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Author has written 16 stories for Harry Potter, Stargate: SG-1, and Agent Carter.

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to find out a little about me.

Update on me:

After some time off I'm starting to get my muse back. I tried writing again with a story for Agent Carter to see if I could still generate some enthusiasm personally. So, I'm slowly going back to HP. I don't think anyone would believe the amount of time I've spent in hospital with family.

I have to re-read ALL my Nightmare series so I don't mess up continuity. It's been a while. And after my family having gone through 8 surgeries, and the recuperation required...yada, yada, yada. ...Slowly, I've gone back to writing Generations for HP and edited some scenes which are now published as "stepping stones" filler between the multi-chapter fics of the Nightmare Series. After so much time away, I know I will have lost a lot of wonderful readers and especially good reviewers of the Nightmare arc. I don't blame people for not coming back. But if you do, and take the time to comment, I am truly grateful. I got discouraged to write for a while because people would read, according to my stats, but never comment. Kinda thought I had lost the connection. I just had to realize that HP is not current anymore, with less and less interest in these characters.

Nightmare Arc--in case you read one and want to know the order to read the others:

1. Hermione's Worst Nightmare,(main story--Ron and Hermione centered--still innocent)

1a. Loose Ends (filler, general)

1b. Love and Lament (filler, R & H)

1c. Meet the Press (filler, general)

2. Australian R & R(M) (main story--Ron and Hermione)

3. Living Arrangements (M)(main story) (I don't know why FFN printed some parts the way it did. Frustrating. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it. It does not appear that way in my Word doc, believe me.)

3a. Home Sweet Home

3b. Bridging Generations

4. Generations (Coming Soon--tweaking and I hate writing battle scenes and this has one--so yes, this is the hold up. Maybe I should get a beta to get me off my butt)


Summary: Ron turned to Harry with a ghostly fear in his blooshot eyes. His mouth opened to speak but it took a moment for sound to actually come out. “What do you know about the Cruciatus…” he managed before his voice descended into a weary whisper, “…and pregnancy?”

Escaped Death Eater, Dexter Yaxley, takes revenge on the Weasley family. Fabian and Gideon Prewitt’s deaths were part of a chain of events that would land on Ron and Hermione’s doorstep. Part 4 of Hermione’s Worst Nightmare Series.


Sure hope there's still some interest out there.

Ron is growing up in these fics. He's still Ron, but he has direction in his life and the security of a strong love that grounds him. He just can't be the same insecure 18 year old from DH by the time you get to Living Arrangements. Nor do I think Hermione, as she matures, would stay with him if he didn't. Odd how even JK Rowling does not allow for him to mature in her reflection of pairing Ron and Hermione. I agree they might not have survived marriage without a little counselling if he remained rather goalless and drifting after Fred's death.

Profile stuff:

Obviously I am a major Harry Potter fan, but am somewhat disappointed with the lack of Ron and Hermione story. So I like to fill in the gaps. I am also a major scifi nut and feeling the loss of no Star Trek on TV, have discovered SG1 in re-runs. WooHoo! Lots of fun there. It was Fems from SG1 fanfic who convinced me to start publishing. So if you like my stories, thanks go to her as well.

Looking forward to more Star Wars movies coming but fearful of seeing my teen heroes aged. Hope it isn't ruined like Indiana Jones 4. I really would rather leave those characters young and in their prime. Having said that, I can't wait to take my kids to one in the theatre. I was too young to go to Star Wars when it came out and got to see all the merchandising on Saturday morning cartoons, know all their names and know nothing of the story. Saw Empire first and finally Star Wars when the two were released as a double feature right before Jedi came out. I found Star Wars disappointing after Empire to tell the truth.

Personal: I have a fantastic hubby, and two wonderful sons. I live in Canada. Fanfic turned into a wonderful escape during some sleepless nights. I guess that's why I was so reluctant to publish for so long; I thought they would be rather "sleepy" work. I never knew fanfic existed until about March-April 2010.

Favourite authors: JK Rowling, Dan Brown, Shakespeare, Jane Austen(influences on my fic titles), Pierre Berton. Can we convince Brad Wright to write the novel Star Gate Revolutions since MGM won't make the movie now? It's time Carter and O'Neill get together, seriously!!

