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Author has written 9 stories for Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Harry Potter, D.Gray-Man, Hamatora/ハマトラ, and World Ends With You.

I like writing in my spare time just to tidy up my mind, which likes taking "what ifs" and "could bes", and making plot bunnies out of them. I usually post my stories raw, with preliminary checks to make sure things aren't a mess, but I'm no beta. But that's fine because I'm doing this for fun, which I hope you have too. And there will be random pauses between updates or postings...Real life has a way of doing that to people.

I hope you enjoy what you find on this page, because I find that I had a lot of fun in coming up with it.

On Stories and Such:

Lower London, Harry Potter/The World Ends With You x-over

The first multi-piece work I intend to finish on this account is called Lower London, and is the result of playing The World Ends With You nonstop until I unlocked Another Day. Which, I must tell you, was a lot of flipping fun to go through. Still haven't gotten to the final boss yet, but have battled our favorite Composer in his lair and completed the tin pin quest. But Harry Potter, my first true fandom (FTF?), decided to weed its way into the world, and then this was formed. I don't know how long it's going to last, but I like it and am fond of it, especially the chance it gives me to go anywhere and to anyone I want in the HP world, post-war since the tone I approached it with is more of a slice-of-life, peak into our hero's life, short-chaptery thingy. Yeah.

Cuchi-Cuchi-Coo, Dissida: Final Fantasy

Cuchi-Cuchi-Coo is my humor baby that was promptly born when I surfed TvTropes (my new wikipedia), and found that Laguna, my dear little moron, was going to be in Dissidia Duodecim. I had a complete fangirl moment then, and promptly envisioned Squall's response. It was not pretty. I originally titled it: "On How Laguna Became a Ghost", but found the current title much more appropriate. I've gotten a lot of response for it, more than I think it deserves, but I can only say thank you. It had to be done.

Walker, D.Gray-Man

This is a story that was actually just one chapter out of an entire story I had planned to detail a possible past for Allen. I had only made it to about 5 chapters, this being one of them, before I abandoned the project. But I felt it haunting me, and decided to give it another chance as a one-shot. This is Mana Walker, folks, in the aftermath of his brother's death.

Eventuality, D.Gray-Man

Eventuality is a D.Gray-Man story that follows in the same vein and style as my past D.Gray-Man stories, posted under my previous name, Foenfyre. It came about when reading chapter 200 and 201 of the manga. I love D.Gray-Man a lot, and sometimes (such as in the cases on my last account), a chapter inspires me so completely and won't let me go until I write something dedicated to it. I really like what you can do with the material of this manga...

If you're interested, the other D.Gray-Man stories I have written (as Foenfyre) are:

Good Morning, Good Night

Summary:It's the polite thing to greet someone once you have wakened up from a long nap. And of course, the 14th's logic is completely infallible in any situation.

Damned Dreams

Summary: It was the same song and dance all over again-except a bit different. His dream seemed to have upgraded from worrisome to horrible, but looking upon that smiling face...he only half-heartedly denied the name he was called. spoilers for chapter 184.

Papa Can't Preach, Dissidia: Final Fantasy [Duodecim-based]/Final Fantasy 8

So much Drama and only one cycle to do it all in.

Here is difficultteenager!Squall facing drama with UnpreparedHumanDaddy!Laguna. This Laguna and Squall are from the same time period, though judging by his attack "The Faerie"--something, I'm thinking the actual game has past!Laguna with some echoes of his future self. Now, in the story, Cosmos has just dropped them into a different world while they are in the middle of trying to mend (or in Squall's case, trying to sabotage) relations.

In FF8, I really sympathize with Squall a lot since he was, in a sense, abandoned. Becoming an orphan "for real" because your sister leaves without any proper explanations really can't be good for you. At the same time, I admit that Squall is also an absolute sarcastic ass at times.

