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Author has written 4 stories for Danny Phantom, and Transformers.

For any mad at me for not uploading the next chapter in "We are Phantoms", It's going to be a while. It already has been, actually. this is mainly because both myself and my beta are busy with university life, and when one of us has time for fan fiction, the other does not. my apologies, but that's just how it is.

Dev art :

As I dive further and further into the universe of fan fiction, I've found myself developing a list of pet peeves that instantly ruin a story (whether it was good or not to begin with).

First off, Why can't they just be friends? In a story that has the main character spending any significant time interacting with a member of the opposite sex, They may start looking to be good friends, but inevitably it is just a straight path to "I have claimed him/her as mine and we are in love". This is especially true with Fictions that have very few female characters. I'm not talking about well-developed romances that take time to develop and where the characters have real chemistry, I've got nothing against those. I'm talking about those stories that take the time to develop a friendship (or don't even bother doing that) and then just trip one of the two characters, Who takes the other down with them and they accidentally kiss, and suddenly the main character 'realizes' that they'd loved this person all along and want nothing more than to jump their bones. This is stupid, extremity unrealistic (do you realize how difficult it is to line up a fall to kiss? your more likely to accidentally kill the other person by falling on them then you are to plant a wet one), and happens all the time. There's no denying it, the 'falling' in love kiss is probably the most used cop-out transition in a relationship the change over from friends/strangers, to true love status, and it can happen at any moment of a story. Worse still, this 'sudden romance' hardly ever has any real effect on the over all story, and usually make the writing more clunky and stupid because the author has to constantly remind the reader that their characters are in love and see the world revolving around their significant other. The shakes of love turn potentially well-rounded characters into single focused dogs, and Fan Fiction writers need to stop using this crutch to make characters easier to write (because that's totally whats going on).

Secondly, consider the age of your characters. mostly this is a problem for characters that are preteen and younger. Following the previews peeve, serious romance is a serious no. at this stage kissing is a way mommy shows affection for daddy (more so for the kids rather than preteens), and accidentally kissing will be straight up gross, not the doorway to everlasting love. at preteen, thinking about girls and boys as 'cute' or 'attractive' is forgivable, because it is media driven behavior, but any relationship between a couple of preteens will be pet names, exploration of physical love like kissing and hugging, and that's about it. no preteen is going to devote the rest of their life the first person they were ever attracted too, kids are too fickle for that (hell, even adults don't do that. if you don't believe me, check out the divorce rates or ask your parents how many others they dated before getting together.). Romance aside, you have to consider the maturity and attention span of the age you are writing. I don't care how much of a genius your character is (in cannon or not), no kid has the attention span to do all the studying needed to earn multiple university degrees before their 8th birthday, nor should they be adults. kids can be pretty smart, and act LIKE adults, but they are not adults, so stop writing them like an adult in a kids body (well, unless they actually are an adult in a kids body, but even those stories have their characters effected by their physical form and act childish - I'm looking at you over abundance of 'Harry goes back to being 11 to change the wizarding war' stories, and I applaud you, most of you.). I know writing accurst kids is hard, I've re-written WRP so many times and I've still not quite got the age group. Writing kids is a challenge and if you're not up to it then done even go there, there is nothing your super genius child can do that can't be done by an older teen or adult character without the heaps of BS you'd have to feed us readers in order to accept that this child is super-smart.

