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Author has written 2 stories for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Warhammer, and Fate/stay night.

Hold all actions and thoughts, The Hobbit is finally coming out!!!!!

And now a tribute to the great mouse Reepicheep!

Reepicheep! You gotta love him!

Reepicheep! He would be great as president!

Reepicheep! Martin the Warrior you say? He would kick that fakers ass!

Reepicheep! He takes down men 6 times his size!

What? You enjoy Fate Stay Night? Saber wishes she was as good a knight as him!

What? You enjoy One Piece? Reepicheep found the end of the world and the sailed off it!

What? You enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist? Reepicheep just ASKED God to give him back his limbs and he got them!

What? What? All your favorite characters have nothing!


A short list of Crossovers I would Love to do and or see somebody else do: BLAME!/Star Trek. Hellsing/ Trinity Blood. Black Lagoon/ Most anything. The Dark Tower/ Everything I can think of. The A Team/ Nineteen Eighty- Four. Warhammer / Star Trek (Done well I mean, If anyone could point me to a good one of these I would be very happy since I refuse to believe that they are not out there) Elfen Lied/ The XMen. Harry Potter/ Fullmetal Alchemist (MOAR) and many many others...

Am writing my first fic ever it is a massive Nanoha/ Fate Stay night crossover that I have been planing for a long time. After my first few reviews and some deliberation I have decided to scrap my multi crossover idea. Repeat this is now just a Fate stay night / Nanoha fic. The Multi crossover elements will instead be pushed back into a sequel. However the time taking place between the sequel and the original will be short so my intro about it not being called the holy grail incident still stands.

Reviews please.

Books I appreciate: The Silmarilion I love that book so much! I have read it multiple time over and still enjoy it, I think i get some of my long winded writing style from it.

The Dark Tower Series those books are also really good Randall Flagg may be the best/worst Villain character ever created.

The Chronicles of Narnia, Really good books in my opinion Reepicheep the Mouse may be the best Hero character ever created. If Reepicheep ever met Randall Flagg it would be possibly the most epic confrontation ever.

Anime/Manga I appreciate: Fullmetal Alchemist the original Anime. Cant beat the rocken plot.

Hellsing the Manga. Cant beat the rocken action, horror or cheesy monologues. You know, all thing's told, although there are hundreds of choices out there, I may have to give my most awesome Anime action hero award to Alexander Anderson. Yeah him, as far as action goes I think I like him better than Nanoha or Archer, or even Saber for that matter. I think its got to be those bayonets.

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