Laguna seems to be a friendly, competent ditz who is an adult, when all is said and done. With this whole situation, and his nervous-leg cramp syndrome, I imagine he's awkward in emotional situations, though he is a completely adorkable individual and that usually excuses him from most small things, but coming into a meeting with Squall, expecting a normal person, he probably made a huge faux paux that's been haunting their meetings ever since.. He's also a bit sly and non-confrontational, seeing as he's funded Winhill behind their backs and without them knowing that the guy the all badmouth is what's keeping them going.

So both parties have to work for this. This is drama right? I tried to subtract overly angsty-parts.

Born from a sleepless night.

People, Pleaser, Dissidia:Final Fantasy [Duodecim-based]

Taking a more lighthearted-view of Laguna, I'm exploring possible meetings in cycles 12 and before. It started as a jaunt into cramming as many memes as possible into a description of an epic beat down of epic proportions, but then morphed when Jecht came along--he's in a later chapter--and beyond.

I'll possibly explore characters never seen in Dissidia before (does anyone want to see Vincent Valentine or Cid Highwind meet him?)I'm so happy about the munchkin mispronunciation on Laguna's part because I wrote it either here or in Papa Can't Preach before I got the game, and was pleased to see it was in-character.

Ragnarockin', Dissidia: Final Fantasy [Duodecim-based]

Summary: It's time to get serious. El Presidente gets positively executive.

Because Laguna needs to have a brawler name from when he was, undoubtedly, embroiled in an underground fighting match while exploring the backstreets of Esthar in the early days of his presidency in order to get a better understanding of his new country, meanwhile trying to get a better understanding of those rough-looking guys who probably look angry because Adel was ignoring their wants and needs. (P.S. Someone needs to write this, stat.)

But this isn't about that. This is about (and an attempt to explain) why the hell his limit break (*yeah, yeah, ex-burst, right?*) is kind-sorta-maybe plausible. And where the heck the rope comes from. I know it has an origin [God extending a helping (hand) rope?, and all those theories about him being Chuck Norris or a ninja doesn't cut it. At all.]

And Squall is in it. Because I am incapable of writing one without the other, or something. I'm such a sucker for the long-lost family found types, since they are such a hilariously opposite pair that are almost too similar at times. Yes, I said it. SIMILAR.

I'm looking at Squall who, in a fit of terror, started banging on the console that controls GARDEN's flight systems in an attempt to avoid crashing into Balamb, and succeeded in accidentally doing it...Genetics rules.

Walk Forward, Away, D.Gray-Man

Summary: Today is the day he leaves. Today is the day he dies. Today is a day he moves forward. Where does his future lie? [205 spoilers]

A/N: Had this typed up ages ago but just found it again. The recent chapter really brought a lot up, so I thought I'd bring in a few of the other chapters to link up with it. Could be an other-side companion to Eventuality, seeing as its Allen's perspective and makes brief mentions of Neah's interference.

Moral of the story: Basically, imprisoning Allen is wrong. The end.

i hold these truths to be self-evident, Hamatora

Summary: Nice is not always so nice. Episode 7-centric

New fandom. And everyone already in it knows how fic-worthy episode 7 of this anime is. I'd say Hamatora is really thought-provoking, though it's really short and rather brief with certain concepts. I follow the manga as it is translated eagerly, and hope this show is continued in some form in the future. I know that soon I'll be putting out another fic in this universe!

What I really like is the focus on Art and Nice, people in two radically different positions of power, and the fact that they are friends. Set this against a backdrop of a society that we barely, as viewers, know about, but with what little we have to go on, doesn't paint a pretty picture. Their dynamic as friends, the dynamics in the groups associating with Nice in his position as detective in Hamatora, the minimum users and society, all of this just adds up to an awesome bunch of complexity and shades of different relationships. And then toss a yandere in for some bloody, societal commentary salad.

