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Hey my peeps! This is klutz1422. Thanks for visiting. So I finally did a little update to my profile, cleaning some things up and adding to other parts. I'm pretty diverse with my genres of writing, but that's just because I like a little of everything.

Here's a little information about myself: I'm female, a student (which is why my updates have been late), and I have a brother and a sister both younger.

Likes: I love sports, writing (obviously), reading (really obvious), baking, and music (I like all genres but I'm really into rock right now).

My favorite color is blue, my favorite couple is Luigi/Daisy, my favorite anime is Naruto, my favorite band is Rise Against, and my favorite word is shebanging.

Don't really know what I should put on here so I'm going to list off a few of my favorite quotes first. As I start putting more of my stories out there, I'll probably put up extra info on those, but here are those quotes:

"Life is like Chutes and Ladders, you can either race to new heights or tumble down, down, down." -10 Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress by Tina Ferraro

"Attention is never a good thing, as any accident-prone klutz would agree. No one wants a spotlight when they're likely to fall on their face." New Moon by Stephanie Meyers

"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind." -M.K. Gandhi

"Most of us can see the writing on the wall; we just assume that it's addressed to someone else." -Ivern Ball

"It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon at the golf course." -Henry Aaron

"This is an AB conversation so C your way out of it before D jumps over E and knocks the F out of you." -Walker Stinnett

The Other Uzumaki:

This is a high school version of Naruto where Nanami, Naruto's older sister, finds her way to Konoha to meet her brother after fifteen years. Her life has taken a dramatic turn as everyday is a new adventure with her new friends from getting lost in the woods to stopping hardened criminals. However, it all leads up to the revelation of why she and Naruto were seperated at his birth and why their parents aren't there with them.

Okay so here's a little bit about my OC- Nanami:

Physical Appearance: She has red hair that she wears up in her braid/bun combo. She has blue eyes that match Naruto's. She is tall and has an athlete's body.

Personality: She is reserved, witty, and loyal. She usually avoids confrontations, but isn't afraid to stand up for herself and her friends. She is an average student, but she reads a lot and is surprisingly good at math.

School Life: Her favorite sport to play is basketball and her friends forced her to run for student council.

Best Friends: Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and Tenten

Love Interests: Kiba and Gaara

Relationship with her Brother: Nanami has instantly taken over her role as older sister by always looking out for Naruto from giving him rides to offering him advice. They have become good friends although they do have their share of bickering. Nanami wants to get to know more about her brother making up for the years lost.

Welcome to Mario World

In this origin story behind the Mario Brothers arrival in the Mushroom Kingdom, Daisy and Luigi are average high school sweethearts. On one bizarre night Luigi finds himself being dragged down through a drainpipe into a strange new world with his girlfriend along for the ride. He eventually finds his long lost brother and together they must work together to become the heroes of Mario World.

The Legend: This is to clarify a few things about my first chapter. Yes, the little girl and her mother are important. Yes, the evil sorceror will play a part in my story later. In case you didn't catch there will be four new heroes: Mario, Luigi, Daisy, and Peach (duh).

Important Explanations about Mario World: So I realize that there are somethings that are a little confusing about why the people of Mario World act the way they do. I figured since all of the Toads have some form of the word Toad in their name (same with Goombas) that they identify themselves by their species. So that's why everyone is calling Luigi, Green Mario. When Mario appeared and told them his name was Mario, they assumed that's what species he was. Also I figured since Peach had lived with the Toads without having ever seen another human before, she would just assume that she's some sort of strange disfigured Toad. I don't actually believe Peach is ugly which Mario, Luigi, and Daisy often reassure her of her beauty.

With a little research I actually found the psychological traits associated with the elements. Can you guess which element fits which character?

Air: Clarity, Creativity, Flexibility, Intelligence, Optimism

Fire: Courage, Independence, Loyal, Passion, Power

Water: Compasion, Comprehension, Devotion, Forgiveness, Tranquility

Earth: Connectedness, Reliability, Endurance, Confidence, Dilligence

OCs in the story: Beth, Danielle, and all other kids at the high school besides Luigi and Daisy, Cynthia, and the sorceror

I'll update the farther along I get in my stories to keep from posting spoilers. Thanks to everybody who has been keeping up.

Sailor Toadstool

So like I said in the first chapter, I saw a picture on DA of Peach and Mario portrayed as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. So I got to thinking and managed to plot the whole storyline of Sailor Moon around the Mario characters. I don't stick word for word to the script or episode order, but if you know Sailor Moon you can follow along pretty well. And even if you haven't seen Sailor Moon before, I feel like I still made it descriptive enough to understand. (If I haven't, let me know what you're confused on.) Just like Sailor Moon, the story's main focus is Peach and Mario. However, I am a pretty big LuigixDaisy fan, so they're going to play a bigger role than what they were cast as. XD

Okay so here is the cast and to keep from spoiling I'll only put the characters of the chapters that are currently up.

