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Hello browser,

If you are reading this then I assume it is with the intent of knowing a bit more about the author of the below stories. That...or you are really bored. Either way, welcome to my humble page dedicated to the rambling imagination of a young nerd who gets a little too into the lore of pretty much whatever he plays, reads, or watches.

About myself:

Currently I'm working full time and as such I do not have a plethora of free time on my hands to pursue writing. I do however make an effort to sit down for at least an hour a day and do a bit of writing, editing, or idea expanding. What that means is that I'm making progress on whatever story I'm currently working on but it is slow progress.

I read all reviews.

I used to be pretty childish about criticism but time has toughened my skin and now I welcome it.

I respect politeness and expect it not just from other people but from myself. Just because we can't see each other's faces doesn't mean we have the right to be rude to one another.

I love art in all forms. That includes writings (obviously), drawings/paintings, and cinematography.

What I Like

Star Wars

The universe created by George Lucas has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. While not everything brought out by Star Wars is the greatest, I still find myself drawn back into it for more and more. No matter what I'm "into" at the time, I always inevitably go back to Star Wars in the end.

My favorite part about the Star Wars universe is that it is perfect for just about any kind of story you want to tell. Westerns? There are smugglers and bounty hunters. Epic? Jedi vs Sith. War story? Check the title. Rom-Com? Yeah you can probably do that, with aliens!

Warhammer 40K

Probably one of the greatest fictional universes ever created. While Star Wars always holds #1 in my heart, Warhammer is always in the top 5. It's refreshing to see a future in space where people are using chainsaws and bullets to solve their problems instead of trying to find peace. The best part really is that just about everyone in the universe is a total asshole, which completely clashes with modern sensibility of compromising with your fellow man.

I just wish more was done with this universe because there is so much potential. Sadly it seems to have fallen into obscurity as of late. But hopefully the future will hold better news for the Warhammer franchise.

Mass Effect

I mean come on, if you were alive at any point for the past decade you've probably heard of this at some point. Despite some stumbles in the plot, the Mass Effect universe remains one of the better story centric RPG games out there. I hope some day that it will reach new heights beyond the video games.


Most of you probably know this one from reading my stories. These days the majority of sci-fi stories these days have humanity making peace with alien life in some form or another. I miss the good old days when the thought of extra-terrestrial life was absolutely terrifying. This terror I feel is best seen in the Alien and Predator franchises where humans are reduced to either breeding stock or animals to be hunted for sport.

It also makes for some damn good crossovers. Unfortunately the majority of stories relating to these two franchises are slash fics. I'm not saying that those stories can't be enjoyable, I myself have found a few worth reading. But I fear that people are forgetting what made these two movie monsters so memorable in the first place. So when I wrote them I endeavored to make them as scary as possible.


Too many for me to write about here. But I do watch a lot of shonen such as Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, etc. But my favorites are usually anime that have not had as much exposure such as Hellsing, GATE, Jormungand, Parasyte, etc.

What I Don't Like

Impolite People

This may seem general and repetitive but it must be said. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and if you have a problem with something go ahead and make it known. Just don't be a dick about it. You may wonder "what counts as being a dick?" Honestly, If you think about it you'll know.

I'm tired of people being ridiculously idiotic and rude to one another over the internet because they know they'll never suffer any actual repercussions. It costs nothing to be polite to your fellow man/woman except maybe a bit of kindness and restraint.

Shitty Slash Fics

Like I said before. There can be good stories that belong to the genre known as: slash fics. But quite frankly there is an overwhelming amount of that on this site and it makes it hard to find the real gems out there. Plus most of the stuff written is just teenagers wanting to ship their favorite fictional character, thus leading to a story with no real substance. I personally am guilty of doing this, not gonna lie.

What I'm Currently Working On

Right now I'm sort of in that stage of reinventing myself. I'm sorry to say that I don't think I'll be working on Bleach: The Bloody Shadow or AVP: Omega any more. Those two stories just don't invigorate me like they did in the past. Probably because both stories are really just a retelling of the original stories of both franchises, with small twists that I put in. It's just not artistically satisfying for me anymore.

I have since moved on to new projects that require more thought on my part.

Star Wars/Mass Effect Crossover (Currently Writing)

I feel that this space of is criminally under populated. I don't want to spoil too much but it will involved characters from the expanded SWTOR and KOTOR universe, like Revan, entering into the Mass Effect universe.

No, it will not be one of those stories where just a single character conveniently arrives just as Commander Shepard is putting together a team to take on the collectors. It will be SO much more! :)

Warhammer Short Stories (50% ready for publication)

Not everything needs to be 100K word long story. Sometimes you just need to do a couple of short stories to get them out of your system.

Will likely start with some ideas I have for Space Marines and then Imperial guard. If I enjoy writing these shorter stories I will move on to a larger project.

Star Wars: Clone Wars story (50% ready for publication)

I am a large fan of the five season long animated series. Despite some...less than stellar episodes, the series brought us plenty of stuff to love. The Clone Wars is an era that can really be explored. Again, don't want to spoil too much but the story will mainly follow a participant in the war that is neither Clone trooper nor Jedi, although there will be plenty of that.

My hope is to tell darker stories along the lines of Saving Private Ryan, Blackhawk Down, and Full Metal Jacket, but in a Star Wars context.

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