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Author has written 1 story for Legend of Zelda, and Fire Emblem.


About SK4...

Name: Ronald Souza

Age: 17

Relationship Status: Forever aloooooone!

Likes: Anime and Manga, Unloved pairings, Pressing the Shift Button, Star Wars, Wii games, Being pervy, Fanfiction, and Fan Art.

Favorite Games: Zelda, Dragon Quest IX, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Metroid, Animal Crossing.

Favorite Shows: Mythbusters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, and Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe

Favorite Manga Genres: Shounen, Ecchi, Adventure, Martial Arts, and Comedy, of course XD

Favorite Mangas/Animes: Toriko, One Piece, Rave Master, Blood Lad, The Entire Dragon Ball Saga, Fairy Tail, Franken fran, and Girl Friends

Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Black Rock Shooter, Spider-Man, and Monty Python And The Holy Grail (CRACK HUMOR FTW!)

Fave Musicians: The Vocaloids, Wierd Al, John Williams, and Linkin Park

Pairings I ship (in no particular order):

The Legend of Zelda:

Link/Malon (Ocarina of Time), Link/Ilia (Twilight Princess), Link/Tetra (Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass), Link/Zelda (Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword), Ghirahim/Zelda (Skyward Sword)

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Aang/Toph, Zuko/Katara, Sokka/Ty Lee

Fairy Tail:

Gray/Juvia, Natsu/Lisianna, Loki/Aries, Freed/Mirajane


Lucas/Dawn, Lyra/Silver, Ash/Dawn (Anime), Elesa/Skyla

Rune Factory, A Fantasy Harvest Moon:

Raguna/Tabatha, Kyle/Mana, Kyle/Alicia, Micah/Carmen, Micah/Raven, Micah/Karina

Fire Emblem:

Robin/Tharja, Chrom/Sumia, Merrric/Linde

Crossover (or SSB):

Link/Samus (Zelda/Metroid), Link/Sakura (Zelda/Naruto), Link/Sheeda (Zelda/Fire Emblem), Zelda/Marth (Zelda/Fire Emblem), Link/Luka (Zelda/Vocaloid)


Naruto/Hinata (Naruto), Goku/Chichi (Dragon Ball), Haru/Elie (RAVE), Let/Julia (RAVE), Ichigo/Orihime (Bleach), Miku/Luka (Vocaloid), Mako/Torian Cadera (SWTOR)

If you are a Tourettes Guy Fan, then copy and paste this on your profile!
-There is, in fact, a difference between shitting out a window, and pissing out a window.
-Porcupines' balls are small and they don't give a shit.
-If you can't find the bathrooms in a grocery store, then the people who built it are assholes.
-Don't talk shit about Total.
-Fuck salt.
-No one gives a shit about Bigfoot.
-After watching an entire 12 hour marathon of Scooby-Doo and Friends on Cartoon Network, say "SHIT."
-Bob Saget is a perfectly acceptable replacement for cuss words.
-If you ever owe somebody $36, and can’t come up with the money, you would be "out of the butt," and "into the fuck."
-After setting back the last clock in your house, your ass will turn to Jell-O.
-Garbage disposals sound like Chewbacca taking a shit.
-You can't do shit without your balls.
-Don't ever talk about someone's dick without his or her permission.
-Taking a piss is the best thing to do before talking about the Mighty Duck movies.
-Not all 90-year-old ladies know who Alf is.

SWTOR Quotes:

Kaliyo Djannis:

- "Dibs on the head!"

- "I slid out of my mama's womb and picked up a blaster. Now I'm your new friend's bodygaurd."

- "That's a shame. He had a pretty face until you messed with it."


- "Look, boss! Blizz find a...a...thing!"

- "Blizz like boss's new game! KABOOM!"

Gault Rennow:

- "You fight, I'll cheer. Deal?"

- "If I ever sell you out to anybody, it's going to be to this guy. Just saying."

- "Well, you win some you lose some. You just lost some!"

- "Thank you, thank you. I'll be signing autographs once the smoke clears."

- "Think I knocked 'im cross-eyed."

