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Eddie Guerrero

October 9, 1967 - November 13, 2005

Latino Heat may be gone, but he will NEVER be forgotten! VIVA LA RAZA!

Bet anything he's lying, cheating, and stealing in Heaven!

Monday, June 11, 2007, I attended the RAW show in Wilkes-Barre! Section 110, Row B, seats 10-13 was definitely the place to be! We had a BLAST!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006, SmackDown's coming to Wilkes-Barre! I can't WAIT! See if you can see me and Dust on TV! It'll be just like Raw, only not! (Section 104, Row L, Seats 5 and 6. In other words, we're in the section RIGHT BEHIND Floor 1.) (curses out Ticketmaster)

Here we go again! Time for a new bio! Updated June 17, 2007


Name: Queen Li

Age: 22

Location: Back in Tunkhannock, PA (sighs)

Favorite Wrestling ships-



Batista/OC (if well written)

Batista/Adela (my OC in "More For Their Money")

John/Liana (my OC in "More For Their Money")



Jeff Hardy/OC

Matt Hardy/OC

Favorite music: HIM, the 69 Eyes, The Rasmus, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, Aiden, Bullet For My Valentine, Jeff Hardy, Peroxwhy?gen

Favorite TV Shows: Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, ER, SpongeBob SquarePants, Viva La Bam, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Celebrity Fit Club, The Hardy Show (okay, this really isn't a TV show, but still, it rocks!)

Random Fact: I am currently trying to learn Finnish. I would love to travel to Finland someday.

Favorite Wrestlers:
I got 2 autographs from him, and DUDE! He's freaking tall! Plus, they need to give him the WHC back! That is HIS title!
John Cena- I FINALLY got to see him as the Champ! ROCK ON!
Rey Mysterio- I got his autograph, he looks really hot unmasked, and I could look him in the eye. Makes me VERY happy! Oh, and the fact that he's a sweetheart doesn't hurt, either!
Eddie Guerrero- R.I.P. Viva La Raza!
Matt Hardy- He was so nice to me when I asked him for his autograph. Unfortunately, all I had on me was Dust's Wal-Mart receipt! But he SIGNED it!
Undertaker- I'd LOVE to meet him! He wasn't at the SmackDown Dust and I went to. Unfair!
Shawn Michaels- Even before they brought back DX, I freaking loved him! There is a pretty funny story from when Dust and I went to Raw, but you'll have to e-mail me or something for it.
Chris Benoit- Oh, come on! He's the Rabid Wolverine! He ROCKED both Raw and SmackDown when Dust and I saw him! I'm going to miss watching him because I don't watch ECW that much.
Kane- Awesome pyros, kick ass wrestling. He's another one I'd like to meet.
Christian- Unfortunately, I don't watch TNA! I miss "Captain Charisma"!
Jamie Noble- He was so nice to me after SD! He signed the back of my 619 Princess sign and called me "sweetie"!
Jeff Hardy- He is so freaking sweet! Really, he is. I'm just bummed out I didn't get a picture on my cell phone!

Disliked Wrestlers:
Triple H- Middle of the road on him now. Especially since they brought back DX. Who would have thought that he could be funny!
JBL- Couldn't stand him when I first watched wrestling, and I can't stand him now!
Kurt Angle- I just never liked him. You could hear me cheerfully scream "YOU SUCK" whenever he came on the screen.
Edge- He's like a five-year-old, blaming everyone else for HIS faults. Look at Taboo Tuesday 2004. PERFECT EXAMPLE!
Lita- Kick ass wrestler...until the whole Matt Hardy/Edge thing came about. She just nauseates me.
Chris Masters- How could they NOT know those muscles were fake? I mean, come on!
Daivari- He just makes me sick.
Randy Orton-
I'm so sick of hearing people say how hot he is. Let me tell you something, okay? He was a total JERK after Dust and I went to SmackDown.
The Great Khali- Okay, just don't talk anymore. Slowly back away from the wrestling ring.

Superstars I've Met (in order):
Matt Hardy
Jamie Noble
Rey Mysterio
Elijah Burke
Mr. Kennedy
Jeff Hardy

Stories I've written:

"The Daughters of Slytherin and Gryffindor" PG
A Draco/Hermione fic about their twin girls, Simone and Arissa. This is my first ever HP fic that I've written and completed!

"Is It Love: The Story of Lucius and Narcissa" PG-13
This is a co-written interactive fic with Queen of the Clarinets. It's under her name if anyone wants to read it. Sixth chapter is finally up. Guess that means I have to write one! Aaaaa!

"Searching" R
I can't give too much information or I'll spoil it all. This was just an idea I had during Christmas break. Be warned, it's a little depressing. It's different than what I normally write, but I love it so far! I finally finished it!

If you like Draco/Hermione songfics, then please read this one. It's AU, but many people say they like it!