In this particular fic, I focus on the divide that started in episode 3 and what cracks in the foundation of Nice and Art's friendship it could have caused. 'He looks happy'? Nice, there's a reason Art was scared as hell that you would ever meet Moral. I get what you meant, but to us people who don't have minimums? You can be a frightening person to be around.

UPDATE*March 2014: It's been a while, and a lot of my future fic plans have either fallen to the way-side or been lost in the rush of life, but now that I've graduated college, I hope to get back into fic writing and exploring the worlds that fascinated me so much in the past. So this is neither a promise for or against the birth of future fic based on the list below. Let's hope its the former!

Mayhap, in the Future

On Waking Sleeping Beasts, Kingdom Hearts

Summary: Don't dare push Leon. You just might wake Squall.

While reading KH fanfic, I usually come across Cloud being so much more powerful than Leon because of all his enhancements. Yes, it's not always the case, but it's enough to annoy me. This could be my response, because you know, housing/junctioning gods generally doesn't secure you the "normal soldier" title [because Leon is Squall of FF8, or at least based on him].

I guess it stems from me usually mixing both universes (KH and FF) in my head, because I like the opportunities it opens up. I can separate them when need be, but this view offers the "after" that occurs after the games have ended. And I like making things complicated.

Also, watching Squall battle Sephiroth in Dissidia:FF inspired this. It also helps he's my favorite to use in battle. The combos are godly, and I have so much fun beating up on all these familiar faces. And, I like writing him more than any other character, thus far.


"It's on an after-dark patrol that Leon sees Sephiroth, lounging calmly against a store wall on his way to the market square...

..."Yes?" He has no problem or a never-ending war of wills with Sephiroth (who, he notes, looks terribly focused about something), so this obstacle is more than a little irritating. "Can I help you with something?"..."

Progress: Due to popular vote, this'll be up next. Rough outline is out, and I'm intending for this to help me work out my fighting bits, though I know I'll never pull off a story that's based around it. I like drama above all, and Squall kicking ass alongside it. And maybe a bit of released emotions for Squall not having nearly enough shine time in Kingdom Hearts.

Edit as of 08/4/13: It's been a long while since I said I would post this, and I apologize. This is definitely in the works.

On Possibilities...

At any given point in time, I'm always being possessed by plots, so here are a few summaries of stories that you may or may not be seeing soon...And writing the summaries here just may propel me to actually write them out...

From Mysidia, With Hate, Final Fantasy IV

Summary: The pranks, the poison, the spells, the harrassment. Paladin or no, they hate you Cecil, just admit it.

Maybe humor/angst/drama. It really could go either way.

Traitorous, D.Gray-Man

Summary: Being a traitor is simply a matter of point of view. Don't scoff. Since when do you have all the facts?

I love the possibility present in the 14th/Neah. So many ways to go until we get a definitive meeting with him, and maybe more.

Key Wars, an AU of BBS:Kingdom Hearts/Dissida:FF x-over

Summary: In a time of war and keys, a young Xin Eraqus learns what it means to wield a blade from a lion shaped like a man.

Yeah, you saw what I did with his name there. I wholly [want to] believe that that is Master Eraqus' real first name, because just looking at it makes me squee ( just move the q in suqarEniX). But, this is part of a bunch of AU ideas where both games interact.

Something I'm thinking about while playing Birth By Sleep and Dissida simultaneously. It's enough to pop my brain sometimes.

Renting One's Heart Out, Kingdom Hearts

Summary: Sora wants to learn how to use Summon Spirits. Leon would rather he doesn't mess with what he doesn't understand. And Squall would like to kindly tell him he's being a moron, and to Put That GF DOWN NOW--

Yeah. Exactly what it sounds like. Except with Squall/Leon being more awesome than you are possibly imagining. Even more than that.

Ah, rudimentary FF8 knowledge suggested, but not necessary, I think...