Favourite Movies: Casablanca, Star Trek, Star Wars (esp. Empire) , Indiana Jones (1 & 3), The Princess Bride, Ever After, When Harry Met Sally, Apollo 13, Harry Potter (d'uh!) Hitch, Toy Story 2, How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled ("Frying pans! Who knew!?"), Pirates of the Carribean (1), anything Avengers related. Regarding Casablanca, that was convenient to start into Agent Carter as that was an instant classic and I could easily incorporate pop culture into it. I mean, wow! So many sayings we use today are from that film, it's amazing if you look at it. It also helps to know what went on in France with the Vichy gov't to understand that film. I didn't know that history when I was a kid and rented the film at Blockbuster (Boohoo, no more going out to rent movies with my own kids. That was so much fun to set up a family Saturday movie night. Having Netflix, etc. just doesn't compare.)

Favourite TV: MASH, Friends, Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, Game of Thrones, Castle, Agent Carter, and Agents of SHIELD--I hate "reality" shows.

Favourite Food Group: Chocolate. Wait. Is there another?

Favourite characters to read about, but am challenged to write for: Ron Weasley, and the incredibly layered Jack O'Neill (thus I read way more than I write--I can't do his wit justice. That and the techno babble frightens me. OMG, read Polrobin for SG1--English professor who writes fanfic with style, class, and a beautiful grasp of the English language that just...well, I bow to her command of emotional dialogue.)

Why? Both are so funny, but hide true feelings and enormous heart with humour. I love having them open up, but love the challenge of keeping true to the characters as new facets appear, cause, seriously, I'm just not as funny as them!

Actually, Ron and Hermione, Sam and Jack, and Han and Leia are all the same couple--straight laced smart, strong woman with a cocky, heart of gold guy who makes her relax a little and she makes him up his game. Perhaps I should expand my universe!!

My favourite Ronmione (I hate that word) fic is on Mugglenet, "Scenes from Shell Cottage" by WeasleyMom. So well written, emotion drips from the screen. What a great story! And I just visited Mugglenet again and she has more incredible work there, that that *ing site won't let me comment on because it always crashes. But if WeasleyMom ever reads this, she has a BIG FAN here.

Me and FanFic History: The first fic I wrote was Hermione's Worst Nightmare and am very proud and humbled by the response it has received. The reviews are what encouraged me to keep going and publish more. For fitting in with cannon, I am most proud of Muggle Born Revenge. I know they have small errors in them and I am tempted to go back and tweak them, but I also like to see how my writing has improved--well, hopefully. Although, I did write Sirius' name wrong in one fic and it irks me no end. But...to go back and change it would be like making Greedo shoot at Han Solo first which all know didn't happen!

Favourite Stargate SG1 fic "Ouroboros" by Polrobin. Outstanding--all of her work is, actually. I can't say enough for how she has mastered the art of Jack O'Neil's sense of humour or somehow allows the brilliant Samantha Carter to grow. This author is not to be missed.

For novel length fic... "Lost" by Fems. THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Super research incorporated, incredible detail to all facets. If you don't know Stargate (don't base it on the movie, the TV show is sooooo much better--first 5 seasons especially) keep Gateworld or StargateWiki at your side to answer a few questions along the way. I did and turned into a BIG Stargate fan as a result of this story. Youtube "Stargate funny O'Neill Moments" and you'll see why Jack is such fun, or "Sam and Jack" for all sorts of clips of love denied. Heartbreaking! Yup, I'm a sap! Make the third movie already, MGM!!! Or...Brad Wright, please write the novel Revolutions and put us die hards out of our misery. I get the feeling they'll reboot the series or movie before they finish the TV arc of the stargate becoming public knowledge.

Reviews: I truly appreciate reviews that say if there is something in particular you liked, i.e. backstory, secondary characters, the situations, if I've described something that actually resonnates well with you, and suggestions. I also really appreciate a review when the story has been out for a while. Apparently, people don't think they matter once the story is not in motion anymore. Couldn't be further from the truth. In fact it deepens the pride and the want to please an audience further and write more.

