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Author has written 7 stories for White Collar, Broadchurch, Thor, Supernatural, and Daredevil.

I do have updates for "This Too, Too Sullied Flesh," as well as revisions to the original material. In the interest of not torturing readers, though, I'm going to refrain from posting until I have several chapters written. Which will take a while because said chapters are currently living on a flash drive in another country. Oops. I'm reconstructing it, but it'll take a while. I'll post when I have material written up to points that are not cliffhangy, so there will be bursts of updates followed by inactivity until the next section is written.

By the same token, though I have a case fic in mind to continue the Broadchurch one-shot, "Hard(l)y Living" (title definitely subject to change), I'm not going to repeat the unintentional cruelty of my White Collar story. I'll only begin uploading chapters when I have material written to a point that is at least partially satisfying from a plot, emotional, or character development standpoint. A few chapters are done already.

I know my submission to the Thor-verse (okay, Loki-verse) is ridiculously short and short fics bother some people. But that's the length it wanted to be. Sorry. Brevity=soul of wit, right?

I REALLY appreciate your reviews, follows, and favorites. The support (and guilt trips) you've given is (are? Do you use the plural form when it's only justified by a parenthetical addition?) a big reason I'm venturing out there again instead of hiding in shame for leaving "This Too, Too Sullied Flesh" in limbo for so long.

And hey: I've moved to another country, so I now have national health care! No longer will I have the excuse of untreated illness to keep me from writing and posting! Woo hoo!

Thank you guys for the reviews and for just reading the story. I've read posts by others saying they write faster when there are reviews and I never knew how true that is until they started trickling in for my own little contribution to the fanverse.

A special thank you to SparkyDorian and Mara-DragonMaster for beta-ing chapters 8 and 9, which I wasn't sure of. Most awesome of you!

Okay, I know I said there'd be updates, but I got sick again. Don't hate me, hate my immune system. And lack of health insurance. But, barring illness or other unforeseen circumstances, I will resume posting updates shortly.


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