The Jedi Consular:

- Tharan Cedrax: "Me and Holiday have an announcement to make."

- Consular: "Then I hope it's a lovely wedding and you have dozens of holo-children!"

- Holiday: "Oh, Tharan! There's a thought!"

- Tharan Cedrax: "Moving on..."

Pewdiepie Quotes

- "Do you see these moves?!"

- "TELEPORTING NAKED GUYS! I HATE teleporting naked guys...!"


- "OW, make it stop! Megan Fox!"

- "Fuck you, Brian!"

- "BARRELS!!!"

- "Pewdiepie ate hake! Stop eating hake!"

- "Don't worry about it, Cry."

- "Genius Pewds strikes agian!"

- “Don’t be a salad. Be the best goddamn broccoli you could ever be.” *INSPIRTAION*

- “Don’t die on me, Bob! I will fucking kill you if you die!”

- “That’s what we call skills in the hills.”

- “The harder you try, the more you fail at this game.”

- “You weren’t kidding when you said the rules are different. I mean, why throw the javelin, when you could throw yourself? Why not?”

- “I becaaaaaaame a butterfly!”

- “What just happened…? That was, like…Inception. Twice.”

- “BAAAAAIL!! Nailed it. What’s the point of fucking bailout? What’s the point of Christian Bale? What’s the point of Batman? What’s the point of Superman?! What’s the point of Ironman?! What’s the point of life?! What’s the point of vegetables, they just taste like shit!”

- *playing toilet simulator 2013* “I might be out of line when I say this, but I think this might be a little better than Call of Duty. I might be out of line when I say this too, but I think this game has a little better story than Call of Duty too.”

- “Surgery failed…it was going so well…Bob has left us, bros…he was such a good friend…he was always there for me. I’m gonna miss him so much….” *sob* “His beautiful face…that I haven’t seen half of, his nose that I haven’t seen either. It was special. What me and Bob had…it was something you see once in a lifetime. Bob was one of those guys that you could go out…and have a beer with…and make out a little bit with…and it wouldn’t be awkward the day after. Bob was that guy. He would actually touch my butt a lot. And it would tickle…in the nicest way. Bob knew how to treat me like a princess.” *sigh* “Bob. You will be remembered…I love you. One day…we’ll meet again. And then…I will kiss you…I will gather the courage…And I will lick your nippples.”

- “Cat Mario! Gets all the pussay! Hey, cloud.” *death by cloud* “FUCK YOU, CLOUD!! Fuck you….”

- “Cat Mario talkin’ in Sweedish, HALLO PEWDIE,” * says something in Sweedish* “What?” *singing* “Okay, Cat Mario, I think you had enough to drink todaaaaay. Buy I’m not Gaaaaaaay! Cat Mario knows…always what to sa-y! I like…to….” *dies* “FUCK!!”

- *death by laser* “AH! That would have been so good. That would have been fucking perfect. Why did I forgot about the laser? Why did they add a laser? Why does flagpoles…why do they have lasers? I’m not gonna stop asking. Alright. Fuck everything, man.” *death by laser* “I forgot about the laser!!” *sobs*

- “The game just lures you in. It fucking lures you in like a…big floppy vagina. HUGE floppy vagina just like, SLURPLPLPLPLPLPLP, Come here, Pewdie, SLURPLPLPLPLP. That’s this game. Ugh, it’s disgusting.”

- “How the fucka da do I dodga da ta?”

- “Hey, I’m gonna make a game in paint. I’m gonna call it Cat Mario. And I am gonna—” *dies* “FUCK PEOPLE IN THE ASS. I bet a guy with no dick made this so he could fuck people.”

- “YOLO! Pewds, don’t say YOLO! FUCKING YOLO!”

- “I can feel this comin’—” *dies* “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGHHHHH!!”

- “The control is like handling a dick...No, I don’t know what it’s like, I’m just assuming, jeez.”

- *loosing his mind over Cat Mario* “I love dis gaaaame. Dis is, like, de best game evaaaaar. I would give dis game…ten games out of ten. Yes.”

