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I'm Josh Vira and I am currently going to college

I'm 18 years old, and a senior in highschool.

I'm also a gamer, and love to play my Ps3 and my Wii. So some of my stories will be based on games,gaming and adventuring. Like Rpg's.

I have many O.C's. One is Bash, or SuperBash who is being featured in both TheCatWhispurrer's stories, and cakedecorator's.

And another one is Scorpio, both will be featured in my stories, so I hope you read them.

Scorpio Age: ? Occupation: Mascot Bio: This little guy started it all. Scorpio is just a stick figure with 3 hairs or "Antennas." The third hair is supposed to represent the stinger of a scorpion. He is the main mascot for Scorpio Productions. However, in the story of "Hero Named Bash" Scorpio is a satellite that was supposed to represent Bash, but a bug occured and Scorpio was born. He basically has the same personality of Bash, although there are some differences. As a satellite, he follows Bash wherever he goes, revolving around him. He also gathers information and has access to the World Wide Web. Symbol is a scorpion.

Bash Age: 16 Occupation: Adeventurer Bio: A young man, who has the spirit of adventure inside of him. Energetic, but occasionally lazy. Loves to have fun, and is very clueless. Dreams of one day becoming a Star Hero that everyone knows and respects. Black, short hair. Wears a white longsleeved shirt, underneath a black T-shirt with a star on it. Green cargo pants, and black sneakers with white lining along the bottom. Bash uses a long sword as a wepon of choice, but he bashes bad guys instead of slicing them. Bash takes loyalty and his family name seriously, don't mess around those two subjects if you don't want to piss him off. Symbol is the star. PPZ Uniform : A black shirt , with orange jacket, and orange cargo shorts. Black Boots. Fights with a giant paddleball.

Slash Age: 17 Occupation: Martial Artist Bio: A goofy young man, who occasionally has an anger managment problem. Like Bash, he loves to have fun, and isn't too serious about most things. He mostly acts as the comic relief in the group. Slash respects his father alot, in which he is the only person Slash responds to with a "Yessir!" or refers to as "Sir!" such as an obediant soldier. He has long pure white hair and wears a red longsleeved shirt, with sleeves rolled up, underneath a white shirt with a red oval on it. White training pants and regular shoes with red ovals on the sides. His hands are also bandaged. Slash uses his fists in battle, but they can cut various objects with them. Symbol is a super nova.

Jade Age: 15 Occupation: Pop star/singer Bio: A quiet girl who also is a star singer at the time. She also has a bad temper and mostly keeps to herself. She developes feelings for Bash in the story. Jade respects no one except for Rick, considering that Rick is the only one who actually approached her (other than Bash.) She has long flowing black hair. Wears a black shirt, along with a white mini skirt. She also wears a pin in her hair with either a skull or a crescent moon on it. Black dress shoes. Jade prefers a gun in the midst of battle. Symbol is the crescent moon.

Banjo Age: 16 Occupation: Traveler Bio: A kid at heart, Banjo doesn't take anything seriously. He loves to unknowingly annoy people. Has a big heart, and loves to help people. Is insainly obsessed with monkeys. Has short blond hair. Wears a shirt with a dark red triangle on it, and a black rectangle going arounds his sides and back. Jeans, and black sneakers. Symbol is the Sun.

Bobby Age: 17 Occupation: In search of a book titled DnL Bio: A young man who has tooken a path to master the powers of light and dark. He joins Bash and his team in order to find the book of DnL (Dark and Light) which is currently in possesion of Bob. He can call upon two different mind sets, so he makes a stragetic Fighter. His emotions are hard to understand and are shrouded in mystery. His motive is currently unkown. He is also looking for a girl who's name starts with an "A". He is training to be able to control light and dark at will. Has short black hair and slightly dark skin. Wears a t-shirt with the imprint of a being known as "Half-face" with one side white, and the other dark, the light side with a sad face, the dark with a crazy happy face. Jeans and black white shoes. Bobby likes to fight with Dual Katanas. Symbol is Half-Face.

In the cakedecorator's and The Cat Whisprrer's fanfics; Bash's PPZ uniform, is Yellow due to one of TCW's characters using the color orange. ( i. e. Bullet.)

Alright so I think my first Fanfic was a fail, so i'm gonna postpone Adventurer's Re-Birth till I can fix the story up a bit. But at the I same time I will be writting my other series Heroes of Legend on Fanfiction. This story is actually a written version of a comic/animation series on another website. When I get the website up and running I will post the site here.

Please visit my friend's pages. They are The Cat Whispurrer and cakedecorator.

I'm Lucky!: The story of Lucky Dawg, Bash's pet Beagle, chases a white rabbit one day, then ends up in a world where animals talk and reign over the land. The animal kingdom is in a peril of war. Lucky must go to each animal kingdom to bring peace to the animals and land.

Hero Named Bash: World War: Evil Polititian Bob has started a world war and is planning on using this war to take over the world! Will a young boy from Embark City who knows Bob's motives be able to stop Team Renegade from taking over?! On-Going

Hero Named Bash: New World: An evil teenage boy is out to control Jade's life! He sends Bash on a wild goose chase to various worlds in order to slow him down. Will Bash be able to stop him!? Features Characters and Backgrounds from Disney Movies and etc.

Adventurer's Re-Birth: Post poned.

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