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I hope to become an author one day, but i still have a lot of time to do that and shiz, so here i am on good ole fanfiction! i live in New England, so i'm inside most of teh time because its fucking freezing outside. I moslty write humor, because i make my freinds piss thie rpants on a daily basis. i do enjoy fluff though, and drama is always fun.

Age: Younger than Alphosne but older than Elysia.

Obsessions: Al Elric, Dolcetto and Black Hayate(FTW!)

i am also a scar and olivier fan, cuz they need to make little ishvalan armstrongs! i used to ship olivier and miles until i heard that miles was married and had three kids. i flipped out and had an emo moment, and then converted.

The homonculi are okay, but envy honestly scares the living shit out of me, and so does KImblee. damn pyro . . . .anyway, i like the close relationship that lust and gluttony share though. its cute. and i always imagine greed as a pervert, so it makes him funny. i like GReedling because he is just freaking awesome and badass.

Ships I Support:







LingxLan Fan


Liddy Jackson- Hair: carmel blonde, elbow lengthed, parted on the side Eyes: blue Height: 5'3 Other: petite, neat, soft-spoken, nice

Stella Valentine- Hair: dark brown, shoulder length sidewsept bangs, back cut short like a boys Eyes: dark green Height: 5'4 Other: quite, wallflower, speaks three different langauges, sarcastic

Zoey Lark- Hair: short, spiky black hair, side swept bangs Eyes: light blue Height: 5'0 Other: happy, freindly, optemistic, sweet

Viena Rush- Hair: auburn colored goes middle-of-back parted on side Eyes: amber-brown Height: 5'5 Other: brave, freindly, athletic, singer

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