- *singing* “I’m on a fucking roll, Cat Mario, Cat Mario, BEST FUCKING GAME EVER, BEST FUCKING GAME EVER, BEST FUCKING GAME EVER, BEST FUCKING—oh, another flag!” *dies*

- “If I don’t make this jump, I will cut off one of my left nipple.”

- “Cats should help each other!”

- “We are going to finish this before 100. I can feel it. My nipples have foreseen it.”

- “We’re gonna finish this game without dying, bros. I can feel it. I can feel it with my nipples. My nipples have foretold a lot of great things in the future.”

- “My face is a piano, and you can’t deny that shit!”


- “It’s not called being gay, it’s called being FABULOUS!”

- “Why are my nipples so far away?!”

- *using the razer hydras* “Can you imagine the porn, bros?! You can grab tits in games!”

- “I ain’t no pig! I am at least a giraffe. Giraffes are way cooler.

- “Why are we killing them? I don’t want to kill them!” *finds machine gun* *gasps* “KILL THEM ALL!!”

- “My watch is a penis? …What do you know about life?”

- “Welcome to the mind of the great Pewdiepie: Half retarded, half duck.”

- “This is mind-fucking me too much. I don’t like getting fucked. Especially in not in my mind.”

CinnamonToastKen Quotes:

- "A gay man's butt is always so fresh and so clean."

- “Yes. Yes, that is wonderful. The wonderful box house that Ken made.”

- “Bunnies…I wish Carl was here to see this right now. He loved bunnies the most out of anybody. Actually out of anybody I ever met. And he loved to eat tricks, even though they were for kids. And he was a grown man. But still…I think it would have brought a tear to his eye to see all these bunnies scattering around in my house right now. Humping each other and pooping all over the floor, and making more babies to hump each other and poop all over the floor. I just realized…that I have a bunch of inbred bunnies. Or I will. Because all you bunnies came from one mommy and one daddy. And I guarantee that if there’s any extra bunnies popping up that they didn’t come from just the mom and daddy. And that’s just kind of weird. But I still love you, bunnies. I still love you. And if Carl was here, he’d love you too. Carl’s not with us anymore.” *sigh* “Sometimes…sometimes I just wanna…I just wanna hold a bunny. Real close. And remember how…how Carl would have laughed and played with you bunnies.”

- “We’re going on an adventure, bunny. Me and you. Here we go. Weeeeeeeee!”

- “Ah, I’m stabbing you to death, I’m sorry.”

- “Happy birthday, if your birthday is today. If not…have a very merry unbirthday.”

SeaNanners Quotes:

- “For the record, my karma is 1088. That is HIGH. That is extremely high for somebody who can’t be trusted.”

- “Don’t worry, we’re badasses!”

- “I-rohn for every-wohn!”

- “It’s time to go to derp…derp…derp mountain. Yes. Let’s go there.”

- “I AM NOT A TRAITOR! I offered him a KOREAN-SPEAKING FERRET, man. That’s love.”

- “Alright, I don’t know you, but I’m going to need a semen sample, okay? Please. Put it on the ground.”

- “God, I amuse myself.”

- “I am not the default! Just because something’s wrong, doesn’t mean I caused the problem, okay? Alright? Seriously. I’m innocent, I have a sniper rifle, and I’m ready to shoot someone, but I’m not a bad guy.”

- “I’m Luke Skywalker, leave me alone! I’m Luke Skwyalker!”

- “Note to self: Don’t light myself on fire.”

- “I was a GOOD GUY and now there’s aliens everywhere!”

- “Just because I accuse my friends of crimes they didn’t commit, doesn’t mean I’m a bad guy!”

Chilled Chaos (CriousGamers) Quotes:

- “Oh no, Captain Crunch! Fucking Cool-aide!”

- “If you’re gonna put me in a barn with babies, prepare to be anally penetrated by pears.”

- “I’m not SAYING teamwork is a bad idea, but it’s probably a bad idea.”

- “The gunpowder is missing, gentlemen.”

- “Hey, can you open the gate for us? We’re nice people. (Okay, let’s go murder him.)”

- “Oh my god, a creeper’s having sex with a cow.”

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