Peeve the Third; The secret genius. I'm not talking about those characters that suddenly find a field they're good at to the point of being considered protegé, I'm talking about those characters that have been super geniuses since the day they were born and have hidden it from everyone else this whole time. Bull. Shit. Again, this is mostly for younger characters, Teenagers, preteens, kids, and those others still living with their parents. If your grown up independent want's to hide their genius to put on a different persona for their new peers, fine, but they are not going to get away with that around their family and childhood peers. As a child they would not have the experience nor the state of mind to analyze how others react to geniuses and make a continuous decision to hide their smarts. No, the first thing they're going to do is show off whatever super smart thing they can do to mommy and daddy to soke up their pride and affection, and maybe their friends if they have any (what? super smart kids are impressive, but no kid wants to hang out with a boring kid who does nothing but read and be smart). I'm not saying that they'll be greeted with encouragement, plenty of adults feel threatens by kids seemingly smarter than themselves, and see genius talent as freakish, and find the kid may realize it's better to hide how smart they are after receiving enough negative feed back, but the fact remains that they've already exposed how smart they really are and will be watched more closely for it by at least their parents. And don't try to feed me the 'parents didn't care to notice' or 'too busy to notice to truth about me' bull crap. there is one scenario where this would work, where both (or one if they only have one), parents are extremely work orientated and busy with that (as in, go away from home to work for months on end), and even then there would be a caretaker who did actually notice the child simply because they are always around (it is illegal to leave a child unattended for so long, so the work orientated parent would have to fine a babysitter or have the child stay at a neighbors place else be charged for criminal neglect). I don't care how smart you want your character to be, so long as they are living around those they grew up with their genius is not secret. on a side not, Secret genius is usually how authors make excuses for turning a cannon character that has average or lower intelligence into someone smart enough to support their story line. most of the time this causes ridiculous levels of OOCness, but if you really need to make them smart then go with the first root and have them discover their filed of expertise recently, or if you are dead set on the secret genius then for gods sake, don't go on and on about how no one knows the real them and no one cares to even bother finding out like a whiny brat emo goth on their period. Unless the character has no friends or interacts with no one in cannon, then there is no way in the seven hells that absolutely no one in the entire universe gives to shits about getting to know the character, and while the character may not see that there are people willing to put effort into getting to know them don't write down their perception as universal fact and don't have other characters act as OOC ass holes just to prove this perception as fact. it's stupid bad emotional manipulation that makes me feel more like my intelligence is being insulted rather than actually make me pity the character, which is almost 100% what the author is going for.

Forth, when the canon character became immortal somehow (and I've never found one physically older than 25 btw) and is so old that they're a totally new person. I've found this problem in Harry Potter crossovers more then anywhere else, and it makes for really bad story writing. Somehow, be it becoming the master of death or a vampire or some such nonsense during the war, Harry becomes immortal (and forever young, I've never known the man to age a day passed 20ish), and he's been kicking it either on earth or dimension hopping for so long, that he can enter this new world (the other cannon story featured in the crossover) without doing much more then shrugging and going 'neat', and continues throughout the story reacting very much the same to all the strange and balls to the wall stuff that the crossover world can throw at him. Now, I'm not saying that being immortal wouldn't dull your emotional response to simple passing amusement, Hell after living for a few millenia he'd probably seen everything there ever is, especially if he'd been dimension hopping the whole time. What I am saying is this does not a good story make. how do you expect the reader to get invested with the main character (because older the life Harry is always the main character.) can't find himself interested enough in whats going on around him to do more the shrug and go with the flow. it's boring, nothing surprises him, nothing intrigues him, and when something finally does (because the plot demands it), I find myself more skeptical that he is actually interested and feel like calling bullshit. why the hell is he suddenly interested in Naruto (Naruto used as a less obscure reference for the cross over, rather than something like StarCraft), what, has he never seen a kid bent on becoming the best because they grew up alone and unloved before? in over a million years? BS! The reason I think people do this is because they don't want to put the effort into learning Harry, or whoever they've immortalized real personality and character, and instead just tack his or her name and reputation on to an unvested self insert character. Because that's what it is, it's an unvested self insert character that responds to life in the nonchalant passé way the author wishes they could, with nothing of the cannon character but the name to draw in readers (hell, half the time they don't even look like the cannon character. I've read so many vela-most-attractive-thing-under-the-stars Harry's then I've bothered to count. at least some of them keep his hair color, and some flecks of green left over in his silver/red/BS colored eyes). I'm not saying that all immortal stories are bad, or that giving the cannon character more experience so that he or she can actually function after world hopping, but maybe think about toning it down a bit. Make immortal Harry between 3-500, that way he's old enough to know he's immortal, have lost his original friends and family and has a good 5-7 lifetimes under his belt. That will give him enough experience to be able to adapt to finding himself in a new place where nothing he ever knew is the same or whatever, while still being young enough to keep some of his original characteristics and be able to encounter new things he hasn't seen before and be surprised by stuff, unlike their billion year old counter part who literally has seen EVERYTHING a million times over and has no excuse to ever be surprised or put any effort into anything ever.

I've got plenty more peeves, and I'm sure they'll make it to this list some time in the future, along with a list of concepts I really like, but fore now, sorry for the delay in my own writing and I hope you enjoy your fan fiction.

];- 91Silver

(ps. it's a pointing finger ];- :D)

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