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Over the years I have shipped a few couples in several fandoms, I shipped before I even knew what the term meant. And funny thing is, my predictions are usually spot on - or maybe I just pick up on the obvious :)I won't go back that far, but my discovery of fanfiction began with my first OTP: Luke and Mara from Star Wars; and I have been a fanfiction fan ever since.

my One True Pairings

+Luke and Mara (Star Wars): I liked the original Star Wars movies growing up, but I kinda missed the entire phenomenon of it, I remember liking the Ewoks (I was that young, lol) and the droids the best. I picked up Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy in Japan of all places. I was visiting my relatives in Okinawa, and picked up the books at the base canteen just to have something new to read. I loved how the author wrote Luke and Mara Jade together, but it wasn't until book two that I really fell for this couple. When they cooperated together to rescue Karrde, I don't know - I just knew they would be great together. By then, several other extended universe novels were out and Mara was barely in them, and not a likely prospect at all... It was then that I did a search for Mara Jade on the internet (to see what other books she might be in) and it was then that I found out about fanfiction and clubs, etc... wow, other people like me thought there was something and even went so far as to write the stories about it, I was hooked! By all accounts both rumor and in the novels, Luke was destined never to be married, so I thought fanfiction was going to be the only way this pair would ever get together - it was a BIG surprise when it was announced that Luke and Mara were going to be official canon! All was right in the Galaxy! (I ignore the fact that they also killed her... nope, never happened...idiots)

+Gambit and Rogue (X-Men, X-Men Evolution): It really started with the X-Men:TAS, I never read comics as a kid, but I liked cartoons and anime. When X-Men:TAS came out I immediately loved Rogue's character and once it became apparent the Gambit was her love interest, I started to 'ship' the pair. They are fun yet tragic pair - It was interesting to see how this pair could work given both of their personalities and baggage. I actually bought my first comic book because of them, lol

When X-Men Evolution came on, I really like how they re-created the Rogue character. She is completely different from her character in the original comics (where she is much more fun loving and free spirited), yet it still worked and fit her personality. I liked the more modern take on her character. The new Gambit was much like the original, charming, witty and dangerous.

+Tom and B'Elanna (Star Trek Voyager): I never really got into Star Trek. I like science fiction in general so I would always try to watch the show. Didn't like the original series at all, tried to like TNG, but it came on too late at night and once they killed off my favorite character, I kinda lost interest. Tried again with DS9, but by then I was much busier and not being able to follow along with the story line eventually left me out if it. When Voyager finally came on I didn't even bother... thank GOD for syndication! I guess when Voyager was in its 5th season or so, they began airing past episodes (in order) in syndication, 5 days a week at 6pm (dinner time :) I was flipping and decided to give it a try. Since it was on every day, it soon became a habit, then before I knew it I was hooked! Finally a Star Trek that I could really enjoy! I like all the characters and their 'flaws.' I'm a character lover, and the more interesting the better. I really can't stand paragon characters. So, it was fun to see a Star Trek full of messed up characters, lost and separated from home, forced to work together. My only gripe is that I wish that they would have continued with that theme a little longer. I liked the pair early on, even before they were paired up, I always thought they complemented each others strengths and weaknesses well. And when the show started to build up the relationship, I was all for it!

+Arnold and Helga (Hey Arnold!): This has to be one of the best American cartoons ever created! Really, I wish there had been cartoons like this when I was growing up. It is smart, sweet, lovable, and just plain fun. I love all the characters, especially the irrepressible Helga and of course her pining for her Arnold is crazy and priceless. They are a little too young to be considered a pair in the cartoon, but I like to think that when they grow up a bit, things would work out for them both. At least for Helga's sake.

+Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter): Okay, so the whole Harry Potter phenomenon reeled me in when the 3rd book was released. So I was able to read them all at once. After the third book, Ron and Hermione just screamed 'future' couple to me. So it surprised me that most of the online folks were all for Harry and Hermione (or Hermione x Draco, Hermione x Snape, Harry x Draco, etc... just really out there pairings, at least going by only the first 3 books). Well, after the 4th book, I was even more sure of this pairing and well - needless to say, I'm really happy that this pair finally got together.

+Hiruma Youichi and Anezaki Mamori (Eyeshield 21): This is my current favorite OTP. It is hard to explain why since they two have most of the traits I find irritating in other similar characters, but somehow it just works with these two, I love the both and really love them together. Since the very beginning when she wouldn't use his 'bullying' to get him kicked off the football team, and he had that surprised look on his face that someone could be genuinely good natured like that. They just have to get together! :)

+Tanako Kyouhei and Nakahara Sunako (The Wallflower): This is my second current OTP. Their relationship is a little more obvious, as it is one of the main themes in the manga - but both are in such heavy denial and screwed up that just makes for so much crazy fun.

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