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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, and Soul Eater.

RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME!: i love to read and write and draw. i have red hair and no joke red-brown eyes that almost mach my hair color which is an all natural carrot-top red i never die it. my fave animes are SOUL EATER, FMA, NARUTO, INUYASHA, BLEACH and my number one fave DEATH NOTE!!. I'm not stupid so I'm not going to say were i live! My fave paring is Maka/male-Crona... Yes i think Crona is a boy but if you don't think so that's fine with me... i mean i see were your coming from he does have a very girly body and hair but its anime all of the characters look weird; i think he is a boy because of the way he acts not how he looks... so anyway back to me... most of my stories r only rated T because of cussing so don't not read it because of that it really not so bad. i have a 'Don't mess with me unless u have a death wish' and VERY GOTHIC attitude i like me that way so don't diss. as for my avatar it was completely random... but i love it! You may also see some FanFics of my fave books Maximum Ride mostly about Iggy Because i am a bit of an IGGY fan girl! i'm probably going to write a Death NoteXOC story because me and some of my friends love the death note characters I love L. he's cool. and for reasons unknown to me my friend lets call her Chel for now has gone completely fangirl over Mello and begged me to write a fanfic with her in it with Mello (of all the hot anime guys she fell for Mello, i need to have her tested), why not she just write it herself because she can't write worth a shit (poor Mello obesssed thing).

Height: 5ft and 2in

Gender: Girl

Race: White

Nationality: Americana

Hair: red

Eyes: Red-brown

Fave colors: Red and Black

Fave song: Because of You, by Kelly Clarcson and Reba. (i love this song!)

Fave bands: Evanescence,Superchick, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Linkon Park, and Creature Feature (Creature Feature is by far the creepiest band ever!)

Dislikes: My sister, idoits, perverts, mean people, judgemental Christians (not all Christans just the ones that want to yell at for not being Christan "you have sined and shall go to hell!!" i hate that), When my fave characters die! (L why!!!! ToT), pink (not the singer i love her!), preps, My sister,

good news i just sined in with DeviantArt asWildBloodRedRose (i always use the words Wild and Rose in my pennames that's how you know it's me, and because i with i was born with the name Rose) but any way so i'll be posting pics of my Oc characters here from DeciantArt very soon

What I Have To Say About Yoai

Ok none of you have the right to hate me for saying this!...

Let me just start off by saying that I in no way have a problem with Gays. My best friend is gay, and every time people try to make fun of him I KICK THERE FUCKING ASS!

But Ido not like it when some characters that I personally like (L Lawlite/Naruto) are paired with boys of witch Ido not like, (Light Yagami/Sasukie) I guess you could say that i just haven't come by a Yoai pair that i like yet...

(although if I get my friend Ty, you know the one that's gay, to start watching anime he will probably love every yoai out there. Oh god I am never telling him what a lemon is... never. He would start to thank me over and over again and if people ask why he's thanking I'll have to go to my emo corner when he explains to them that he found something to substitute porn... Ty I love you to death but I need no explanation as to what you like to...do... with others... when I'm not around.)

...not saying that i'll never find a yoai that I like it's just I don't like most of them. But I don't hate those that do either. And I promise to keep an open mind!

OH MY GOD... I have got to point this out! did you know that if you spell Yagami backword it's i ma gaY! That is just to freaking funny! (mostly because i hate him and he is supposed to be evil and all... but it's so funny!)

...Well that's all i can think of right now...

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