"More For Their Money" R
The first few chapters were based on mine and Dust's experience at Raw in Wilkes-Barre on May 9, 2005. Other than that, it's completely fiction, except for a lot of the things that Adela and Liana say or do.

"Time For Good-Byes" G
Okay, this is my tribute to Eddie Guerrero. I don't think it's that great, but it's something I had to get out there.

Randomness from Corning Community College

Li: What's the meaning of life?
Lauren: Chicken!

Li: I can take that so many ways, Erin. And each way is dirtier than the last!

Li: Hey, Shaggy!
Shaggy: Oh my God! You called me Shaggy!
Li: That's your name, isn't it?

Theresa: I swear! There's a monkey in "Planet of the Apes" that looks like Michael Jackson!

Li: Anyone want to go to my Astronomy lecture?
Lauren: Only if you go to my math class.
Li: Sure! What class is it?
Lauren: Pre-Calculus!
Li: (shudders)

Lauren: Viva la Chicken!

Li: She'll Latin you to Kingdom Come!

Lauren: No stabby-stabby!

Lauren: (brings a bag of cheese popcorn to the table)
Li: Ooooooh! Cheese corn!
Luke: (looks confused) Did you just say "cheese porn"?

Online Randomness: (Inspired by ShadowVixen Who Says I Inspired Her, So I Guess It's By Me)

ShadowVixen: (1) I'm becoming paranoid cus of a freaking panda! (She's talking about my little panda Superbuddy on AIM)

(2) Look at her there, trying to be cute! (Panda again)

(3) Great. Now I got a panda laughing at me!

(4) The only time i like math is due to that simple equation (see Dust's online randomness and you'll understand)

Me: (1) We're just a bunch of rednecks who gave up cowtipping on Saturday nights in favor of Friday Night SmackDown! (on why we don't have a local UPN station, so we have to catch SD! on Saturday)

(2) Bet anything he's lying, cheating, and stealing in Heaven! (on Eddie Guerrero)

Dust: (1) It is so sad that I am jealous of a stage. (If you've ever watched Backstreet Boys: Live in Orlando, you will know EXACTLY what we're talking about!)

(2) Batista = good. Cena = good. Rey = good. Orton = prick (On certain WWE wrestlers)

Tunkhannock Randomness

Dust: (1) (nudging me) Watch Johnny walk! Seriously, watch him walk! (while seeing Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time, she kept hitting me and pointing at the screen.)

(2) BECAUSE THE BITCH BURNED IT ALL! (our answer to Jack Sparrow's question of "Why's the rum gone?")

Me: (1) I get hit on by seventy-year-old men IN FRONT OF THEIR WIVES! (on Senior Citizen's Day at work)

(2) HE NEEDS CONDOMS! (Funny story on this one. You'll either have to e-mail me about it or IM me for it).

(3) Just remember... Booyaka! (What can I say? I LOVE Rey Mysterio!)

(4) Me: (knees crack as parents look at me weird) Yes, that was me. I'm like Rice Krispies, I go snap, crackle, and pop!
Mom: Well, at least we know what to get you for Christmas this year!
Dad: Knee pads?
Mom: No, milk!

(5) Me: Eddie Guerrero was number 8 last week. Wanna know what he is this week?
Dad: Dead?
Me: (shocked face)
(Eddie Guerrero and the Power 25...nuff said)

Lizzi: (1) Do I LOOK Espanol to you? (on the self-scan checkouts at work)

Shout Out Time!

Princess Dust - LOL My best friend EVER! Taco-flavored kisses! March 26th kicked ass with the BSB! AUGUST 12TH BSB IN HERSHEY, BABY! January 3rd and 4th kicked some major ass, meeting Matt Hardy, Jamie Noble, Rey Mysterio, and Batista! Thanks for getting Batista to autograph the back of my 619 Princess sign! June 11th and 12th were freaking awesome. Wasn't Jeff a total sweetheart?

Princess Fluffy - What can I say? You rule! I luv ya, girl! Give 'em hell at Misercordia (Or as I like to call it College Miserable)!

Queen of the Clarinets - You're like my little sister! I know I haven't written the next chapter of "Is It Love?" but I'm BUSY! Curse my job! Luv ya girl!

Talfozer - So many RP's, so little time! Let's see...we've done 3? LOL I luv ya man!

ShadowVixen: Girl, the late night chats are what keep me going. Thanks for letting me use you as my creative dartboard!

I was going to put a parody of a song that Princess Dust and I made up, but I fear that I'll be booted from ff.net. Yes, it's THAT sick!

Guess that's all for now!

Kiitos! (Thank you in Finnish)

~~Queen Li~~

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Two tickets to Raw: 104 dollars. WWE gear: 45 dollars. Chance to get together with your favorite Superstar: priceless. Liana McFadden and Adela Santos go to Wilkes Barre to see Raw, and got a lot more for their money. CenaOC BatistaOC AU
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