of fate or destiny it landed on Earth. This brings us full circle to how the young boy received his strange new powers. So when the boy finally discovered how to land on the ground he quickly ran home he didn't know what to do so at first he tried to ignore it. To keep his family in the dark he purchased contacts that made his pupils appear brown once more and tried to suppress his new abilities as much as possible. Unknown to the boy Keyser was relativity close to Earth and was able to sense the sudden increase of positive energy then raced to Earth to find it's source. As soon as Keyser arrived on our little blue planet he immediately found the boy and attempt to use his awesome powers on him, but strangely could not. The reason for this that both men soon discovered is that when a force of negative energy and a force of positive energy meet they cancel each other out. Keyser then distanced himself from the boy fearing someone would take advantage of him in his weakened state. Before Keyser left he vowed that he would find away to rid himself of this weakness and come back to kill the boy. His real reasoning for wanted to kill the boy was that fact that he feared that the boy's power would rival his own and potentially be a problem to his plans. Seeings such a powerful enemy come to his home town and target him specifically the young man became worried that staying here without knowing how to use his powers he would put everyone he knew in danger. The boy knew he could not even try to rid himself oh his power for lived by the word of his favorite hero Spider-Man when he said "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility". So right then he made a decision, to leave his entire life behind. Once night he told his family of his mother, father, and brother the story of his powers and his decision, at first they tried to stop him, but realized it was futile, they said their goodbyes and waved him off. The boy decided that he could no longer go bye the name his mother had given him and decided to change his name, at the time though he wasn't very good with names and decided to go by Hiro Hikari for now on. He took with him nothing but the clothes on his back, a spear disguise, his sword he had named Meian, his pocket watch, and a hope that one day he would use his powers for the greater good. For the next years he spent day and night learning and practicing his new abilities, his fighting skills, and his sword wielding skills while he wandered the Earth having no place to belong anymore. Soon after he felt he had trained enough he wandered into a strange new city where a nearby bank was being robbed. Hiro had stopped the robbing but still not being able to fully control his powers caused great damage to the city and people who lived there. That day young Hiro realized that his powers were very dangerous and vowed to never let them hurt the innocent ever again. And so begins the story of Hiro Hikari, the boy who just wanted to help out. (Man I should've split that into paragraphs xD)

So I guess that was more of a back story so here is more profile-ish type of...thing lol

Real name: Unknown

Cover Names: Hiro Hikari and Zero Hero

Physical features: Long spiky black hair, 6 feet tall on the dot, 175 lbs, slightly more muscular then most teenagers, tan with tan lines where his T-shirt sleeves are and where long shorts would end, and he has two tattoos on the sides of his arm, his right arm has the Japanese symbol for darkness, and the left has, the Japanese symbol for light.

Powers: Flight, Enhanced strength, speed and agility, projection and control of energy (which includes the ability to drain energy out of most anything and beings able to create protective engery shields.), the ability to sense energy, rapid movement, as long as he has energy doesn't need to eat or sleep, and being able to use and enhanced healing factor. These powers very in strength a useablility in battle depending on the amount of energy in Hiro's body

Weaknesses: Powers can only be used when Hiro possess significant energy, his body can only hold a limited amount of energy, powers can be inhibited when in the presence of negative energy, can be drained of energy by another energy manipulator, cannot drain the energy of anyone possessing negative energy, and it completely weakened when all his energy is used.

Normal attire (Hero Clothes as he calls it): Dark blue cargo pants held up with a small black belt and have a sliver watch chain attached to the belt hanging out of the right pocket, a dark black T-shirt with a white PS3 logo in the upper left had corner, a dark blue jacket, a necklace with the Japanese symbol for bore and a scorpion pendent and Black shoes with a white bottom and laces. He also has Meian, his sword held in his belt.

Disguise: A Blue hat pushing his spiky bangs in front of his eyes and is black starting at half way going to the back, a dark blue, hoodie with a black pocket in front and the hoodie pulled over the hat, pitch black sunglasses, pitch black pants, the same shoes, and a blue and black backpack to hold the jacket and pants of his Hero Clothes.

Likes: Anime, bacon cheeseburgers, flying as fast as he can, video games, fire, random knowledge, his sword Meian, and his high school crush he left without saying goodbye.

Dislikes: Mexican food (except tacos), sewers, being sticky, losing, death, annoying people, and sniffilng

Disease: He has a bit of OCD which has been present in his mother's side of the family for generation, this means he can only do things in a certain way and is a bit of a perfectionist.

Fears: Not being able to protect the innocent, losing his powers, losing control of his powers, killing anyone, and that one day his power will consume him and he will be lost to his own power.

Skills: He can hold his own in a martial arts fight or a sword fight, Hiro tried to learn the ways of the sword and open handed combat this makes him very versatile in a fight, but also means that he lacks in both areas, he is also an ok cook and he can draw a bit (He practices in his spare time)

What he's terrible at: Singing, dancing, telling jokes (he always tries though), and making small talk with a pretty girl.

Additional info I can't think of what to call: His speech sometimes drifts into Kenshin, that it does, because he welds the Reverse Blade Sword, he has sworn never to kill anyone, He will always put on a happy smile when around people, but sometimes when he's alone he feels sad that he will never truly be happy, is laid back type of guy, bends over backwards to please people, even random strangers, even though he left his family will occasionally go back to make sure they are ok and prove he is ok, he has a temper when people make fun of him, and in battle that causes him to rush off without thinking and more often then not causes him to take a near fatal blow, occasionally when getting the upper hand in battle becomes cocky and let's his guard down long enough for the enemy to make a move, will always put others' lives before his own even if it's a stupid thing to do, he's not the brightest bulb around, and will trust before mistrusting, which depending on the circumstances can prove good or bad, is a bit naive at times when judging people, always tries to find the good in others until the battle starts (by with I mean he tries to talk to enemies and if it does work beats the snot out of them), doesn't like talking bad about most anyone, rarely says no to anyone because it makes him feel bad, doubts himself in almost everything he does, puts his entire heart and soul into his battles, his burning fury to win, especially if he has to so it can give him a boost in battle, but again can make it so he doesn't think clearly and it victim to a hard blow, and will always be a friend when you need one.

Ok that's the best I can come up with for a profile, I know I should've put those into more paragraphs so it's easier to read and stuff but...I didn't feel like it xD, trust the stories will have better paragraphs sentence structure and all that so yeah and like I said Hiro is very flawed with Mary Sue-ness but now at least you know why so yeah that's me and Hiro so please read the stories, thanks and have a nice day.

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