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'Lo, I'm Alexa, neice of the almighty Rupert Giles! Not really... I though it would be wicked to include "Giles" in my pn cause I *really* DO have an Uncle Rupert!!! Sorta crazy in't? And, on top o' that, I'm part British! (God bless me Mum!) My other half is French. (you wouldn't kno it, though; me accent's 100% British, but the American ways ARE *sorta* gettin to me) I was born in Liverpool, but raised (since I was 6 months) in New York City.

In *my* world, Giles is me Uncle, my Dad's his brother (is an OFFICLE Watcher), Mum's a Veela (I kno, cool in't? ^. ~v), and I'm a Griffindor (along w/me friend Brieanna) at Hogwarts. I've got black hair (tinted w/a silvery shine... not really, me Mum won't let me touch my hair w/anything that might damage the natural blackness of it) and blue eyes. Uncle Rupert and me Dad (Alan Giles) have this long-time grudge against each other and it drives me and me Mum INSANE!!! I call Voldemort by his tru name (or occationally "Moldy Wart), cause I'm not afraid of the stupid git. I wasn't raised to fear a bloody NAME for Christ's Sake!!! (Mum was the one who dubbed the bastard Moldy Wart in the first place!!!)

Anyways, back to harsh evilness of reality... I'm a normal 15 year old, and the following are the reasons I registered on FF.Net in the first place:

I'm CRAZY 'bout Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though I'm not that fond her (or Dawn, for that matter. *damn* her for tellin Tara bout the fight in Once More W/Feeling!!!!!). I'm absolutely SMITTIN' w/Spike, though! To bad he isn't *really* a Brit... (but hey, he fooled the Hell outta me ^ ^;) I love Xander and Anya together (*blast* that ruddy demon guy in Hell's Bells!) And Willow and Tara RUUUULLEEEEE!!!!!! (Warren deserved what he got, after killin poor Tara, and RIGHT after they made up, TOO!!!) I hear she's c'min back, though. It might not be true, but that's what I hear. I was SCREAMING (at the TOP of my lunges) when Giles came back! It was so funny, my *REAL* Uncle Rupert was at me house when that eppy came on! LOL... I kept yellin "Ruper's BACK! Ruper's BACK!!!", and he's like, "I've been here fo' five hours, Lexa, di' you *really* no' notice?" LOL ^ ^ I hope he's in the next season, this one's been HELL w/out him. I was SOOOOOOOO pissed when Riley(the Dickless BASTARD) return! I sorta felt sorry for Buff, though... Did you *see* the face she made when he told her that red-headed BINT was his wife?! (how DESPERITE was that chit?) Another character I positively adore, is Drusilla. I've got voices in me head juss like her! ^ ^v

I also LOVE Angel the Series, though Angel's a TOTAL ponce! (I LOVE him when he's Angelus, though ^ ^;;) I believe he goes VERY nicely with Cordelia! She deserves him!!! (die, Groo, DIE!!!) At first, I thought Fred went well with Wesley, but her and Gunn are perfect! Poor Wes... But WHAT the BLOODY *HELL* was he THINKING when he slept w/that stupid, sad excuse for a woman?!?!?! (I forgot her name... ^ ^;;;;;) I think he goes very well w/Faith (she's me favorite Slayer; then Kendra, then Buffy) Damn Holtz and Justine!!!!! Poor Nancy Boy, swimmin w/the fishies, all thanks to his own kid... (does ANYONE else believe he Dawn should meet? they could swap "woe-is-me" stories w/each other!)

HARRY POTTER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love ALL the characters ('cept Cho and Diggery, they deserve eachother, but I dun think Diggery deserved to... you kno... and I OBVIOUSLY dun like the Dursleys, you'd hafta be MAD not to) DRACO MALFOY AND HERMIONE GRANGER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found this photo of Emma Watson and Tom Fulton (*drool*) goin to see the Scooby Doo Movie Premiere together (I found the pic a while ago), and ever since I saw it, I've been CONVINCED that Draco and Hermione BELONG *TOGETHER*!!!!!!!!!!! (unless, of course, I put one of my *own* characters in the fic, then I'll juss put Herm w/Ron) Sirius Black is also, the VERY BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've also grown very fond of anime... It's all thanks to me friend Brieanna. (I LOVE YA Brie-chan!!!!!) Here's a list of the one's I've seen, in the order that I love them and the characters I love:
Sailormoon (Rei = BEST!!! Mamoru = DIE! I dun like Usagi, even if she IS the main character)
Now and Then, Here and There (Poor Sara, Boo is ADORABLE!)
DragonBallZ/GT (Juunanagou #1; oh goddess, he is FIIINE!!! Vegeta's #2; he sounds a tad British in the dub, don't you think? Picciro #3; greeeeeen!)
Real Bout High School (I bow down to you as your ever-so-willing sex slave, Nagi-sama!!!)
Gundam Wing (Wufei is the BEST! Heero and Duo and Trowa too! Dun like Quatre, a li'l *too* Innocent for my taste)
Marmalade Boy (Kei-kun, and Miwa-san, and Bill, Oh MY!!! *^ ^* DIE Jinny DIE!)
Outlaw Star (Melfina and Harry 4-EVA!!! Is there anyone else out there who believs in that?!?!?! Go Aysha!!!)
Tenchi-ALL (Ryoko and Tenchi!!! Ayeka isn't as bad as most think)
Excel Saga (only saw a li'l, and it was a bit too *strange*)
BubbleGumCrysis 2040 (Priss is wicked!!! Nene is cool too!)
Inuyasha (Kagome and Inu-kun SO belong together!!! And, doesn' Kagome sorta look like Rei {Hino}? I think they could SO be cousins! Oh, and also, "Oh Great Miroku-sama! *I* will gladly bare your children!!!!!")
Orphan (Majek is cute, Orphan is hot w/a double T!!!)
SteelAngelKurumi (Kurumi is weird, but she and Saki should SO get together. Karinka seems totally wicked, but I haven't seen enough of her to be sure.)
Fushigi Yuugi (Nuriko and Hotohori for LIFE!!! Miaka and Tama-chan as well! Chichiri looks good when he doesn't have his mask on, even w/that scar! I think scars are sexy, anyways. I mean, look at Spike and Harry {Potter}! *droolz*)

I *think* that's juss bout it... err... I can't think right now, but I'll post more up some other time!!!!!
Bye, all! ^ ^
~Alexa Giles

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