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Hi, I'm Cat. :)

I like fanfiction, food and parties. And I worship my stupid friends.

I like twitter - @catbeato. You should follow me. :)

I hate coursework and vegetables. Oh, and being short.

I'm pretty normal... I like to shop and party, but I have those days where I refuse to leave my pjs.

I like motorbikes, but don't think I'll ever have one. :(

I also hope to write my own book someday.

Sometimes I like to go to my own little world - reality can get so boring...

Sometimes I get sick of writing, but that only lasts for about a day.

I have a creative imagination & actually would love to Beta someone's story. Sometimes I get bored (or broke) and end up with too much free time on my hands.

I love to read about Twilight (I know, I know.. Bella is an idiot, but I like the wolves & the vampires - judge me). I absolutely adore Harry Potter. I don't usually like one-shots, and I love stories who have sequels because I hate endings (I joined this site because I could not stand to see Twilight end). My favorite characters are the wolves and vampire hybrids. I also absolutely love Percy Jackson, The Host, The Northern Lights trilogy and of course - the absolutely brilliant Hunger Games.

I'd like to find someone who could be honest with me and help me improve my stories, as I'm pretty much just flying solo and sometimes I don't know what I'm doing... if you think that could be you, then let me know, I won't bite. We can be fanfiction buddies!

I watch a lot of TV shows too - my favourites are How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries (Stelena FTW.), 90210, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, NCIS: Los Angeles, New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Bones, and a lot more.

I like hot boys. Don't make me choose between Team Edward and Team Jacob - I love both. Yeah, i'm greedy. I also have a thing for both Draco and Scorpius Malfoy.

I am in love with Logan Lerman and Josh Hutcherson. And also the guy who plays Neville Longbottom in HP. And Channing Tatum. I'd have Robert Downey Jr's babies. Well... pretty much anyone who has pretty eyes and/or abs.

If you have any suggestions of stories I should read, or a review about my stories, feel free to PM me!

FAMILY TREE FOR VAMPIRISTIC WOLVES ONLY: All information was taken off Twilight wikia by the way, and it isn't fully updated just yet, but I'm working on it! For Emerald Green info just scroll down.

Contains spoilers! - (and changes sometimes.)

Banner to Vampiristic Wolves! -

Right, just so you know who everyone is in Vampiristic Wolves here is a brief summary:

Jacob and Nessie Black - I'm sure you know who they are, but Nessie is now officially 23 years old and they have four children - William, Liz, Sarah and Kieran, though there might be more in the future. They used to live in Seattle due to their children's accelerated childhoods, but now live in La Push. Jacob still runs a pack which consists of the older wolves, since William is the Alpha of his own pack now.

Seth and Patricia Clearwater - Patricia is a half vampire and Nahuel's much younger sister. The Volturi killed her father and sisters and she ran to Washington before the Volturi could find her. She was only ten years old, and Rosalie and Emmett adopted her since she wasn't very well taken care of in Brazil. Seth imprinted on her shortly after, and now they have two beautiful girls - Ivory and Calliope.

Sam and Emily Uley - Sam is a former Alpha who has now retired from the pack as both he and Emily are around 40 years old. They have three children called Tyler, Lorelei and Leila.

Jared and Kim Cameron - They lived in La Push all their lives, and they have three children called Megan, Hayden and Tayan.

Paul and Rachel Lahote - Rachel is Jacob's sister, who lived in Washington for a while but came back with Paul and their three children to La Push. Keith, Trisha and Christie are all very good friends with their cousins. Paul is now a retired wolf working for Jacob.

Embry and Sage Call - Sage was one of the wolves who phased at the end of Breaking Dawn, merely six days before the Volturi arrived. Sage wasn't sure whether she would ever be able to have children, but after she stopped phasing regularly for ten months she was able to have Fred, Arianna and Chris. Both Sage and Embry are currently regular phasers and intend on living for a long time. They live in London, along with Sage's father.

Quil and Claire Ateara - They got married on the day Claire turned eighteen, and both went to University together. They now live in La Push and have two children; Lucas and Andreia.

Ava and Spencer Kalisz - Ava phased in Breaking Dawn, and imprinted on Spencer in Seattle when she went to visit her family. He quickly fell for her, and she stopped phasing and settled down in La Push together. They now have four kids: Kayne, Kylie, Kyle and Klaudia.

Bruce and Kelly Hawk - Bruce imprinted on Kelly at end of their sophomore year, and they quickly fell in love. Bruce and Seth have been best friends since high school, and their only son Luke quickly became friends with both Jacob's and Seth's children.

Rafael Fox - Ava's brother who phased at the end of Breaking Dawn and is now a doctor in Seattle.

Leah Clearwater - Lives in Colorado near Sue and Charlie, and is a neurosurgeon at the hospital.

Marissa Peterson - Didn't imprint and stopped phasing right after BD, currently lives in Forks with her boyfriend.

Brady Fuller - Imprinted on Lorelei Uley three days after she was born and therefore lives in La Push.

Collin Littlesea - Lives in Forks and works as a History teacher there.

Joel Aya - The youngest wolf in BD. He fathered a son with a woman named Lucy, and abandoned her before knowing she was pregnant. When he comes back sixteen years later, his son Daniel hates him and he imprints on Lucy's best friend.

Peter Fayan - Phased three years after Breaking Dawn. Refuses to have anything to do with the pack, but phases occasionally. Lives in Miami as a barman.

William Black (Alpha), Leila Uley (Beta), Tyler Uley, Hayden Cameron, Keith Lahote, Kieran Black, Daniel Aya, Kayne Kalisz, Luke Hawk, Sarah Black, Trisha Lahote, Christie Lahote, Fred Call, Arianna Call, Tayan Cameron, Christopher Call, Kylie Kalisz, Lucas Ateara, Carl Redson, James Burgess, Joanna Burgess, Eyota Lange and Douglas Cartwright will all phase during Vampiristic Wolves.

EMERALD GREEN - information:

It is not in the same universe as Vampiristic Wolves, and I'm sorry if you were confused. I was planning on sticking to Vampiristic Wolves only, but... well, failed.

The link to the family tree for this story:

(All of the information was taken from Twilight wikia too).

For those of you wondering, I will finish VW, just not yet... I've not been inspired to write it at all, and instead I've done almost 100 pages on Emerald Green. Go figure, eh.

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