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Author has written 6 stories for Death Note, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Happy Tree Friends.

okay...hi dude an name is izuka (of course..thats an alias duh !) and i enjoy drawing and writing + listening to music.

Hakku : http:///albums/ac201/VvluciavV/?action=view¤t=1129821756anime161.jpg

Haru (Haruno) : http:///imglanding?q=red+angel+with+black+streaks&hl=en&gbv=2&tbs=isch:1&tbnid=kP7ZrXWKIMAdGM:&imgrefurl=http:///polls/15816705/pick-your-favorite-picture-3&imgurl=http:///albums/rr236/Harpylove1/Broken/purpleanimegirlcopy.jpg&zoom=1&w=400&h=400&iact=hc&ei=Rv3TTJPjCcPIcfO6xJQF&oei=N_3TTMacJoeKvgPtz7SnBQ&esq=4&page=4&t


I am and Indonesian. So please forgive if there's a spelling mistake !!

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6.Squealed when you first saw Mello.

7. Cheered after Near smiled for the first time. (even though it looked creepy/cute at the same time)

8. Keep a list of everyone that has ever died through out the show.

9. Have the entire movie saga memorized.

10.Are convinced that a stuffed Ryuk doll is real.

11.Cheered after Light Yagami died.

12. You're convinced that you're meant to be with a Death Note character.

13. Go by L even though your real name starts with a different letter.

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