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BlackRevenant here, I got a crapload of other handles but they all keep the same theme. One of my favorite colors, word for some kind of spirit ghost haunty thing. I'm a writer, I'm a gamer, I'm a geek that would beat your face in if you pissed him off. I'm a sucker for romance, and I'll melt for an older woman if its stories or real life or both I'll letcha pick. I got plenty of things that piss me off but only a single thing that would put me on a hair trigger. What is it you ask? Rape. Yep, hate it, and I swear to any gods or bloody demons listening (reading in this case) that if they could give me the power to eradicate the act all together, I'd sell my soul, the souls of my unborn and any others if I could. Its not the act that pisses me off, because in the end its sex and regardless how the rapists try and say "Oh you like it!" blah blah, its a natural reaction for your body to react when stimulated as natural as taking a piss. What pisses me off are the scars the act leaves behind. There are wounds that no matter how much time, how much therapy, or how much mental burring, it wont hide or heal them. Any man, woman, child that has forced themselves on another needs to be put to death, drawn and freaking quartered.

Uhh, minus that slightly dark statement. I'm actually a pretty cool guy, sorta? I'm a massive bundle of contradictions. I tend to be quiet, reserved, all and all laid back. But at the same time I can be loud, aggressive and quite literally explosive. Lets nerd out for a second here, if I could compare myself to any race in any game or story or movie... I'd be a Stormsoul Genasi probably with a secondary Firesoul manifestation. As I already said I'm a gamer and I love my RPGs, I also dig anime and cartoons believe it or not! But most of this new crap fails so hard there needs to be a level above epic fail to contain them. What happened to Cowboy Bebop? Cyborg 009? Outlaw Star? Dexters Lab? The Original Power Rangers (fuck yes! Say you dont like the original Power Rangers I'll castrate you with a toothpick! oh yea I know its not a cartoon but who cares right?) KND, hell I freaking miss Toonami... RIP Tom.

I like to write, though my skills were polished on forums for RPing and what not, so as I've learned with my first attempt at a story. The way I would post on a Forum and how I would an actual "story" are two totally different things. I'm a creative soul, but at the same time I think I'm kinda lazy. I can be hit with hundreds of ideas for stories and never write any of them down unless I get begged too...

Oh yea, forgot!

Real Name: I'll Never Tell!

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Race: Hell if I know? Everything and then some! (Caramel Skinned XD)

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina

Current Home: Columbus, Ohio (freaking HATE the weather)

Never went to college, well I did go for a little while, completed my first year and I'll never bloody go back! Why? Because they make you pay out your ass to learn what they "say" you have to know. Bullshit I did my what 12 years of regular schooling, they paid so they got to say what I learned. If I'm coughing up stacks to go to college its to learn what I want to learn. The hell I need Math for if I'm trying to be an author? I can add and subtract, multiply and divide dont need any more to live in the real world. Damn square roots and numbers to the powers.

Uhh... nothing else to say, wont flood my profile with crap like most others, you got the basics thats all ya need! Drop a PM if you wanna chat, now... to attempt to write!

UPDATE: 9/29/2013

Holy crap, a year since I've updated this thing? Alright, well lemme get right down to it and put it like this.

Gonna delete Nexus.


Cause I'm rewriting it, have been this entire year, tweaking my style a little here and there by reading alot of other peoples works. I learned something and its gotta be something that comes from being a half decent RPer I guess. I dont like the flow I produced when I tried to transition into Fanfiction. To remedy that I've done what I did when I first started to RP, read a bunch of epic peoples stuff and steal what makes them awesome and fold it into my own style.

Expect a comback someday, so all I can ask is to hold on a little longer.



\/Warrior Effect\/

Farcry 3/Mass Effect Crossover

Basically, I've been replaying Farcry 3 and I wondered how freaking lethal would Jason be if put in the Mass Effect Universe? Weird cross I know, but I think it has so much potential for amazing. Jason is probably one of my favorite characters in any game I have played recently. Throughout the game as he has to grow and grow into this blood soaked beast all to at first save his friends he slowly begins to slip into madness. Enjoying the hunt, enjoying the kill, becoming good at it. The jungle taints him, and I personally think it wraps itself around his very soul. By the end of the game it all comes to a head, he slaughters his enemies saves his friends and is about to leave when a choice has to be made.