"He knew it wasn’t this large, and everything, all his mind screamed, that this was only a dream, an illusion of Merlin's to find out what he had asked. It could be large or small all it wanted. It couldn't touch him or affect him, the woman of ice, still separated by that curtain, sheet, whatever, was only a figment of his imagination, but then he looked up. And then he realized all of that was just a convenient lie."

Junction: Heart, Kingdom Hearts

Summary: What is junctioning, but sharing pieces of your heart? And what is Kingdom Hearts but a living, thinking thing?

Exploring what Kingdom Hearts would do to survive, and what GFs can do to deny and survive it.

This is a concept that could very well evolve as it goes on. I can't really say for certain how it may end up, especially since it could spawn a lot.


"He is weak." Shiva watches as Leon watches as their little corner of the world watches the keyblade user take his first steps into a war that's been waging far longer than he's been alive. "Too weak." Her voice is sharp and cold, though the strength of her conviction is decidedly more brittle. His thoughts mirror hers as always and forever as hers mirror his, such as is the nature of their bond and complete synchronicity. "

Holly, Dissidia/FFVII anthology

Can't mention much without giving it all away, but the main character looks good in pink. And Sephiroth is there. You can probably guess what happens.

How to Make a Monster, Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy 8

Summary: The Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, now the Radiant Garden Defense Committee, adopts a child. The little girl's name? Something that Leon thought was lost to Time.

It has potential for every genre. As you can probably tell, though, it won't end pretty for either side. I'm surprised no one else has made one like this (to my admittedly limited knowledge) before. The little girl in question should be familiar to everyone and Squall. Most definitely Squall.

How to [Not] Tell, Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy

Summary: Your (almost obnoxiously, oblivious moron of a--) father that you are his son? Simple. You don't.

In which Laguna isn't as smart as the gamer, and can't put the pieces together. And Squall doesn't want him to. And we know how much Fate likes listening to his wishes...



'You." It's the first time they've met, or Squall likes to think it is. A brief meet-and-greet in outer space can't count as a real family reunion, right? And the man had been so busy trying to calm down some politician that he'd only spared him a short glance and left Kiros to deal with the rest of it.

Why is it he shows up everywhere now? I thought I was done with him after Ellone stopped trying to send us into the past, is his first thought.

The second follows as fast as a bullet, why do I want to hit him so badly?'

Summary: Laguna and Squall don't get along. The interesting bit? It's Laguna who's the problem, and Squall who's doing the pushing.

I wanted a situation where the normal dynamic is reversed. It's turning out cracky, but a little bit beautiful. Don't worry, I'm trying to make it make sense.


"Kid, it's cool and all that we've teamed up and are pulling the whole "dynamic duo" bit," and this was emphasized by emphatic air quotes, "but I think it'd be best if we focus on smashing the munchkins before we start sharing life stories."

Laguna's a bit cranky, it's been an off-day after an off-day, and none of it seemed to be letting up. He doesn't think he's being too unfair to the kid, considering the circumstances, and the fact he knows from observation and some innate knowledge that the kid's no natural bag of sunshine himself. The leather plus that frown plus the complete shutdown-good-bye that comes automatic to the kid kinda tell the whole story. That, and the fact he didn't unjunction Shiva to lessen the whole freezing temperature cloud around him, despite heavy hints to do so.

But that doesn't go towards explaining the completely human arctic aura coming from the gunbladesman beside him in response to his comment, and the almost stumble he'd seen before the guy completely blew away his side of the mass of manikins that surrounded them with a sweep of his gunblade. It was cool and a little weird. "Kid, you may want to focus more. You nearly got caught there. But you did real good beating them in the end!" He tries to rise above his inner irritation, to let a bit of "Uncle Laguna" shine through and help the kid who probably, he thinks guiltily, doesn't have that much combat experience behind him. Laguna thinks he achieves it, at least a little bit. But the kid doesn't seem to appreciate it, and turns away very slowly, a little cautious-like, and stalks away into the distance, muttering sharply under his breath. Cursing more like.

How rude.

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