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Author has written 7 stories for Dynasty Warriors, Hakuōki/薄桜鬼, Assassin's Creed, and Prince of Tennis.

I am currently in a slight hiatus in writing...I'm kinda busy and since fanfiction has been kinda slow for me, Imma take my time out of it. Thanks for everybody's support so far and...have a good life? LOL, I have a lack for words these days.

Just a little something about myself: I am of Chinese Nationality and live somewhere in the states ;D I speak Cantonese but not much Mandarin... srsly I can hear the gasps from here :/ Hello to all oppas/unnis, ahjummas/ajusshis, sunbaes/dongsaengs, ge ge/jie jie, gong gong/po po, senpais/kouhais, nee-sans/nii-sans, oji-sans/oba-sans, or whatever the heck you are not listed previously.

Favorite Characters and Pairings (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion) *in order*
-C.C. (She's a mysterious one...that's what I like about her!...I WANNA KNOW HER REAL NAMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! ldsfjasldk)
-Li Xingke (HELLO??? Hot Chinese dude with cool-looking eyes and awesome kickass moves? Know what? Be right back...*goes watch Code Geass*)
-Nunnally vi Britannia (Even though shes blind and immobolized, she just never gives up on believing. She's just awesome!)

-LelouchXCC (they just make an awesome couple! they've been through soooooooo much together and I just love the thought that they could be together.)

Well, thats it for couples...I'll post it on if find any other couples whom I support...Shirley reminds me of Sakuno from PoT and Kallen...well, I just can't really see her with Lelouch.

Favorite Characters (Assassin's Creed II/ Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood/ Assassin's Creed: Revelations) *in order*
- [TIE] Leonardo da Vinci (I find him cute...*blushes*) / Yusuf (Do you know how bad-ass he is? I hated the end of Revelations because -censored for no spoiling effects- WTF UBISOFT. WHY MUST U DO THIS??? D:-La Volpe (I don't know why...I really like him, that's all...No wait! I remember! I FIND HIS VOICE SMEXXYYY!!! XD)
-Federico Auditore da Firenze (He makes me go LOL, I was crying when he got executed)
-Claudia Auditore da Firenze (I like her better in AC Brotherhood, she was just a spoiled brat on AC II)
-Shaun Hastings (He's funny and makes me go LOL all the time. I just don't like him when he's being a cynical bastard.)

Favorite Characters (Hakuoki) *in order*
-Chikage Kazama (He has the voice of Inui!!!)
-Souji Okita (OMG can't believe that he has the sieyuu of Kirihara!! Anyway, I pity him for having tuberculosis. Why was it added??? It's like giving a character from a movie cancer on the very last five minutes just to make the movie a tragedy. -_- wth...)
-Saitou Hajime (He has the same voice as Kanou Soutarou from Maid Sama! >:D)
-Sanosuke Harada (IDK why but I just like him)
-Shinpachi Nagakura (He's funny?)
That's it!! XD

Favorite Characters (Prince of Tennis) *not in a particular order*

-Yukimura Seiichi, Sanada Genichirou, Yanagi Renji, Niou Masaharu, Yagyuu Hiroshi, Kirihara Akaya, Marui Bunta, Jackal Kuwahara...(Wait a sec, isn't that everyone from Rikkaidai? DANG, I just waited a minute of my precious time!)
-Tezuka Kunimitsu, Fuji Syuusuke, Inui Sadaharu (Is that how you spell his name, for Fuji? These are the only people that I like from Seigaku...You might think that I'm weird for liking Inui but he's my point of view...)
-Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Oshitari Kenya, Osamu (Do coaches count? Kenya is funny! Shiraishi is awesome! Especially with his Osaka accent!! KYAA!! Ok! Calm Down...)
-Atobe Keigo, Oshitari Yuushi (Yep...that's it for Hyotei...Actually, I might cross out Oshitari just because he has a leg fetish...JK!)

Favorite Pairings (Dynasty Warriors franchise) *in order*

-YueYingXZhugeLiang (They're my fav couple! Sleeping Dragon and his wife...I like that! Not much fics about them though...sad me is sad...)
-DiaoChanXLuBu (My second fav couple. Lu Bu is awesome/cool/hot/ridiculously overpowered and Diao Chan is so pretty...That's why I hate it when people call Diao Chan a sl*t/wh*re! It's not like woman had a choice back then...)
-SunShangXiangXLiu Bei (My third fav couple! It's sort of like Romeo and Juliet...except Liu Bei is like ten years older than Shang Xiang...)
-GuanPingXXingCai (They're alright but I like them better in the game more than fanfic.)
*Sorry guys No "Favorite Characters" cause it changes every few minutes ;D

Favorite Music

Before I even start, I love K-pop. If you're an anti to either K-pop or even some bands/groups/members that I favor, I will not say anything because everyone has a right to like different preferences. I respect you for liking something else and not liking what I like. I trust you to do the same. Just know this: I will feel utter pity for you if you decide to message me to voice your opinion on how much you hate my "different preference".

Favorite Boy Groups *not in order*: Super Junior (Bias: Yesung), B2ST/Beast (Bias: Hyunseung), SHINee (Bias: Onew), Big Bang (Bias: G-Dragon), U-Kiss (Bias: Kevin), JYJ (Bias: Junsu)
Favorite Girl Groups *not in order*: Brown Eyed Girls/BEG (Bias: Miryo), After School (Bias: Kahi...idk now that she "graduated")

Favorite Male Soloists *not in order*: G-Dragon, Kim Hyun Joong, V.I./Seungri
Favorite Female Soloists *not in order: BoA, Kan Mi Youn, Jane Zhang (she's not Korean and not in the K-pop industry, if you were wondering)

Fanfic Ideas that I'll probably never get to but will try REALLY REALLY HARD to get to:

Dynasty Warriors:

- Fic that crashed into my mind when I played DW6 Empires the other day... again
*Couple: TaishiCiXocXLingTong (I got Taishi Ci as my husband -cause I was curious- and then I underwent author mode and was like THIS COULD BE A STORY)

-GuoJiaXOC (I'm not sure because I have never played as him and the only thing I know about him is that he was real close with Cao Cao and he died at a really young age, and therefore out of most of the Three Kingdoms action. Did you know that we share a similar surname? It's generally the same but different dialect so its spelled differently.)

Prince of Tennis/Assassin's Creed Series/Hakuouki:

-none whatsoever, haven't watched/read all of New PoT, Assassin's Creed changes so fast that idk how to even continue my existing fic, and I need to rewatch Hakuouki

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An Utter Sin reviews
At five years old, Yamamoto Chihara was forced to go to America after saying the three words that her father hated the most. Back after nine years, what will she do when she encounters what caused her problems in the first place? YukimuraXOC REWRITE
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