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What should I write?Hmm...a little rant about slash would be good.So here goes:

What is this thing about slash?Any damn book or movie comes out with two male characters in the forefront and it starts getting littered by slash.Why?In twilight almost every male character has been in a slash story.In lord of the rings every single elf,is there in a slash and not only that,they are depicted as feminine.Don't get me wrong,I have nothing against homosexuals but I have a bone to pick against girls who turn every male protagonist into a homosexual.I am not a homophobe in real life but where Fan fiction is concerned,I am a homophobe.Every poor elf,Edward Cullen(Though he may be gay),Jacob Black even Sauron has not been spared by girls crazy about homosexuality.Please,please stop writing graphic Slash or Yaoi or whatever.Something light is alright.As far as slash is concerned,it is fine in Transformers and all.They possibly have no gender hang ups or can be depicted as such,but Elves?Men?Have you not heard of friendship?

Now that it is off my chest.My favorite pairings:








And most other Non Canon pairings.

Most Hated pairings:

Edward/Bella(It is the most dysfunctional relationship I have ever seen)

Bella with anyone.That girl deserves to grow old and die without anyone.

Edward/Jacob(Please stop!)

Jacob/Renesmee.(Not only a weird name but a lame consolation prize to a good character, Pedophilia included.)

Any slash pairing.

Optimus Prime/Megatron.

Wolverine/Rogue(That's Pedophilia)

Wolverine/Any teenage X-men or OC

Legolas/Aragorn(Ever heard of the word friendship?)

Legolas/Gimli(Same as above.)

Legolas/Mary Sue(Especially teenagers)


Now,the types of stories I prefer.

Stories which depict usually cheerful or very noble characters in a darker personality.Especially Dark!Jacob.

Best Possible pairing in a Dark!Jacob story:

Jacob/Victoria or Jacob/Rosalie.

Favorite Lord of the Rings Character: Witch King of Angmar

Favorite Twilight Character: Caius

Favorite Dragon age Character: Dark M! Cousland and Morrigan.

Favorite Mass Effect Character: Ruthless M!Shepard.

Favorite Transformers Characters: Ironhide and Barricade.

Well thats about it all.

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" – Epicurus.

Rant from Xaja Silversheen's profile:

RANT: Some of you may be shocked to learn this bit of LOTR-sy information, but here it is: Peter Jackson did NOT create The Lord Of The Rings. That was a BOOK (with pages and covers, and correct spelling and grammer) written by Professor JRR Tolkien of Oxford University after WWII. This means that the movie edition of LOTR is NOT gospel Tolkien truth. I think PJ did a great job with the movies, but he could have done them MUCH better, perhaps including:

1) The existence of Lord Glorfindel (the REAL owner of Asfaloth), the Peredhil twins Elladan and Elrohir, Tom Bombadil, Erestor, Cirdan, Galdor, Gloin the Dwarf, Halbarad, Radagast, and various hobbits, like Fatty Bolger, or a more in-depth look at the Sackville-Bagginses. Betcha didn't know they had a kid named Lotho!

2) All the cheesy Arwen scenes have to go. I blame the PJ-version of Arwen for all the super-warrior!Sues on this site. For that matter, I also blame movie-Eowyn for all the wanna-be Shieldmaidens. I believe she was the only true shieldmaiden in all of Rohan, and did not have her own fan club!

3) Where did Tolkien say Haldir was the Marchwarden? He was just a guard of the Lothlorien border!

4) And WHERE did Tolkien imply that Legolas was this sooper-HAWT!!1! Elf who would ever fall for a human girl? The Prince of Mirkwood would NOT go for an idiot hormone-controlled teenager. EVER. So get that idea out of your heads now, people! And... Legolas' last name is NOT "Greenleaf"! "Legolas" is simple the Elven translation of "Greenleaf". His name, written in the equivalent of first-last name format, would be "Legolas Thranduillion", which roughly means "Greenleaf son of Thranduil". And have I mentioned he would never go for a teenage hormone-controlled mortal fangirl??

