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1st May:

Ok, I'm going to leave in light of the recent rules addition - it's kind of ticked me off and because I'm so rarely a visitor of these days, I didn't even know about the yoinking of NC-17 fics. Pardon me if I believe in Free Speech for the Common FanFic Writer and fair enough you need to cover your behind when it comes to copyright but if something is credited and there is no money coming out of it, I can't see the problem.

No, I won't rant here. I'll stop right there. But I have to say that the whole thing is very silly.

Here are my stories, I'll update them every now and then but if I decide to discontinue or something stupid I'll pop it here. As well as a few spoiler, perhaps.

A Place Of Her Own: Chapter 15 started, should be up by.. the end of the year?

A Discworld Mary Sue: Erm... think loooong time.

Random Filks For The Random WoT Fan: Yoinked... this ticks me off..

Oh! To Be On A Whirlwind Adventure: Ummm... due to a lack of knowledge of Monkey Island I ahve been heartily disheartened by the way this fic has been accepted into different circles.

WOTTF: Dude, update coming in the very near future! A day or two maybe and then we'll be working on the next epp!

Elladan/Elrohir VS Merry/Pippin: Fifth chapter up... more soon

Days Of The Neverasneeza: Ok, this one has lost it's steam. Majorly lost it's steam. I'm not sure if I can continue this, but I'll finish it off when I've got the time, later on. And then it can be the last fic on the Matrix thread, eh? Something to aspire to, at least.

MEFL: Yep, soon. Need to update. I realise that.

MSRC: Fun fun fun! Update soon... yeah, soon...


Slash! Ye Be Warned: Yay! People thought it was enjoyable! I'm glad slash is so well accepted in WoT Fanfiction.

SkiFree Fic: Up and "some" reviews! dances Does no one read any Ski Free fanfiction?

Stories I'm working on, but haven't posted yet:

Disney fics: I love Disney movies. Am going through phase if you haven't noticed the song in the third chapy of Elladan/Elrohir VS Merry/Pippin. So, I'm going to try and start off a few. Don't know about the plot as yet shrugs But oh wells... Oh, and Recess! Must remember to get a Recess fic out... and Weekenders! they rock, man.

Sinbad: Yup, I don't know why though. Got hit by a plot bunny while I was watching it again. I like kid's movies. .

Anime/Manga fics: this is in the working. No ideas as yet by I can see a rabbit tail hiding around that corner over there...

So that's all from me. Looks pretty long actually... eep. Promised I wouldn't blather. Pfft. Whatever, I'd better let you go read my fics (and review hopefully!) with a few links to my other sites/affliliates, etc.

http:///~ljghost : That's my online blog... journal.. diary... thing. You can comment and bug me there if you can be bothered. If you've got one yourself, add me! I post updates for my fics here.

http:// : search for me under Aman'mai. Anyone else apart of this group should friend me, k?

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