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Hello, everybody, I am zlot (also ArcAngle, Ferrohazard, sometimes Flotchy), and there's no end to the potential for mystery surrounding who I am. That's besides the point. I'm here to write. I'm sure a lot of you are, too. I'm here to read. I'm sure an overwhelming majority of you are, too.

Anything you see in boldface indicates a project.

Catching Cold (suspended)

Currently, I am working on a Hunger Games "What If?" trilogy, based on the idea that Prim wasn't reaped. It starts with "The Winter Frost," wherein the Everdeen family faces the challenges of preparing for the coming winter, which is projected to be the harshest winter in the past two decades. Katniss, who has been hunting there with Gale for the past five years, will soon witness Gale getting dragged into the coal mines and will have to hunt alone from there on out. That will demand a pace Katniss simply cannot keep up, and it falls to Prim to make up the difference.

Morphine, of course, is the answer. To quote one of my history teachers, "DRUGS! Let's sell them drugs!" Hands up if you can picture Prim as Walter White from Breaking Bad. I can hear the chirping of crickets already. Read along as Prim embarks on a journey of utter darkness, beginning with desperation and ending with not much in the way of anything.

The Seventy Fourth Hunger Games (as portrayed in "The Winter Frost")

I will not be covering the events of the game in great detail during "The Winter Frost." If anyone would like to expand upon it, and turn this small part of my overall story into an organic piece of their own, please PM me! I'd love to see the ideas. And in the event that it's something nobody really wants to do, I might even take it up myself.


I've been looking at other crossover ideas. Basically it was up between Frozen and Divergent. "Icecrown" is pretty definitively the realm of "Frozen," which leaves me with how to handle it. Well, it's not unique, but I think I'd like to give it a shot. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King is rife with possibility (such as the eponymous "Icecrown" Citadel being the final raid of the expansion). The bare bones summary is that Elsa and Arthas cross paths and the entire world is changed.

Six years ago, a prince laid claim to a frozen throne. and fell to a frozen sleep.
Three years ago, a princess lost her parents both to a vast, remorseless sea.
Now she turns a queen of snow and takes her frigid crown.
And now the prince awakens a king whose cold wrath knows no bounds.


I have not forgotten about "The Crane Game." I have not forgotten about "Return to Urtraghus" (though these will both almost certainly be taken down, either to be rewritten or not. I feel like one of them is at least good enough to be thought out more carefully.). But everything will be as though I have.

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Or Two, Eleven, or Twelve
One shot. Follow up to "One Night in Arendelle" He couldn't think to show her that and trust her not to delve.
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By sound statistical probability, Prim has dodged the Reaping, but hunger is more than a game. Against all of Katniss's efforts, it was soon going to become a very grim reality. Gale will go to the mines, and her own hunting will not be enough for both families. With winter coming, it might not even be enough for her own.
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Long nights of vigil, endless ridicule from his father and peers, a gaudy sounding oath of revenge; these are the things Cato dealt with at the Fighter Academy. He aims to make his father proud, and to justify all his stress, by seeking out the evil sorcerer Heavensbane and destroying him. From a little fire, his path to glory waits burning.
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