Serena/Sailor Moon- Peach

Darien/Tuxedo Mask- Mario

Amy/Sailor Mercury- Toadette

Raye/Sailor Mars- Pauline

Lita/Sailor Jupiter- Daisy

Andrew/Tuxedo Green- Luigi

Luna- Birdo

Molly- Goombella

Melvin- Goombario

Miss Haruna- Toadsworth

Raye's Grandpa- DK (Although I changed it to her uncle)

Queen Beryl- Count Bleck

Jedite- O'Chunks

Nephlite- Mimi

Zoecite- Natasia

The Sun Will Come Up

So this is all about Shinigami. The prologue is him in the present talking to Spirit, but then I jump straight into the past. I'm pretty much covering his life from six years old to him building the DWMA, so its probably going to be a pretty long fic. I did some mental math and guesstimated him being born in the twelve century. It was right at the time of the Dark Ages, so I figured I wasn't too far off base. Majority of the story takes place in Kyoto, Japan and Camelot.

When it gets to the Great Ones saga, there wasn't a whole lot I could go off about them. So obviously I have Shinigami, Eibon, Vajra, Asura, Excalibur, and The Black Mass, but the other two I had to make up. Besides that I was having a little bit of trouble getting the timeline down so that's why it may seemed rushed in some places. However, I'm pretty proud of how this is coming out. I have always loved prequels and I'm really excited to get this one done.

Here's a character map that I'll update after each chapter to help you figure out which ones are OCs.

Shinigami- the main character who only wants to create order and peace in the world, but goes through many hardships to achieve this goal.

Eibon- Shinigami's best friend who aside from being the brains on the team has a passion for inventing

Vajra- the cocky page that has instantly accepted Shinigami as a friend, but his loyalties lie with his first friend Asura

Asura- obviously the fearful boy who is skeptical about getting to close to Shinigami, but quickly begins to think of him as an older brother and mentor

Cyrus (OC?)- the knight-to-be who is obsessed with power and because of that tries to take advantage of Shinigami

Maeko (OC)- orphan girl who develops a crush on Shinigami despite the fact that he is a reaper. Holds truth as the highest force on earth and refuses to tell a lie.

Shinigami Elder (OC)- the current Grim Reaper who likes the power of being the Lord of Death more than the duties.

My view on the Grim Reaper for the 12th Century: This is basically just to clear up a few things about why my characters react the way they do. In western Europe in the twelfth century, their entity for the 'angel of death' was the Grim Reaper. Which is basically the design for Shinigami Elder or how Shinigami will look in the future. In Camelot they don't realize that Shinigami isn't a reaper because he doesn't look like a skeleton with a sycthe.To the (for a lack of a better term) ignorant ideals of the time, the Grim Reaper was something to be feared because they believed it was your instant death to see one. That's why Shinigami isn't exactly vocal about what he is, not that he doesn't like messing with people either. But in Kyoto, they were completely aware of who he was and what he would become which is why he describes them being mean to him. Shinigami Elder's refusal to do a proper job as a shinigami has caused strife throughout the world, and therefore makes Shinigami not welcome by anyone.

Knights of Camelot: Now let's deal with what exactly Barrack 8 is. See, it's not exactly a school even though they do have basic lessons in math, reading, etc. It's more of a training program for future knights. Any sons of prominent lords of the kingdom can come to the castle and are divided into different barracks. (Alright, maybe this is like a school.) They are considered pages who must perform any task that a full-fledged knight asks of them. There are also senior pages, such as Cyrus, that are placed in command of their barracks due to their outstanding work ethic and leadership abilities. Senior pages are usually the next ones to be knighted. Most become knights at the age of 18 entering adulthood, but any of the actual knights who think they would do a good job can submit them for the Order of Knighthood. Okay so I realized I forgot my initial point in all of this. So this isn't like the DWMA. It's all physical training with no soul training because very few in this time period realize that's an actual power. That's what makes Shinigami's presence on Barrack 8 all the more important. He begins to show them new techniques that they didn't even realize existed. Not to say there aren't a certain few who don't know of the power of souls (Arthur, Excalibur, Merlin) but that actually will be mentioned in the story.

Arthurian Legends: Alright, so this is a short summary of the Arthurian legends in case you guys don't know them. Since my story is about Shinigami and not Arthur, the chapters are written of the assumption that you guys have this knowledge. So Morgan le Fay: also known as Morgana was a witch who schemed the downfall of Arthur and Camelot. There is also some discrepancies over whether or not she was Morgause as well who gave birth to Mordred. Since I don't really care too much about these legends in my story I went ahead and made them the same person. So Morgan le Fay is Mordred's mother. Mordred: the illegitamate son of Arthur after Arthur had an affair with his sister. Incest is never cool, so Mordred was sort of banished from Camelot. However, he believes he should still retain his birthright and seeks the crown. In my story, he's just a couple of years older than Shinigami. Anyways, Morgan le Fay and Mordred start the downfall of Camelot. First, Lancelot has an affair with the Queen. Then, they recruit enemies of Camelot to start a war (in my story it mostly witches) which results in Arthur and Mordred killing each other. Even though the battle goes in favor of Camelot, the aftermath of losing their leader starts to dissolve the once powerful kingdom into chaos.

So I hope that this stuff is helpful, if you're ever confused by a chapter just let me know and I'll update my profile or sent you a quick message. Thanks to everybody who's been following my stories!

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