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Author has written 21 stories for La Corda D'Oro, and Digimon.

About Me:

Hello! I just started writing stuff for this site as a creative outlet. Admittedly, sometimes I write when I should probably be doing stuff but...as long as it gets done, right? I've found that writing is a lot more fun than I thought it would be, so I'm working on even more stories. So far all of my stories have been for La Corda d'Oro/Kiniro no Corda and Digimon, specifically Season 1, but maybe someday I'll do other anime/manga. We'll see.

My favorite pairing is Kazuki Hihara x Kahoko Hino. Considering that most of my stories are centered around them, I guess that's obvious. I will admit that I used to be a Len Tsukimori x Kahoko Hino fan, but then I read one too many fanfics about them and it completely spoiled them for me. It's really kind of sad because I've kind of started to really hate that pairing. *sigh* I guess that's one example of too much of a good thing. Tsukimori and Hihara were always my favorites (Tsukimori may have been slightly ahead by maybe the width of a hair), but after the Tsukimori x Hino oversaturation, Tsukimori dropped WAY behind Hihara. I kind of wish there would come a day that I could like Tsukimori x Hino again just because it feels really terrible to know that I actually am totally against a pairing, but since he totally leaves her for his violin, and his interest in even making the feeblest attempts of a long-distance relationship are questionable at best, this pairing has forever lost my support.

I have sort-of have trouble seeing Shimizu with Hino because everything he thinks about is kind of seen through the lens of music, and I have a hard time really identifying with that. But he is very sweet, and I like the way they grow one another as musicians. And I think in his music-saturated being, she's his muse, which is pretty much the pinnacle of love for someone like that, so even though I don't totally get it, he's my second favorite.

I like Tsuchiura as a character, but since he's a well-adjusted person, I feel like he'd get over it the quickest if Hino went with someone else. This is not a bad trait by any means, but it seems like if that's the case, it would be better for her to go to someone else, or something. But he's definitely a good choice.

I didn't like Yunoki before, but he's kind of grown a bit on me. There are other dramas and things I've seen where I liked the guy who teased the girl all the time with the heroine, but I'm still not sure. Maybe if Hino were to stand up for herself more, I'd be more okay with it. When the two of them spar, it doesn't have a very light feel to it. I suppose he and Hino would be okay, but the jury's still kind of out.

Tsukimori's my last pick considering my growing antagonism toward that pairing, but I feel like it's a very hollow ranking since I'm fairly ambivalent to the other three. XD Maybe I should just say that I like Hihara x Hino and be done with it. Quoting a friend of mine, "Who doesn't like hyperactive, energetic, thoughtful, kind, concerned, understanding, sweet, athletic guys who play musical instruments?" Fits Kazuki to a tee!

I've also recently gotten back into Digimon a bit. My favorite couples for Digimon are Joe x Mimi (Joumi/Jyoumi/Joemi/Mimou/Mimoe) and Tai x Sora (Taiora). I don't really care that much about any of the seasons after the first one, so I don't really have much of an opinion on pairings for Hikari/Kari and Miyako/Yolei. *shrugs* The reason I like those two pairings is because they seem the most real to me. For Tai and Sora, since they've been friends for so long, you know that they do care about each other a lot, and friendship is a good basis for relationships. For Joe and Mimi, their personalities complement each other well and they seemed to become the closest over the course of time they were in the Digiworld. I remember when I first watched the show a long time ago, I thought that those two pairs would be cute, and lo and behold, now who-knows-how-many-years-later, I still agree with my first assessment.

Ironically, interest in writing a pirate-themed story for La Corda d'Oro/Kiniro no Corda prompted me to start reading One Piece to see what a successful pirate-themed manga looked like, and I'm getting hooked on Sanji x Nami. XD I think I've gone through most of the stories that are written about them on this site. XD

I started writing stuff for Scribe's Faction's monthly prompts, but since it's hard to tell which ones are mine, I started using a LiveJournal account.

Current stories there are "The Thing about Chores", "Lost and Found", and "An 'Other Age' Summer" (episodic version [a.k.a. broken up into chapters] and continuous version [each chapter flows right into the next with no breaks to form a single one-shot]).



I'm officially working on one Digimon story, which is "The Princess and the Servant." I am still working on it, I promise. I'm just abysmally slow and stuck right now. Since I don't have any plot ideas for Digimon anymore, once this is done, I'll probably hang up my Digimon writing hat.

La Corda d'Oro/Kiniro no Corda:

I'm sort-of officially working on a pirate-themed story titled, "Sea Swept," in response to a picture I found online of Hino and the Primo Passo boys as pirates. It's not a terribly original title, but it seems fairly fitting as Hino is going to be both swept off to sea and swept off her feet. Since it was also requested that I do a story set in Medieval Times, I'm thinking I'll combine the two into a historical series called, "Love throughout the Ages." Again, not original, but if it's a series of historical AUs, then it seems like it should work. I'd also absolutely love to write a Western to add to this series, but I know almost nothing about how to write one, and it's apparently a really difficult genre to write. *sad face*

Following along in the ocean-vein, I'm also thinking of doing an adaptation of "The Little Mermaid." I'll have to mess with family lines and ages a lot, as well as changing some people into animals, but I guess that's why they call it an alternate universe. =P

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Late reviews
Six years ago, Kahoko Hino was married, and ten months later, she had a child. Far too late to confess, Kazuki Hihara selfishly chooses to ignore her—until her son walks unexpectedly into his life. Now five years later, he has a chance to start anew with the woman he's always loved. But with five years of hurt between them, will it be too late for friendship, family, and love?
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La Corda D'Oro - Rated: K+ - English - Family/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 12,120 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 7/28/2013 - Published: 6/17/2013 - Kazuki H., Kahoko H., OC - Complete
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