REVIEW SUGGESTIONS: I re-wrote Meet The Press because of one person's suggestion. And... I completely re-wrote Australian R & R, doubled the original length due to a reader's challenge, yes the incredible KariAnn1222. Living Arrangements had to follow suit, obviously. So they really are important to me. It turned the Nightmare Series M rated a little early, but what can you do? Once they make love, you can't go back.

Other fics in the queue (i.e. I've done 2-3 drafts so far) include An AU fic, working title: Generations--Ron and Hermione dealing with Death Eater reprisals after a break out at Azkaban--This story is newly set up in L.A. and continues the Nightmare thread. It is dark, however, and I've had lots of crap happen to me and my family lately and am in no rush to go into Death Eater minds at the moment. I also hate writing battles. I know I can't do them justice and I've written myself into aa battle corner which is why it isn't published. I'm totally insecure about publishing that part. Someday, I might just sent it out there with a (battle happens here) in it and finally just move on. It's been about 4 years of procrastinating. Hmmm...Sigh.

Another fic where Dumbledore convinces McGonnagall to join the Order of the Phoenix and a HBP based one where Ron and Hermione make up after the poisoning.

SG1--I have two stories half finished. Technical stuff scares me though, so pretty much have to stick to the relationships. Hence, they remain unpublished until I get over this fear a little more.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Orlando: No spoilers to worry about here. Visited in March 2012.

HOLY COW!!! AWESOME! I can't say how wonderful it was to walk up to Hogwarts Castle. Took tons of pictures of it. The Forbidden Journey ride was absolutely out of this world, and for a girl who gets motion sickness watching her kids play MarioKart Wii, I did all right. Had some chocolate afterwards, it really helps--felt like Lupin in Azkaban, but chocolate really does calm my stomach. Anyhow, 2 hours in line--plan to eat your lunch in line to pass the time and stop kids from complaining. At least there was lots of shade. Once in the castle there was so much to see, that the last 20 minutes didn't feel like a line up at all. Friends told me go on often, as the spells the trio do change. I had subjected my kids to the line up once, that was enough. No shade for Flight of the Hippogriff. Brutal.

BUTTERBEER: Actually quite good, but a tad too sweet for me--BRAIN FREEZE! There was a double line-up, on either side of a gigantic keg, both over 100 feet long. Incredible.

MUSIC: Seriously? With 8 movies worth of music, there really wasn't much variety. Hedwig's theme(2 hours of it in line), and one from GoF stood out. Why wasn't Fred and George's theme in Zonko's at some point? Or the great music from OoTP when Harry and Tonks race over the Thames?

Wands: Overpriced...$30. Drop the price and I'd buy all of them--well at least 7. I only bought 3.

Forbidden Journey Store: Good, but it is so dark in there it's hard to see the merchandise. NO FEMININE CLOTHING!!!! The only white shirt had dementors written on it. I had orders from home from little girls who wanted Hogwarts shirts in white, and/or purple backgrounds. Something feminine at least. Nope. Just a garnet Griffindor shirt with gold reflectors on it. That's as feminine as it got. Boy did they lose money from me. I was so prepared to spend about $500 at least. This is my obsession after all. Nope, spent less than $200. Mugs didn't have any pics on them that haven't been out in the stores with OoTP on them--bought at the HP Exhibit--and the pictures came off, so I was ready to buy new ones.

Other stores: So packed you could hardly move in them. Poor customer flow, so I didn't bother buying a rediculously overpriced chocolate frog which I really wanted to do, hoping to get a character card. Just made me claustrophobic and desperate to get out. Line up to get into the Owl Post store was 80 feet long. Sorry, not with kids in tow.

Traffic flow: Dreadful!!!!

Thanks for dropping by. Hope my writing fills a few holes in the novels for you. It turned out to be a great tension release, dare I say therapy, for me.

And please feel free to PM me with a recommendation of a story or author you think I'd enjoy on HP, SG1 or SGA. Personally, I recommend Fems and especially Polrobin for SG1, KariAnn1222 for HP. However, since FFN bumped one of her best works, she moved most of her stuff to Ao3--recommend The Waiting Place--awesome work! and Hallowed Hearts: A Deathly Hallows Subplot.



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