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QUOTE: There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so -William Shakespear

Hello, welcome to my profile. Let me bore you with a little bit about myself, because that's what I do...bore people with lame facts about myself. Oh and dish out random did you know facts I like.

Name: you're not worthy of learning my real name all you need to know is that it starts with an A.

Gender: Girl as far as I can tell.

Birthday: I was born on August 9th I have no clue about the time though.

Birthplace: Born in England, raised in America...and a bit sad about it.

Looks: well alright, but only the basics. I have light brown hair, it's my best feature I think. I have plain brown eyes, ugh I wish they were a different color. Anyway, my skin is...well very pale in the right light I look like a vampire which scares me. I don't want to sparkle, and if I do I give you people permission to bury me alive... that or send me over the grand canyon in a tricycle.

Height: I'm a bit on the fun size, that's all I'm telling you. just no, I'm not fat it's just I'm a bit below the average for someone my size.


GAME: i absolutely adore Kingdom hearts, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, I'm currently playing a FF game.

MOVIE: probably the Emperors New Groove. or Shriek If you know what I did last Friday the 13th.

MUSIC: Anything that gets me moving or gives me the urge to sing along to.

Band: One Republic, The Fray, Plain White T's and Coldplay for my relaxation days.

SINGER: Kate Covington or as she's known on Youtube Katethegreat19. She could outsing every angel in the sky, her voice is that beautiful.

ANIME: Hetalia Axis Powers, Kuroshitsugi, Elemental Gelade, 07 Ghost, Pandora Hearts, D. gray-man, One Piece, Inuyasha, Death Note, and many more that I'm too lazy to post!

Dislikes: I absolutely hate homophobes, come on people it's not that bad. I also hate close minded people, but not as much. I have a pet peeve that every time I see a spelling or grammatical error I have to fix it. I hate other things but I really don't want to bore you even more. If you've got other questions or a story you want me to do just ask and you might very well receive.

Alright here's where I list my favorite pairings and then the stories I'm working on... Oh yeah, I like to try story themes out, so if it looks like I'm stealing your story... IT IS NOT INTENTIONAL, usually something about it is different enough to keep people happy and flame free. Alright here we go!

EXTRA NOTES THAT I ADD AS I GO ALONG: please note these include pet peeves of mine and simple questions and comments and a few new things that I deem worthy of putting here.

-thanks to Lemonkeygirl I now have a bit of a liking towards Russiaxengland but only when Russia isn't being a creepy overly sadistic dude.

- I like slightly dark fics, where the Seme is a bit (or more) possessive and protective of the Uke but not to a seriously straight jacket level. It intrigues me and makes me curious.

- I like it when people review (who doesn't) but when only a few people review for a story that I worked hard to put up it makes me curious as to why the others can't bother to click a simple button and type a few measly words into a box. Why? You want people to review in your stories but you won't review for others...

-Suggestions are my best friend, if someone has tips on refining my stories or adding something into them I will try to please them and get it in, if at all possible.

-If you want me to write something for you I WILL, I love writing and interacting with people on here (though i will never understand the blog websites out there, kind of strange)

-Waffles are an excellent sourse of humor if used properly (they also make very good projectiles, but you didn't hear that from me.)



SasuNaru: its such a cool pairing I can't help but like it.

KakaIru: I support it but don't really read it.

CielSebastian: you don't find this kind often which saddens me.

Llight: I may dislike Light but that doesn't mean I'll pass up a good shonen ai about them.

ShadowLink: We fully understand the symbolism of the fight but the concept is too hot to pass up (motivational poster).

RikuSora: I just think its funny and kind of cute.

GilOz: for some reason people put Oz as the seme and i just don't understand why, care to enlighten me?

KandaAllen: I'm also okay with lavi being in there as well.

SatoshiDaisuke: it's kinda cool so I'm down with it.

AlphonseEdward: I've only seen like one writer who's good at this and writes this. Up nope I was wrong...damn...

SephirothCloud: its kinda wierd but very cool, though Zack is another good seme.

FrauTeito: Shush, I like it, it's just so cute

USUK: Excuse me while I go fangirl in a corner

THERE ARE OTHERS! I just don't want to waste anymore effort typing more.


Kang ShichanGehenna: I can't decide on which would be the better seme.

ZackAerith: I just love this one, its sooo cute!

ZeroKurohime: again I just can't decide which is seme and which isn't.


hentai: you know what I don't care, just don't expect me to read any pairings other then the ones above.

shota: whatever floats your boat, don't expect to see me reading/writing one anytime soon.

rape: and non con...I just had a sudden urge to maul the crap out of someone.

hold on and let me think of some others and then tell you about them...just to annoy you even more



TYPE: multi-chapter Hetalia

pairings icluded: USUK, GERITA, FRACAN

summary: alrighty well this is my version of a kidnapping story, yeah I know they're kinda common, I just want to try my hand at it and see if I can accomplish it without dying. The arctic (my own character)is sick and tired of the other countries ignoring his plight. So he decides to take revenge by kidnapping one of them to get their attention. After much consideration he decides to go after Arthur(England). He'll do whatever it takes to get the nation too, and with the help of his side kick the sadly smarter then him polar bear named Abby, he might just succeed. Okay he does, even with a very crazed up family (the Kirklands) and a few other loons hot on his heels. I refuse to put questions in my summaries due to how I tend to respond to them. the ever popular "the world may never know!"


TITLE: Mochi? OH--

TYPE: one shot Hetalia

pairings: Too many for my lazy fingers to bother typing

Summary: we all know and love the mochi's right, those cute little balls of...stuff. Well let's say those little cuties were more devious and (military coordinated) smart, than we thought. And what if they got tired of just having the other mochi's for comfort and...other things. Well let's not say and let's not ask what if, let's see what would happen if they got the sudden idea to play with the human's (countries) they were molded after? Oh the things that will and won't get done in this meeting.

Status: DONE!

TITLE: Potion Problems

TYPE: Multi chapter Hetalia

Pairings: um...a lot...yeah...

SUMMARY: Alfred and Matthew come to Arthur's house for the largest world meeting of the year. in which all countries who can visit, do. They (more like Alfred) accidental;y startle Arthur and he spills a youth potion on himself. Now the two North American Brothers are stuck with a baby Arthur. Not only that but Arthur's elder siblings ( Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales) find out about it pretty quickly. They practically force Alfred to stay and care for Arthur even though he doesn't want to. (Go guilt tripping) The Englishman will grow by three years every two weeks and while he does the younger nations learn a lot about the island nation. they also learn that there are people out there that will use Arthurs defensless state to their advantages. Turns out a lot of nations are pedos... who knew... and well so are a lot of random people. Let's hope Alfred can be the hero he claims to be and keep Arthur safe from harm. Good thing the elder Kirklands are there to help!

STATUS: to be put up if ThE-faInTinG-faNGirl wants me too.

TITLE: A Day Spent Well

TYPE: Oneshot

PAIRINGS: A bit of America/England

SUMMARY: Australia notices that he hasn't visited his dear mum for a while and he decides to change that. England will never see it coming.

STATUS: complete

ALRIGHT THAT'S IT FOR NOW I'LL ADD MORE LATER...OH AND PLEASE KNOW THIS...I DON'T CARE IF YOU FLAME ME OR NOT,HOWEVER. If you feel the need to vent your anger, don't do it here by insulting the writers on here who work hard to put up some very good stories. That's not only stupid but annoying and makes you look like a dweeb.

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