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Hello and welcome to the internet. My name is Friendly Brain-Eating Amoeba and I’m here to regale you with tales from the internet. These tales are not just your garden variety literature found in novels, plays, poems, compendiums, omnibi and other such forms of written media, but rather the epitome of both literature, and internet culture: Fan Fiction.

Before we delve too deep into Fan Fiction however, let’s take a gander at the brief history of the internet’s most beloved written medium.

Fan Fiction was invented in 1969 by American citizen—and space aficionado—Buzz Aldrin. According to the Buzz Aldrin autobiography entitled “You Maniacs! You Blew It Up! God Damn You All To Hell!”; Buzz noted that after feeling a little bit miffed that Grand Moff Tarkin annihilated his surname in a weapons test demonstrating the full capabilities of the Death Star, that he was looking for a new way to spend his countless free hours, and the solution quickly came in the form of the internet, or as it was better known in the swinging sixties: Richard Nixon.

In a mere matter of years Buzz Aldrin was typing up a storm, and in 1972 he uploaded the first chapter of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather: A Final Fantasy VII Fan Fiction. To his astonishment, this would become the most highly acclaimed and widely recognised piece of Fan Fiction ever written, and pave the way for Fan Fiction as hobby that would not only compete against homicide for America’s national pastime, but surpass it.

And so dear visitors we come to the climax of the history of Fan Fiction, and unfortunately, our time here too.

This service was presented by Friendly Brain-Eating Amoeba, and was proudly sponsored by anxiety, to learn more about Fan Fiction, or pre-natal surgery, please select from one of the several links below.

Have a nice day.

-P.S: Erogenous zones may be susceptible to moistening at the completion of this profile.

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