Stay in the jungle where he became an Apex Predator.

Go back to being normal and go home with his friends.

Problem is, to stay or to go he has to "give up" one or the other. Stay and his friends die by his hand, Go and he's back to being that mediocre kid from the beginning of the game. But we know it doesnt work like that in real life. His mind and spirit are fractured obviously, and staying would root the insanity in him forever, going and he'd probably end up killing someone and being locked away like a cadged animal for the rest of his life.


] Jason can either replace or be recruited by Shep


] How Jason ended up in the universe of ME is entirely up to the author

] Jason chose his friends over Citra

] Tattau is mandatory can/does act like cybernetic/gene therapy enhancements. Because of the Tattau, Biotics are iffy, if the author can make it work go for it.

] Pairings limited to someone of Jason's Caliber. Names like Aria, Samara, Kasumi, Miranda. Liria is a maybe

\/ Power He Knew Not \/

A Harry Potter Story

Now this one would be fun I think, interesting and probably petty easy for people to adopt. So, there are hundreds of theories out there of what the "Power He Knew Not" could/would/was. Love IMO is the crappiest version. Some go for odd and obscure things, animagus transformations (normally magical creatures I've noticed) wandless magic, absorbing Tommy boys soul fragment. But, what if we do something a little different something that I so totally ripped from Naruto in concept. The power Tommy knows not?

Power. Raw, nigh limitless power.

Oh I know what your thinking "Oh Great a Super Harry story" well kinda, but not quite. Something that has been noted, at least in the Naruto Fandom that some authors do, and even was shown in canon, was that while Naruto had all the freaking chakra in the world, a walking solar flare for sensors and what not, he had an epic amount of trouble doing anything that required precision and a delicate touch.

Voldemort, his power is kinda half and half dont you think? The magical might to really put some umpth into his spells, but he had the kind of skill and precision to go at things like a surgical strike. Everytime Tommy ever did anything himself it was overwhelming force focused onto a singular area.

Lets make Harry the opposite. Overwhelming force everywhere.


] Harry has a stupid amount of magic at his disposal


] Harry cannot use a wand. Too small a focus.

] No wandless magic, needs too much precision.

] Harry either overcharges "simple" spells, or cannot preform them easily

] "Hard" spells are quite easy for him

] Voldemort isnt a psychotic wimp, a psychotic precision instrument of fear and death are a must!

] Dumbles is at best Gray, think Nick Fury on a bad day all too willing to nuke a city IF all other options fail

] Pairings are optional, HOWEVER, no Ginny, Hermoine is a maybe, Older Witches preferred.

] Obviously Ron and his jealousness wouldnt work well with a magical ocean Harry, so while Bashing is lame stay true to his character... pfft.

V Bound In Blood V

A Naruto Story

Came to me last night, I mostly blame Vimesenthusiast and his new Ranma/Game Of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire cross. I was inspired by the Ranma and Jon relationship. And well, thought of all the crappy "twin" stories in the Naruto fandom where the parents love the other kid more and blah blah blah. Yea no. I wanna see a story where Naruto and his twin brother (or sister depending on some factors, would kinda prefer brother though) Whom were well, just like in canon were kinda abandoned by the village, scorned, ignored. Their loyalty would of course be to each other over everything else, which of course means that being a "ninja" for a village would kind of be counter productive to their obvious goal of survival of each other.


] Naruto and Sibling are loyal to each other above all else!

] No Twincest! or Slash. Period.

] Konoha Bashing for a simple term, but I dont want a bashing fic if that makes any sense?

] Naruto and Sibling are polar opposites they balance each other out. If Naruto is the Unstoppable Force, then Sibling is Immovable Object.

] Again theme of Balance, Naruto and Sibling have two different affinities that when used together are twice as devastating. Wind and Fire, Water and Lightning.

] Kurama was sealed into BOTH, Yin in one, Yang in the Other.

] Naruto and Sibling must NOT become Ninja, at least not a Ninja of any Village.

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Crossover - Star Wars & Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 294,774 - Reviews: 3560 - Favs: 7,996 - Follows: 9,126 - Updated: 8/14 - Published: 4/2/2015 - Aayla S., Ahsoka T., Harry P.
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