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It's about time I put something here.

I've been reading Naruto fanfics to pass the time for a while now, so I figured it's about time I started contributing. To that end, I'm going to lay down some ground rules for my future readers so they know what to expect from me. Although, now that I think about it, this is more like a list of my pet peeves. Still, it counts as what not to expect in my stories.

First, I hate reading Japanese words in English fanfics, as they are frequently misspelled or used incorrectly. To that end, I will avoid their use whenever possible. I've also decided not to use honorifics or titles. I'm not a Japanese speaker so I would most likely use them wrong anyway. Out of respect for the Japanese language, which I would like to learn someday, I would rather not be a party to its misuse.

Second, I will not be using bold text, or any other kind for summons or demon speak, or techniques. I find it visually distracting.

Third, I will never do a harem fanfic. I might have several boys or girls vying for the attention of the protagonist. I might have said protagonist have more then one girlfriend or boyfriend. In the end though there will only be one partner for my hero. That’s not to say every story needs a pairing, but I’d like to include one to some degree as it’s something the original story lacks.

Fourth, and what could be considered rather controversial, is that I have nothing against yaoi other then the large number or Sasuke/Naruto fanfics and the small number of Haku/Naruto fanfics.

Fifth, I have about a dozen story ideas I might do someday. If I don't do all of them, I'll make a special story for the rest where I'll post the first chapter of each and let someone adopt the idea.

Sixth, I hate character bashing. I've even joined the staff of an anti-bash community. Check it out sometime.

Seventh, I don't believe in a One True Pairing. Under the right circumstances any pairing could happen. If you are interested, my favourite pairings are Haku/Naruto and Naruto/Amaru. I think Naruto/Temari is a good pairing too and would like to see more Naruto/Ayame too.

Eighth, and I'm surprised I just remembered this now, I hate walls of text. If it's a paragraph longer then four lines, I skip over it.

Ninth, I have a strong aversion to fanon and many cliches. Don't expect my stories to be the typical type of fanfics.

Tenth, and this is just nitpicking now, I dislike present tense when used outside of a first person perspective.

Eleventh, and this is just getting silly now, but while I'm at it, throw in overuse of underlining, bold and italicized text. Am I the only one who finds it insulting to my intelligence when the context alone isn't enough to tell me when someone is speaking a different language, using a technique/magic spell, a demonic creature/summon is speaking (even if said summon is a tiny toad that should not have a deep, booming voice), or if the scene is a flashback?

For the record, I am aware I'm not using commas correctly or too much. I'm looking into alternatives for longer sentences but for ending dialogue tags I'll stick to what I was doing before for consistency's sake in existing stories, but use them correctly in any new works. For now, let's just call it my "writing style" and leave it at that.

Story Status

Zabuza's Seven: In progress, the outline is now done but subject to constant change. I update it whenever I can, though I need a new Beta reader. If anyone is interested let me know. Chapter 17 now has 1000 words written.

Piece of the Puzzle: Chapter 17 has recently been posted so work on chapter 18 should commence once the next chapter of Zabuza's Seven is complete. There are only two chapters left in this story so I'm hoping it will be completed soon.

Ino in a Time Loop: Due to a recent hard-drive crash, the outline I had written for this story as well as the next chapter was lost. After much consideration, a re-write would seem to be in order. As it would seem to be going, the story would be much longer than I originally thought when I decided to make it its own story rather than a single chapter for a nine-chapter story about how each member of the Rookie Nine would deal with being in a time-loop. I think the premise would serve best as a one-shot in the style of "Do You Remember Love" by Digifruit. Dealing with the canon plot instead of the plot of the story itself was also a mistake. The story did prove surprisingly popular compared to my other works, so it will remain up for the time being as I have no ideas yet for how to properly deal with it. I do hope that should I write a one-shot to replace this fic, it will surpass it in every way.

Belle of Ponderosa (formerly Beauty and Bleeding) did a great drawing of Momo from Piece of the Puzzle. I use a miniature version as my avatar.

Here's the full version:

New pic of a modern Momo:

All Grown up Momo:

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The Blue to My Red reviews
Naruto thought bringing Sasuke back sooner than he expected would be the best thing that could happen. Sasuke dating Sakura turned out to be the worst. After it leads to Naruto noticing the blue-haired girl that was there all along, it doesn't seem so bad after all. Naru/Hina
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Sakura married Sasuke. Naruto, having lost his only love risks his life to end the threat of Akatsuki. Awakening from a coma caused by the effort, he meets their daughter, Momo, who decides that Naruto, the man her parents respect most is the one for her.
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For those ideas I have that are good but don't have a proper vehicle for their use. Will contain snippets and drabbles that aren't in-depth enough to be their own story, but would work well when added to an existing one. Or random musings, that too.
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