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Yo' this be THEkingroxas (not that there were any previous ones) and I enjoy many anime so uhhh... Yeah

If anyone reads this, anyone at all, I accept constructive criticism but my works are written by me and have everything that goes along with it. You just get to read it as I improve at whatever pace I go.

Time for one of my bouts of insanity

THEkingroxas now come in several different flavors!: Failure!, Success!, Objection!, and lime!

The only way to make absolute nothingness is to put the word "no" and the suffix "-ness" into the word "thing"

Have a nice day!

My OC is not me as some authors seem to do. He is a comepletly (well not completely) made up person. If you want someone to compare me to, check out all the background characters that don't get lines but look important but really aren't

Yes, I am writing an OC story. No, I am not trying to make him the ultimate-person-gary-stu-awesome-thing (though I had something with him having better powers in mind orginally) as quite a few people seem to think when they see "OC" in the context. Just because an OC is put into a story does NOT mean that they are intended to outshine the main characters. If an OC is made tough and acts like a total badass (which I do not recommend making an OC out to be) it is to give them PERSONALITY! Who would want a total bland character who doesn't stir things up? Though I know the are boundaries for OCs. OC authors work hard to write stories just as much as any other because not only must they handle the personalities and actions of the MAIN characters, create an interesting plot, watch for spelling and grammar errors, They must (I do!) worry that people will rain down upon them like the (From my view of things) "Fan-fiction police". If you don't like OCs don't read it. If you don't mind em' read the story, judge the OC to be a gary-stu/Mary-sue (I still have no idea what these terms mean exactly), and if they are point out that they are overpowered(nicely, if you will) and actually give good criticism instad of ranting that the story sucks because it has an OC in it.

Alright children, sit down so I may tell you the lessons I have learned from life (this section will be updated every now and then.)

With all the crap that life throws at us it can be hard to just take it and move on. Some of us break down and blame everything bad that's happened to us on a single object or person. Sometimes things get unbelievably tough and we feel like giving up all hope. But, it's these things that can inspire us. Believe it or not, I take the hard times and put them into stories. I don't publish them or actually write them out, but I do put them into stories to help me get over them. I have a randomnly generated character go through the ordeal that I did and see how it plays out. Some times it even helps write out a chapter for one of my stories. A way of phrasing this is "When life gives us lemons. We make lemonade." And, make the sweetest or bitterest darn lemonade you can make!

An anime that I believe shows human resilience and strength to make it through almost any ordeal would be "Tengen Toppa: Gurren Lagann". Yes, this anime can be quite silly sometimes, but it also shows the hardships that humans go through and a certain character that endows endless strength to everyone through his speeches. For those who have seen the show know what I speak of.

Now, about me.

Name: THEkingroxas or TKR if you will

age: nah

Gender: Male

Favorite color: I'm still debating between green and blue

Favorite Food: Pasta

Drink: Mountain Dew

Video game: Debating

Anime: debating

Quote: "If you don't try to help, you'll be helping everyone./ You helping is not helping anyone"

Manga: Debating

Weapon of choice: Swords/scythes/lances/The Pen

Hobbies: Writing, reading, cardgames(on motorcycles!), videogames, anime, stuff

Occupation: Doing whatever I feel is right


... nah

Appearance: again, nah


Status: Single? An author never tells.

For now uhh... bye? Nah that's too generic

Kuro: Just end abruptly!

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