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Kyaa! So sorry for not being able to update fast any more, very busy lately. >.> Plz bare with me here, I'll get everything out as soon as possible


The Supercalafragalistic(twisted) kool>Katx, Founder of the Devil May Cry Team

Me: *strikes an anime pose* I'd like to thank all my loyal reviewers/favorite-ers(stfu it's a real word cuz I say it is! >:D) *hands out pocky and sodas* I LOVE YOU GUYS- *gets hit in the face with a kitten*

Vergil: *pets kitten* Good job mittens, you will become evil in no time. Now go eat the money Dante left out for Lady! >:D

Dante: Since we rarely ever do this in stories, and because Capcom might be watching... *glances around nervously* Katx does not own Capcom or any of their games...*cough* just some of the characters *cough*


Me: Oh my God somebody talked! No one is safe! I'm getting outta here-AHHHHHHH!!! *jumps out the window and hops on Dante's motorcycle* Until next time!

[My story status shall be updated weekly (hopefully XD) 11/21/12]


Me: HELLO ALL! I've returned from my much awaited slumber and just to let you all know it was because my email was hacked that I have "neglected" you all BUT! I have my account back thankfully however I request that any reviews you decide to send me are through my PM box on this site since my email is still commendeered. :D But at least I have U

Dante: And me!

Vergil: Leave me out of this. -.-

Me: *smile and head tilt* We look forward to another wonderful time with you and we appologize for the long wait! Nyaa

Me: O_O;;; I-I'm sorry! I'm not giving up on my stories or anything I'm just...uh...broadening my horizons? Idk, I just can't do DMC at the moment. _;;

If you're wondering what other stuff I'll be doing weeeeell...prolly just be posting a Tokyo Mew Mew fanfic and...yeah that's about it. I considered writing an Avatar the Last Airbender fanfic as well but it's undecided.


Love me...If you dare! [Tokyo Mew Mew] : First chapter posted

Devil May Awaken (Devil May Cry: New Trials): Currently on hold.

Devil May Cry: Battle for Heaven: Currently on hold

Devil May Cry High School: Year One voting:

Dante/You = 2

Vergil/You = 3

Dante/You/Vergil = 6

For all those who didn't vote but want to, voting continues until chapter 19! (currently working on chapter 15.)

My Pet Incubus : Currently on hold

Devil May Cry Memories : COMING SOON (a series of drabbles/one shots of your memories with the twins throughout the years)

Raining Darkness ...If you've read it, you're probably wondering why I never update this. Well that is because it's actually an idea me and my cousin started and she has not gotten around to trying to figure out where this story is going. (I mostly just proofread and only wrote about two of those chapters.) So I guess the next update comes whenever she deicides to continue... o.o

For those of you who want to know more about me (and no one does LOL)

Me: Hiyas! My name is Kool_Katx. (YES THAT'S REALLY MY NAME! MUAHAHAHA-*chokes on a chicken nugget*) I loves my games, writing, and manga.

Mokuba: And by "loves" she means obsessed!

Me:...Shut up Mokuba. Anyway, if you have any suggestions of series PM me! :D

Mew Ichigo: But authoress how can they suggest anything if they don't know what you've already seen?

Me:...Shut up Ichigo.

Top Ten Favorite Games

Devil May Cry

Final Fantasy 7 (all of them really)

Time Splitters

Metal Gear Solid

Dungeon Fighter Online


KINGDOM HEAAAAAAAARTS! (Watched to much stupid files)

Alice in the Country of Hearts

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (also black and white)

YU GI OH TCG (Cause it's yugi-licious)

(Kinda difficult to decide on only ten games. :/)

Top Ten Favorite Animes/Mangas


Kamichama Karin

Tokyo Mew Mew (mostly because of Kisshu)

Hell Girl

One Wish

Book of Friends

Pandora Hearts

Ore-sama Teacher

Soul Eater

Clannad/Clannad After Story

(Omg it was so hard to narrow down my favorite anime list!!!)

Top Ten Favorite Bands/Artists

Linkin Park!

Owl City



Ten Years

Three Days Grace

All Time Low




(Hmm, it was a little hard to narrow down this too...I think I'm waaay to into this stuff)

Random Stuff No one Really Cares About...LOL

Vergil: How old are you?

Me: I don't remember.

L:...What is your real name?

Me: Kool_Katx. o.o

L: Really?

Me: No, but on the off chance Kira is reading this I'd rather not say. O_o

Bakura:...What is your DFO character?

Me: Xia19

Bakura*deletes character* Oops...-.-

Me:...You are so freaking evil dude.


Me: Wtf would anyone want to know that for?

Sunohara: I REST MY CASE!

Brock: Do you love me?

Me: o.o...no and I'm in a relationship so don't even try that "I LOVE YOU NURSE JOY" crap on me. >.>

Himika: What state are you from?

Me: NEW YORK BABY! ;D-ehem- I mean New York City. _;;

Tamaki: Are you goth or something?

Me: Yes and no, sometimes I like dark colors and skeleton bunnies and other times I'm sunshine and kittens(though the latter only happens when I'm hyper). The only thing I consider myself is an "Otaku" or maybe a "Computer geek" and a "Book worm", unless it's Tuesday, then I'm "USA-CHAN MAN, JOY BUNNY OF JUSTICE!!!!"


Gaara: Have you ever tried to design your own game or manga?

Me: Yes to both! I'm currently working on my first game and I'm drawing a series of manga "shorts" and will perhaps be working on an actual book over the upcoming summer!

Miku: Awesome.

Me: Thanks Miku-chan! =_= And thanks to all you people who actually bothered visiting my profile. (a grand total of... ZERO. XD)

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Resident Evil: Stay Alive by XxEnigmaxX reviews
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When I Fell Into A Fountain by zeratheliger reviews
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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 25 - Words: 85,502 - Reviews: 375 - Favs: 176 - Follows: 163 - Updated: 3/30/2014 - Published: 11/28/2010 - Yami Yūgi, Yami Bakura
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