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Gender: Dude

B-Day: Nov 11...Recently found out it was also the set birthday for Zoro...little disappointed it wasnt Franky, (my favorite fictional character of all time), but its still pretty awesome.

Awesome Factor 1-10: 15

Brand of Nerd: Video Game (Sorry Manga/Anime, but VG's will always win over you)

Favorite VG's: SWtoR, Final Fantasy VIII, IX, X; WoW, Kingdom Hearts, Dynasty Warriors, Chrono Trigger, Street Fighter, and Any Bioware or Star Ocean Games

Favorite Animes: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto

Favorite Characters: Franky/Kizaru from One Piece, Kallen from Code Geass, Kamina from TTGL, The Third Hokage/Killer Bee/Kakashi from Naruto, Garrus/Kasumi from Mass Effect, Chad from Bleach, Elfman from Fairy Tail, Thrall from Warcraft, Pang Tong/Gan Ning from Dynasty Warriors and Quistis from FF VIII.

Most Hated Characters: Sasuke/Karin from Naruto, Varian from Warcraft, Sima Yi/Lu Xun from Dynasty Warriors, Gecko Moria/Lucci/Ace from One Piece, Jacob from Mass Effect and Sasuke from Naruto...wait I added Sasuke twice? Seems I did...maybe if he weren't such a little emo crybaby with penis envy maybe he wouldn't be on the list.

Things I Don't Understand: Why so many Yaoi fics?! No matter what category you're in...there's gonna be 45% Yaoi M fics...I don't get it...or people who write stories say OCx(insert name here) right on the notes! There's no mystery!

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Name's Rabblerouser, and I'm delightfully insane. I discovered this site a few months ago and I'm very glad I did...it gives me something to do on those late night shifts during my job as a security guard. Currently I am working on my One Piece fanfic, One Piece: A New Storm...if you haven't already read it, I would recommend you do it RIGHT NAO, for it is quite good...Did i mention I was humble? No? Well good thing, otherwise I would have lied.

One Piece: A New Storm

Main Character: Khurt Vanguard

Summary: Khurt is just an average college-drop out slacker, until he is thrown into the world of One Piece! Finding out that he has been granted the powers of lightning due to him being a member of the mysterious race known as Avatars, he and his new partner Lilynette venture forth with the Straw Hat Pirates to discover his purpose in this world...

Status: On-Going

OC's: Currently accepting OC's.

Fire Emblem Awakening: The King's Garden

Main Character: Kingsley Vanguard

Summary: Take one part Irish-American, one part Avatar, and a whole buttload of craziness, romance, blood n' gore, and a few gods vying for power. That's a cocktail for the ages as Kingsley, a busker from our world, is granted the power of a Plant Avatar, and is thrown into Ylisse. Here he must fight and kill; protect and destroy; and above all, find out why all this shit has happened to him. Join him and the Shepherds for this magical roller coaster for the ages!

Status: Starting!

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