5) I don't think Boromir was as egotistical in the book as he was in the movie, just a little... mis-guided. He just wanted the Ring to help his country. And he was not the evil creeper I have seen him written as! For all of you Suethors who think Boromir was this evil lunatic who was only after the Ring: BOROMIR IS AWESOME. DEAL WITH IT.

6) Denethor was NOT evil. He was just caught by the Palantir and went mad. I don't think Tolkien would be nearly as impressed with the movie-Denethor as many other people are!

7) And, Arwen was the last Elf to ever marry a mortal person. The only half-Elven people in existence were descended from Luthien and Beren, who were the great-grandparents of Elrond and Elros. They (E&E) were granted the choice of immortality along with their parents Earendil and Elwing. Elros chose mortality and became the first Numenorean King. (This makes Arwen Aragorn's cousin, a million generations removed). Elrond chose immortality and served under King Gil-Galad. It is assumed that Elladan and Elrohir chose immortality and became the Lords of Rivendell after Elrond sailed. Arwen's children were the last half-Elven children in Middle-Earth. There were only 3 human/Elven pairings in existence: Beren and Luthien, Tuor and Idril, and Aragorn and Arwen. Tuor and Idril were the only pair granted immortality. No one else! Including OCs! And mortals couldn't choose immortality, like an Elf could opt for mortality! And they DEFINITLEY couldn't just 'become' Elves.

8) If you're gonna write a LOTR fic, 10th Walker or not, PLEASE research the story first, from the books! Movie marathons don't count! And for the love of the Valar, at least check with the books to make sure your spelling is correct!! GAH!!

Check your sources, people! PJ's movies don't give the whole story!

Also I really like Tolkien's work so here are a few of my own:

1)Legolas is not a bloody brat like so many of you think him to be. He is a bloody prince of a kingdom of elves.He will not run away from home like you brats think he will. If you want to write stories then get him right.You get everyone right but turn Legolas into a brat.He maybe young but chances of him being old are high as well.You see,his age is not documented and Tolkien only documented the age of elves who were born after the first age.He may have been born in Doriath for all we know.

2)Names like Luthien,Varda,Elbereth are not to be used for your sues.I saw a story with a Sue named Elbereth Gilthoniel.It was the most ridiculous sue ever.If Varda were real,there would be a lot of comets hitting teenagers.

3)Thranduil is not an abusive bastard."The best king of Mirkwood" is how some described him.

4)Faramir is not a weepy wimp.

5)Legolas is not an effeminate idiot.If you like girly men then it is your problem.Don't make him into a ridiculously effeminate creature.Prof. Tolkien described him as "Fair of face beyond the measure of men." That however does not mean that he is similar to a woman but that he is more better looking than men can ever be. Also he is not described as a ridiculously handsome person amongst the elves.

6)A giant flaming eyeball cannot have children. So daughter of Sauron is out of the question.

7)Galadriel had only one daughter.And she sailed west,she did not die.Elrond is out for the count.

8)Eomer and his men are not brutes who will torture elves every chance they get.

9)Legolas will not fall in love with Aragorn's daughter.This is not bloody Twilight.Deal with it.

10)Luthien was the only one with ridiculously good looks and ridiculously long hair.Anyone else is a SUE.

11)Elf warrior sues do not exist.Elven women did not run around maiming things.

12)Women in Arda do not fight as a general rule.

13)Legolas cannot be overpowered as easily as he is in your stories. The professor did say that he was immensely strong. Which actually means that he was stronger than men or dwarves or orcs.Elves as a rule are stronger and faster than others.

14)Aragorn is not the best bloody fighter in Arda and he is not so good that he will always be called upon to Rescue Legolas or other elves.They are faster stronger,more skilled and experienced far beyond the capabilities of a mortal.Tolkien intended them to be that way.If you think that Aragorn is the bloody best,then read about Turin or his Father Hurin.

15)It was Glorfindel who fought the Nazgul. Not Arwen.

16)Gandalf has no apprentices or daughters,he needs no apprentices or daughters.

And Remember one thing One can write a romance without a bloody battle and orcs in it.

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